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The Knowledge Management Education Forum (KMEF) is an on-going, annual dialog hosted by Kent State University and George Washington University in order to identify and grow consensus on the knowledge management body of knowledge, competencies, roles and educational curriculum.

The Knowledge Management Education Forum (KMEF) is engaged in the following activities:


  • “Knowledge Management Functions” Community of Practice
  • “Knowledge Management Competencies” Community of Practice
  • “Knowledge Management Curriculum” Community of Practice
  • “Knowledge Management Accreditation” Community of Practice
  • “Knowledge Management Governance” Community of Practice


Knowledge Management Education Forum Summit (KMEF Summit)**
The Knowledge Management Education Forum Summit brings together educators in the field of knowledge management to share their thoughts about how Knowledge Management is taught and how students learn Knowledge Management.

  • KM Education Forum, Second Annual Summit, July 26-27, 2012, Washington, DC
      Knowledge Management in Academic Institutions – Raising Awareness of the Challenges
      Proposal for a Knowledge Management Center of Excellence

      Reports on Progress:
      “Functions and Competencies” Community of Practice
      “Curriculum” Community of Practice
      “Credentialing and Certification” Community of Practice

      Community of Practice Working Sessions
      (incl. Brief Reports, Wrap Up, Report Out Preparations, Reports on Progress and Next Steps)

      EKMF Communique and Strategic Plan

  • KM Education Forum, First Annual Summit, May 5-6, 2011, Washington, DC (Videos)
      Presentations w. Panel Discussion:
      What strategic roles and responsibilities do Knowledge Professionals play in organizations today – across all sectors of the economy? (Webinar Summary of Question 1)
      What competencies do today’s Knowledge Professionals need to lead knowledge organizations in the 21st century? (Webinar Summary of Question 2)
      What are the core and elective elements of a knowledge management curriculum for the 21st century? (Webinar Summary of Question 3)
      How can we support these competencies in professional training, at the certificate level, at the master’s and PhD. levels? (Webinar Summary of Question 4)

      Open Forum Discussions
      Forum Wrap Up and KMEF Communiqué Review


KMEF Webinar Series 2011 & 2012

List of Webinars

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