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Launched in 2003 by the University of Greenwich Business School, the United Kingdom based London Knowledge & Innovation Network (LKIN), formerly the London Knowledge Network (LKN; until 2008), is an innovative not for profit membership community of practitioners, a peer group of like minded organisations from different sectors and industries across the whole of the London region that wish to increase the performance of their organisations through the application of Knowledge Management within a progressive, collaborative framework.

The London Knowledge & Innovation Network offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities::

Network Activities

  • Foundation Workshops:
    • 25th July 2003: with Victor Newman (CKO, Pfizer) and Ron Young (CEO, Knowledge Associate)
    • 16th September 2003: with Nigel Oxbrow (CEO, TFPL), Victor Newman (CKO, Pfizer) and David Snowden (Director, Cynefin, IBM)
    • 29th October 2003: The Unipart Way and Knowledge Management (Andrew Burtenshaw, Unipart), Tools that can be used to facilitate change & Tango Into-map(Graham Fernee, Sveiby Knowledge Associates), Introduction to Social Network Analysis (Bruce Cronin, University of Greenwich Business School, Critical Communications Considerations in Knowledge Management Implementation (Andrea Thompson, Perceptor), Q&A garden session
    • 13th November 2003: ‘Intangibles, Networks and Value Creation’, Masterclass by Verna Allee
    • 5th December 2003: Process Improvement Through Knowledge Management, Workshop, Site Visit and Case Studies, Unipart Group, Cowley
  • 15th December 2003: Formal Launch Event of the London Knowledge Network
  • February 2004: Tango based Interactive Workshop (facilitated by European Knowledge Group)
  • March 2004: Measuring the impact of Knowledge Management (Site Visit and Workshop at Air Products PLC)
  • April 2004: Measuring Intangibles (including Knowledge Management) (Workshop with Intellectual Capital Network)
  • May 2004: The Knowledge Activists’ Masterclass
  • June 2004: Introduction to Social Networks Analysis (SNA); Managing Social and Value Networks in Complex Organisations (follow-up to June 1st meeting); Workshops on using Sveiby and Celemi Knowledge Management tools (Intangible Assets Monitor, K-Map, Tango-Knowledge)
  • July 2004: Knowledge Barbecue with with Knowledge Café (joint Summer Social Event with Gurteen Knowledge)
  • August 2004: Verna Allee Masterclass on Value Networks & Victor Newman Masterclass: More from the Knowledge Activist; Thomas A. Stewart Dinner
  • September 2004: LKN Members Discovery Day; Verna Allee Masterclass on Value Network Strategies for Competitive Advantage
  • October 2004: People-centric Knowledge Mangaement Skills (with David Gurteen); TangoNet e-Knowledge simulation
  • November 2004: Knowledge Management Visit at Unipart; Innovation & Creativity
  • December 2004: Annual General Meeting, Networking Lunch, 1st Anniversary Celebration (with Fun & Games and More Serious ‘Knowledge Mangement’ Stuff) and Open-Air Ice Skating
  • January 2005: Networking & Collaboration Meeting: Outcomes of our Knowledge Audit and The Employee Knowledge Management Life-Cycle (LKN 2005 Action Research Project)
  • February 2005: Exploring the Knowledge – Innovation Links I
  • March 2005: Breakfast Meeting: Exploring the Knowledge – Innovation Links II
  • April 2005: Tools and Techniques for Knowledge Management (day 1: Discovery Session: Celemi and Sveiby Tools, day 2: Verna Allee, Cynefin and Other Tools and Techniques)
  • May 2005; 1st annual LKN Knowledge Management Tour to Scandinavia (to Sweden, Norway, Finland with Dave Snowden, Karl-Erik Sveiby)
  • June 2005: Knowledge Barbecue with with Knowledge Café (joint Summer Social Event with Gurteen Knowledge)
  • July 2005: Organisational Complexity with Bob Buckman (Buckman Labs) and Dave Snowden (Cynefin Centres) – Parallel Event with Ark Group “Knowledge and Content Management UK”
  • November 2005: Inter-active workshop on the Employee Knowledge LifeCycle Project (at the Conference “Fringe” of Knowledge Culture and Collaboration Europe, Amsterdam); Meeting the Challenges of the Ageing Workforce (Half Day Conference)
  • December 2005: Annual General Meeting with Guest Speaker, Up-dates on the LKN Knowledge Audit and Open-Air Ice Skating; Knowledge Management Tools and Techniques: Serious Experiential Learning in a Fun Environmant (2 days tools demonstrations facilitated by European Knowledge Group)
  • January 2006: LKN members only Collaboration Meeting; Meeting the Challenge of the ageing workforce ‘Generation Y’
  • February 2006: Knowledge Sharing Masterclass with Bob Buckman
  • April 2006: KnowledgeBoard ‘Knowledge Contactivity’ (two day hosted by the University of Greenwich)
  • May 2006: Knowledge Management Tools & Techniques (2 days tools demonstrations facilitated by European Knowledge Group)
  • June 2006: Knowledge Barbecue with with Knowledge Café (joint Summer Social Event with Gurteen Knowledge)
  • July 2006: LKN Parallel Evening Event (at the International Conference on Knowledge Management)
  • September 2006: Demonstrating the Value of Knowledge Management
  • January 2007: Breakfast Meeting with Rony Dayan, Chief Knowledge Officer, Israeli Aerospace Industries
  • February 2007: Developing Knowledge-based Programmes working session & Annual General Meeting
  • March 2007: Open Innovation Session: Knowledge < Innovation (Victor Newman) & The Medici Game: Experiential Innovation Simulation (facilitated by the European Knowledge Group); Exploring the Value of Programme & Project Management (PPM) in Knowledge Management
  • April 2007: Launch of the Global Knowledge Innovation & Learning Review
  • May 2007: Event to be Hosted and Driven by members on key subjects decided by members
  • June 2007: Event to be Hosted and Driven by members on key subjects decided by members; Knowledge ‘Walk-Shop’ (joint Summer Social Event with Gurteen Knowledge)
  • July 2007: LKN at the International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in organisations, Singapore
  • August 2007: Pilot UK Conference on Knowledge, Innovation & Learning at University of Greenwich (ahead of a major International Conference in early April 2008)
  • September 2007: Members and Guests Pilot the CasKade Knowledge-based business simulation before we take it out to market
  • October 2007: 3 day intensive knowledge-focused consultancy addressing a key organisational issue/challenge ( in collaboration with the NHS Public Health Leadership Programme)
  • September 2008: Re-launch event (London Knowledge Network (LKN) is being re-launched as the London Knowledge & Innovation Network (LKIN))


  • 5th Gurteen Knowledge Conference 1), 29th September, 2004, London, United Kingdom
    Conference Theme: Exploiting Social Networking in Organisations
  • International Conference on Knowledge Management 2006 2)


  • 2005 (Spring and Fall): Organizational Complexity, Certification Programme for Practitioners and Researchers 3)
  • 2006: Course in Organisational Complexity and Sense Making

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