Gurteen Knowledge

Gurteen Knowledge

United Kingdom based Gurteen Knowledge is the consulting company of David Gurteen. David is an independent Knowledge Management consultant, speaker and facilitator. He helps people to share their knowledge; to learn from each other; to innovate and to work together effectively to make a difference! Gurteen Knowledge offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


(Un-)Workshops for Knowledge Workers

  • The Effective Knowledge Worker
  • Building a Knowledge Sharing Culture
  • The Social KM Café
  • The Knowledge Café Workshop
  • The KM Unworkshop
  • Introductory seminar to Knowledge Management
  • Masterclass: Implementing a Knowledge Café
  • Masterclass: Conversational Leadership



  • Gurteen Knowledge Conference** 1)
    The Gurteen Knowledge Conference (GKC) is a one-day UK conference on Knowledge Management delivered by the popular Knowledge Management consultant David Gurteen and BizMedia. It is designed for CKO/Knowledge Managers, KM Project Managers, Information Managers, Research Managers, Innovation leaders, Heads of Strategic Management, IT Directors/Managers, Management consultants, HR/training professionals, Business development/marketing professionals.

    • 7th Gurteen Knowledge Conference, 17 – 18 May, 2005, London, United Kingdom
      Conference Theme: Making Knowledge Work
    • 6th Gurteen Knowledge Conference, 2nd December 2004, London, United Kingdom
      Conference Theme: Learning to Fly: Practical knowledge management from leading and learning organisations
    • 5th Gurteen Knowledge Conference, 29th September, 2004, London, United Kingdom
      (In collaboration with the London Knowledge Network)
      Conference Theme: Exploiting Social Networking in Organisations
    • 4th Gurteen Knowledge Conference, 29th June, 2004, London, United Kingdom
      Conference Theme: Creativity and Innovation
    • 3rd Gurteen Knowledge Conference, 3rd March, 2004, London, United Kingdom
      Conference Theme: Managing Organizational Complexity
    • 2nd Gurteen Knowledge Conference, 26th November, 2003, London, United Kingdom
      Conference Theme: Knowledge, Communities and Networks
    • 1st Gurteen Knowledge Conference, 1st June, 2003, London, United Kingdom
      Conference Theme: Using Knowledge Productively



Keynote Speeches and Talks…

  • …on Topics in Knowledge Management (examples: What is a knowledge worker?; Why do people really share their knowledge?; The Knowledge Management challenge; The role of interesting conversations! (learning to listen and telling the truth); Opening up Knowledge work; The real role of measures; Punished by rewards)

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