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Innovative learning in a postgraduate KM course @ RMIT


Abstract: Innovations in how a postgraduate course in knowledge management is delivered have generated better learning outcomes and made the course more engaging for learners. Course participant feedback has shown that collaborative active learning is …

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Blended Knowledge Management Course @ National Changhua University of Education


Abstract: Recently, Blended Learning has been proven the most effective and cost-effective in teaching at school. Quite a few experts in education emphasize that Blended Learning embodies the best of both worlds in hi-tech digital learning and the traditional one, which involves students in network learning without lacking interaction and participation with others. The main purpose of this study was to probe the effectiveness of blended learning in Knowledge Management course. The blended learning combines online and face-to-face learning settings to help learners learn. The methods combine direct observation, questionnaire and LMS system logs for applying data triangulation validation. The procedure are collecting the direct observation data at whole semester courses and then questionnaire interviewing all students to get their thoughts and finally analyzing the system logs to help explanation of the quantity results.

Keywords: blended learning; direct observation; higher education; knowledge management

Chun-Liang Chen, Tsang-Lang Liang: Blended Knowledge Management Course in Higher Education. Procedia Engineering, Volume 15, 2011, Pages 4152–4156 (CEIS 2011)

(cc) BY NC ND Elsevier B.V.

Rise of the Knowledge Broker


Abstract: Knowledge brokers are people or organizations that move knowledge around and create connections between researchers and their various audiences. This commentary reviews some of the literature on knowledge brokering and lays out some thoughts …


The Knowledge Counselor

Books, Proceedings, etc. | Knowledge Management education & training worldwide

Abstract: “Knowledge counseling” can be defined as a professional service, the aim of which is to aid individuals in dealing with the information and knowledge resources that are essential to their life’s tasks and objectives. …


Finding Knowledge Management champions

Weblogs | Knowledge Management education & training worldwide

Abstract: Knowledge Management Champions self-select. This is the lesson from many successful Knowledge Management initiatives, including the one described below.
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Nick Milton: Finding the KM champions. Knoco Stories, 3 February 2014
Copyright © Knoco. All …


Truth about Chief Knowledge Officers

Weblogs | Knowledge Management education & training worldwide

Abstract: The surprising truth about Chief Knowledge Officers is that a significant proportion of them know very little about Knowledge Management, at least according to their Linked-in profiles.
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Nick Milton: The surprising truth about …


KM Communities, Competencies, Education & Events on ‘The Knowledge Bucket’

Social Media | Knowledge Management education & training worldwide

Initiated by Cory Banks (Australia), ‘The Knowledge Bucket’ is an open source wiki on topics in knowledge management.
In terms of content about knowledge management, definitly worth to take a look on it, for educators/trainers …


Qualities that make a great Knowledge Management boss unforgettable

Weblogs | Knowledge Management education & training worldwide

Abstract: I am just coming back from Arusha, Tanzania where I was with a colleague who recently shared an article about what unforgettable bosses do. A very useful article, though quite general…
…so a good opportunity …

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