Systems Integration KM Leaders Community (SIKM Leaders)

Led by Stan Garfield, former Community Evangelist at Deloitte Global Knowledge Services, now retired, the Systems Integration KM Leaders Community (SIKM Leaders) is a community of Knowledge Management leaders from firms around the world. It was created in 2005 for Systems Integration and Consulting firms, but soon expanded to include all Knowledge Management leaders. The goal is to share experiences and insights on implementing Knowledge Management programs.

The Systems Integration KM Leaders Community offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Monthly SIKM Leaders Community Calls
    List of Community Calls
  • Chapter meetings
    List of Meetings
  • Get-togethers @ KM events (e.g. KMWorld conference)


Web Channels

SIKM on Yahoo! Groups (discussion forum) SIKM on freeconferencecall (videoconferencing) SIKM on slideshare (documents) SIKM storify (microblogging story) SIKM Boston on PBworks (wiki) SIKM Boston on twitter (microblogging)

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