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International Knowledge Management in Organizations Conference (KMO)*

The International Knowledge Management in Organizations Conference (KMO) aims at providing an international forum for authors to present and discuss research focused on the role of knowledge management for innovative solutions in industries, as well as to shed light on recent advances in knowledge-intensive service systems for organizations. The scientific objective of the conference is to identify challenging problems on the role of knowledge management on designing innovative product service systems, as well as to identify future directions research for the role of knowledge management in service innovation in academia and industrial sectors.

Co-Located events:

  • Since 2012: Workshop on Learning Technologies in Cloud – The Changing Face of Education (LTEC)
  • KMO & LTEC Doctoral Symposium

Past co-located events:

  • (2012-2013) International Workshop on Intelligent Data Analysis and Management (IDAM)
  • (2012) International Symposium on Management Intelligent Systems (ismis)
  • (2007-2008) Industrial Track: Industrial Application on Knowledge Management (IAKM)
  • PhD Workshops:
    • 2008 three major aspects: foundations, methods and technologies for pushing forward the state-of-the-art; performance evaluation and related principles, methodologies and tools; identification of important issues and future research directions
    • 2007 Breakthrough results on solutions and technologies for Knowledge Management
  • (2006) konferenca sodobne tehnologije in storitve

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