SIKM Leaders Community

SIKM Leaders Community

The SIKM Leaders Community, originally named the Systems Integration Knowledge Management Leaders Community, is a community of Knowledge Management leaders from firms around the world. It was created in 2005 by Stan Garfield for Systems Integration and Consulting firms, but soon expanded to include all Knowledge Management leaders. The goal is to share experiences and insights on implementing Knowledge Management programs.

Stan, who is still leading the community, was Community Evangelist at Deloitte Global Knowledge Services and Worldwide Knowledge Management Lead at Hewlett Packard and Compaq Computer Corp. He is now retired, acting as author, speaker and community leader in the field of Knowledge Management.

The Systems Integration KM Leaders Community offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • SIKM Global Group (start: Aug 2005)
    • SIKM Community Champions
  • SIKM Boston Chapter (start: Jan 2009)
  • SIKM NYC Group (Dec 2015 – Dec 2016)
  • SIKM San Francisco Bay Area Group (start: Sep 2018)


  • Would you like to have a KM MENTOR? Peer Mentoring Programme for KM practitioners (start: 2023; w. KM4Dev)


  • Midwest Knowledge Management (KM) Symposium*
    (Organizer: Midwest KM Community; Pioneer Knowledge Services)


  • Monthly SIKM Leaders Community Calls
    List of Community Calls
    Usually on the third Tuesday of the month; Meeting platform; Member access to schedule w. links to past calls’ follow-ups (incl. slides, recordings, etc.; Registration required!); Since 2017 supported by Susan Ostreicher

  • Chapter meetings
    List of Meetings
  • SIKM Peer Assists, Knowledge Cafes, Fishbowls, etc.
  • Get-togethers @ KM events (mainly at KMWorld conference)
    • 13th SIKM Leaders Community Get-together at KMWorld, Nov 9, 2022
    • 12th SIKM Leaders Community Dinner/Meetup at KMWorld, Nov 16, 2020 (Orga: Susan Hanley)
    • 11th SIKM Leaders Community Dinner at KMWorld, Nov 6, 2019 (Orga: Susan Hanley, Arno Boersma, Neesham Spitzberg)
    • 10th SIKM Leaders Community Dinner at KMWorld, Nov 7, 2018 (Orga: Susan Hanley)
    • 9th SIKM Leaders Community Dinner at KMWorld, Nov 7, 2017 (Orga: Susan Hanley)
    • 8th SIKM Leaders Community Dinner at KMWorld, Nov 16, 2016 (Orga: Susan Hanley)
    • 7th SIKM Leaders Community Dinner at KMWorld, Nov 3, 2015 (Orga: Arno Boersma and Neesham Spitzberg)
    • 6th SIKM Leaders Community Dinner at KMWorld, Nov 6, 2014 (Orga: Susan Hanley)
    • 5th SIKM Leaders Community Dinner at KMWorld, Nov 6, 2013 (Orga: Susan Hanley)
    • (informal) APQC KM Conference SIKM Leaders Community Dinner, May 2, 2013
    • 4th SIKM Leaders Community Dinner at KMWorld, Oct 18, 2012 (Orga: Susan Hanley)
    • APQC KM Conference SIKM Leaders Community Dinner, Apr 26, 2012 (Orga.: Linda Hummel)
    • 3th SIKM Leaders Community Dinner at KMWorld, Nov 2, 2011 (Orga: Susan Hanley)
      (joint event with the Knowledge Management Education Forum)
    • 2nd SIKM Leaders Community Dinner at KMWorld, Nov 17, 2010 (Orga: Susan Hanley)
    • 1st SIKM Leaders Community Dinner at KMWorld, Nov 17, 2009 (Orga: Susan Hanley)
  • Group Conversations
    Latest conversations

    • December 5, 2023
      Re: Gamification for learning
      Hey there!Dr. Josh Yavelberg of Flying Cloud Solutions does fantastic gamification and has done many workshops on the topic you can find online. Check out his website: …
    • December 5, 2023
      Gamification for learning
      G’day all,Wanted to learn from the collective here if you know of any good examples of companies / technologies where they have used gamified learning for a community of learners? E.g.: learning badge …
    • December 5, 2023
      Job Opening: Washington D.C.-based Program Officer for Knowledge Management
      The Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) is seeking a full-time, exempt Washington D.C.-based Program Officer for knowledge management, on the Policy and Program Learning team. This posi …
    • December 3, 2023
      Midwest Knowledge Management Symposium UPDATE
      The 10th MWKM Symposium is set for June 6 -7 2024. It will happen at an incredible conference center at Kent State University at Stark.  Location is 6000 Frank Ave. NW | North Canton, OH 44720. This i …
    • December 2, 2023
      Re: Content Review Frequency in a Gen AI Environment
      Jeff,   Thanks so much for this valuable feedback.  Much of the process you have listed is in place within our knowledge management organization at various levels of success, primarily due to varying …
    • December 1, 2023
      Re: A creative question – creation and visualisation of project stories / histories / Knowledge Maps
      Hi KatharinaEchoing comments from Annette and Guillermo on fitness for purpose. It depends on what you want to map and why, and for whom.If you want a more flexible approach and one that is culturally …
    • November 30, 2023
      Re: Research regarding Communities of Practice
      Hi Peter,Several publications by APQC about the Next Gen communities of practice in 2018 participated in …
    • November 30, 2023
      Re: Tools to support Communities of Practice
      Hello RaquelChoosing the right tool to support CoPs is complex and depends on several parameters:are the members in the same organization (same domain, e.g. ?if a single organization, does i …
    • November 30, 2023
      Re: MS Copilot experiences?
      Hey Dawn, We are have been running a Copilot pilot for the last couple of months. It's certainly been an interesting journey to date.  In terms of getting started, I've seen a fair number of …
    • November 30, 2023
      Re: MS Copilot experiences?
      Hello, I got this doc from my ms supplier in France, you can find in here some demos of copilot :  ​Demo copilot 1.pptx​ Regards  Erwan Pesle Professeur Affilié à l'ESC Clermont The No Code Guy – …

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