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The World Bank Group offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Knowledge on a Mission Conference: Different Challenges, Common Solutions, November 6, 2015, Washington, DC

South-South Experience Exchange Facility (‘South-South Facility’)

Knowledge Sharing for Results Program: Organizational Knowledge Sharing (OKS) Program


  • Organizational Knowledge Sharing (OKS) Certificate Programs (together with the IKI-SEA, Bangkok University)
    • OKS Strategy Certificate
    • OKS Technical Certificate


  • The Art of Knowledge Exchange Webinar – Facilitator Guide

Open Learning Campus


  • IFC Knowledge Talks
    – What Keeps Boeing Flying High – Featuring Tim Bridges

World Bank Institute*

WBI Learning Program: Knowledge for Development (K4D) > Knowledge Management Initiative


  • World Conference on Intellectual Capital for Communities in the Knowledge Economy (IC)* 1)
  • Conference on Knowledge Management as an Enabler of Change and Innovation in Africa (2007) 2)
  • Knowledge Management for Development (KM4Dev) Forum 2007 3)
  • Building 21st Century Knowledge Economies for Job Growth and Competitiveness in the Middle East (2009)
  • Knowledge Economy Forum (KEF)**
    The Knowledge Economy Forum is an event to support European and Central Asian countries in their transition to becoming increasingly knowledge-based.

    • Knowledge Economy Forum, February 19-22, 2002, Paris, France
      Using Knowledge for Development in EU Accession Countries
    • Knowledge Economy Forum II, March 25-28, 2003, Helsinki, Finland
      Implementing Knowledge Economy Strategies: Innovation, Life-Long Learning, Partnerships, Networks and Inclusion
    • Knowledge Economy Forum III, March 23-26, 2004, Budapest, Hungary
      Improving Competitiveness Through a Knowledge-Based Economy
    • Knowledge Economy Forum IV, March 22-24, 2005, Istanbul, Turkey
      Business Environment and Knowledge for Private Sector Growth
    • Knowledge Economy Forum V, March 28-30, 2006, Prague, Czech Republic
      Innovation and Technology Absorption for Growth
    • Knowledge Economy Forum VI, April 17-19, 2007, Cambridge, England
      Technology Acquisition and Knowledge Networks
    • Knowledge Economy Forum VII, June 17-19, 2008, Ancona, Italy
      Technology Absorption by Innovative Small and Medium Enterprises
    • Knowledge Economy Forum VIII, April 29 – Mai 1, 2009, Fontainebleau, France
      Reforming Innovation Systems: Moving Beyond Lectures & Labs
    • Knowledge Economy Forum IX, May 5-7, 2010, Berlin, Germany
      Diversification Through Innovation: Prospects for Growth
  • Policy Forum on Using Knowledge for Development (K4D Policy Forum)**
    • Using Knowledge for Development: A Policy Forum for the Baltic countries and Poland, May 22-June 3, 1999, Finland
    • Using Knowledge for Development: A Policy Forum for Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam, December 12-20, 1999, Singapore
    • Using Knowledge for Development: A Policy Forum for Brazil, China, and India, March 19-25, 2001, Wilton Park, UK
    • A Policy Forum on Using Knowledge for Development for Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico, June 3-7, 2002, Monterrey, Mexico
    • Forum on Knowledge for Development in the Middle East and North Africa, September 9–12, 2002, Marseille, France
    • Trade, Competitiveness, and the Knowledge Economy: A Forum for Middle East and North Africa, March 15-16, 2004, Marseille, France
    • Innovation Policies and Institutions for the Knowledge Economy, November 29 – December 1, 2006, Seoul, Republic of Korea
    • Innovation in the African Context: A Forum for Policymakers, March 6-8, 2007, Dublin, Ireland
    • Advanced Strategies for Development: Building Knowledge Economies for Senior Asian Policymakers, February 22, 2008, Seoul, Republic of Korea
  • Knowledge for Africa’s Development Conference**
    • Knowledge for Africa’s Development: Going Forward, September 27, 2006, Johannesburg, South Africa
    • Knowledge for Africa’s Development: Innovation, Education and ICTs, May 8-10, 2006, Johannesburg, South Africa


  • Managing Knowledge to Build Trust in Government (Workshop at the Global Forum on Reinventing Government 2007)
  • Knowledge Management Capacity for African Research Institutes and Networks Workshop Series (2005-2007) 4)
  • Knowledge Management Applications: World Bank and Thailand Experience Sharing 5)
  • Organizational Knowledge Assessment Workshop (Brazil 2006)
  • Brown-bag lunch: Client Communities of Practice 2006
  • Knowledge Sharing for Development 2004
  • Rapid Innovation Action Learning (RIAL) Workshop
  • Developing Knowledge Economy Strategies to Improve Competitiveness
  • Introduction to the Knowledge Assessment Methodology (KAM)
  • Knowledge-Based Growth and Competitiveness
  • K4D Policy Workshop (2001-2002)
  • … events on topics of the Knowledge Economy


  • Tapping the Potential of Social Networks
  • The Next Frontier in Knowledge Sharing for Development
  • One of the Best Examples of the Communities of Practice at the World Bank
  • Increasing Knowledge Flows Through Global Research Networks
  • Using Storytelling to Spark Organizational Transformation
  • Building AIDS Competence by Creating the Right Environment for Strengths to be Recognized and the Knowledge to Flow


  • Global Development Network
  • Global Knowledge Partnership

WBI Learning Program: Organizational Knowledge Sharing (OKS)


  • The Art of Knowledge Exchange – eLearning

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1) Organized by the European Chair on Intellectual Capital Management of University of Paris-Sud: From 2005-2009 in partnership with the Knowledge and Learning Department of the World Bank Institute (WBI)
2) Organized by the Global Development Network (GDN) in partnership with the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF) and the World Bank Institute
3) Organized by the Knowledge Management for Development Community in association with the Asian Development Bank and the World Bank Institute
4) Delivered by the Global Development Network (GDN) in cooperation with the World Bank Institute (WBI) and local partners
5) Delivered by the World Bank Institute (WBI) in partnership with the Thailand Knowledge Management Institute

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Tags: 2006: Knowledge for Africa’s Development Conference**, 2007: Conference on Knowledge Management as an Enabler of Change and Innovation in Africa, 2008: Policy Forum on Using Knowledge for Development (K4D Policy Forum)**, 2009: Building 21st Century Knowledge Economies for Job Growth and Competitiveness in the Middle East, 2010: Knowledge Economy Forum (KEF)**, 2015-11: "Knowledge on a Mission" Conference, Africa, African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF), Bangkok University (BU), brown bag lunch, communities, communities of practice, competitiveness, development aid, Global Development Network (GDN), Global Knowledge Partnership Foundation (GKPF), Institute for Knowledge and Innovation – South-East Asia (IKI-SEA), intellectual capital, job growth, knowledge assessment, knowledge economy, knowledge exchange, knowledge management, Knowledge Management for Development (KM4Dev), Middle East, networks, research institutes, The Knowledge Management Institute (KMI), Université Paris-Sud

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* Provider does no longer offer any KMedu; This is a recurring conference
** This recurring conference / KMedu offer is discontinued

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