Teaching Knowledge Management in postgraduate LIS education at Edith Cowan University

Abstract: The School of Computer and Information Science at ECU has made a commitment to teaching Knowledge Management (KM) and is, at present, engaged in the process of determining its place within existing postgraduate LIS and IT courses. In turn, it is engaging in debate with other academics and industry practitioners about the unique contribution that the LIS disciplines could make to KM. This paper reports on the research and consultative processes that the School undertook and discusses the findings and conclusions. It will also offer some thoughts on where the authors believe LIS, in particular, can make a contribution to the core knowledge and practice of KM.

Brogan, M. P., Hingston, P. F., & Wilson, V. J.: A bounded or unbounded universe?: knowledge management in postgraduate LIS Education. In: Evelyn Daniel (Ed.): Libraries and Librarians: Making a Difference in the Knowledge Age. Proceedings of the World Library and Information Congress: 67th IFLA General Conference and Council, August 16-25, 2001, Boston, MA

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Alternative sources:

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