Knowledge Management Modules: An Analysis of Coursework

Abstract: Knowledge management is a growing discipline and its structure and boundaries have been examined using different perspectives. This study is based on the KM curricula of 13 graduate degree programmes for producing a KM framework, based on the collective wisdom of curriculum designers of these programmes. Analysis of curricula was conducted at two levels of course titles and course descriptions. Keywords and phrases were identified and listed, then reduced into relevant categories in three successive exercises of subtraction. Each identified term was treated as a module. If a module was offered in more than one programme or course, the number was provided for the occurrence in order to indicate the emphasis it received in different curricula. Thus, we have been able to identify major categories of KM curricula in these schools. There is a need for academics and experts in the field to further validate these results in subsequent research.

Sajjad ur Rehman; Haya Sumait: KM Modules: An Analysis of Coursework. Journal of Information & Knowledge Management (JIKM) , Volume: 9, Issue: 4 (2010) pp. 377-385

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