Specialist Training: Cultivating Knowledge Management Professionals

Abstract: The growing importance of knowledge and innovation in the marketplace brings with it a need for the better management of professional knowledge for knowledge workers in the new economy. This chapter illustrates some major steps at the University of New South Wales, Australia, towards building an educational system for KM professionals that can meet the requirements of the knowledge economy.The chapter describes new multidisciplinary curriculum initiatives and instructional learning developments considered or implemented at the school of information systems, technology and management.

Contents: Introduction, Converging Disciplines, Knowledge Management Curriculum Development, Innovative Teaching and Learning, Cross-Cultural Teaching and Learning, Conclusion, References, Appendix

Meliha Handzic: Specialist Training: Cultivating Knowledge Management Professionals. In: Meliha Handzic: Socio-Technical Knowledge Management: Studies and Initiatives. IGI Global, 2007: Chapter 19 (245-262)

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