Information and knowledge management research of post-graduates in South African LIS schools

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to highlight salient patterns of post-graduate research in information and knowledge management (I&KM) in LIS (Library and Information Science/Studies) schools in South Africa. The data was extracted from two SABINET (South African Bibliographic and Information Network)-hosted databases, namely the Current and Completed Research (C&CR) and the Union Catalogue of Theses and Dissertations (UCTD). Data was analyzed in order to find out the coverage of I&KM research in the databases; identify the topics of I&KM research; to examine trends in I&KM post-graduate research in South Africa; to determine the academic level at which I&KM research is mostly conducted; to find out the qualifications under which I&KM research is conducted; and to identify the study leaders (or supervisors) and institutions behind I&KM research in South Africa. The study found that there is an increased interest in I&KM by post-graduate students in South Africa; the main topics of research are related to Library and Information Science (LIS) and Business Science; the majority of the study leaders belong to the discipline of LIS; and that the most productive institutions are universities and more particularly, the universities that not only lead in the national research output but also those which have LIS departments. Recommendations for further research are also offered.

Keywords: Informetrics; South Africa; Post-graduate students; LIS education and training; knowledge management; information management

Omwoyo Bosire Onyancha: Post-graduate research in information and knowledge management in LIS schools in South Africa. South African Journal of Libraries and Information Science, Vol 77, Issue 2, 2011, pages 136-146

(cc) BY-SA Library and Information Association of South Africa

Full text from UNISA and author on ResearchGate

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