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Knowledge Leaders as Multipliers

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Abstract: In order for knowledge management (KM) to thrive, an organization requires a combination of conditions that form the runway from which a KM initiative can take off. There is general agreement that technology, human resources, organizational culture, and leadership are among the key enablers of successful KM. The intentions and actions of knowledge

Who is in the Knowledge Management Team?

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Abstract: The purpose of the organisation’s Knowledge Management (KM) team is to provide knowledge management services and solution to the organisation. By KM I mean the ability to learn from experience (and continuously improve and build value and capability), to innovate, to share knowledge as a community, and to apply ever-improving standards of performance

Working as a Knowledge Manager: Idea and Reality

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Abstract: This session will be conducted with some reflections on the experience of working as a knowledge manager, to prompt discussions in breakout rooms on the interaction between a knowledge manager and the organisation for which they work, including useful attributes for a knowledge manager and developing the good management of knowledge within an