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The New Club of Paris (NCP or NCoP) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


Franco-German Round Table on Intangibles** 1)
The Franco-German Round Table on Intangibles is a research and policy initiative by two major universities in the two countries (as well in Europe) – The University Paris-Sud and Heidelberg University- who decided to join their recent and on-going research efforts, in order to: (1) Come up with conceptual instruments; (2) Provide a stimulating platform for research and action for progress among different stakeholders in France and Germany; (3) Contribute, more generally, to the large dialogue in Europe and more globally, on the role of intangibles in value creation.

  • Franco-German Roundtable on Intangibles, November 22, 2013, Paris, France
  • Franco-German Roundtable on Intangibles, September 17, 2012, Heidelberg, Germany
    Conference Theme: Dilemmas of the Knowledge Economy
  • Franco-German Roundtable on Intangibles, September 26, 2011, Paris, France

Other Round Tables

  • Sep 2011: Transformation into Innovative and Knowledge Society: Perspectives of the EU’s Danube Strategy
    (1st Climate Change, Economic Development, Environment and People Conference (CCEDEP), 14-15 Sep, Novi Sad, Serbia)
  • Jun 2010: Bridging the Knowledge Divide: Building the Malaysian Link (with Perdana Leadership Foundation)
  • Jun 2009: The Transformation of Austria towards the Knowledge Society (with the Parliament of Austria)
  • Apr 2007: The Intellectual Capital of Morocco: A Strategy for the 21st Century (with ONA Foundation)
  • Nov 2006: Five Steps for Finland’s Future (with the Prime Minister of Finland)

Sponsored Conferences

  • World Conference on Intellectual Capital for Communities (since 2007)

Workshops & Seminars

  • May 2013: Regional Innovation Workshop
  • Apr 2013: High Performance Team & Leadership Seminar
  • Feb 2012: Humboldt Cosmos Multiversity Seminar – Working Sessions: United Nations’ vision of a “New Society Based on New Economic Models”; Decision making in an uncertain global context; A multi- and transdiscipilinary approach for resilient development; Conference: Maintaining creation of wealth in the knowledge economy: Escaping from the crisis of Spain and the Canary Islands in specific as peripheral regions of Europe


Annual (Mid-)Winter/Midterm Meetings

  • Apr 2020: Creating Sustaiable Wealth in a Global Knowledge Economy; Knowledge Based Development Institutions (round table – open meeting)
  • Apr 2019: Creating wealth in the context of the knowledge economy; Value creation in the context of the fourth industrial revolution; The scientific and technological situation and future of Catalonia
  • Apr 2018: NCP internal meeting; Building the Future together (round table – open meeting)
  • 2017
  • Mar 2016: Does Technology need Human? What IC for the Future? (private meeting); Build the Future together: Wise/Smart City projects and approaches (open meeting)
  • Mar 2015: From Industrial Era to Digital Era and beyond; From Knowledge City, to Smart, Creative, Green, Hybrid and Wise City; Building the Future Together: Strategic challenges and actions
  • 2014
  • Feb 2013: Projects; Updating Intellectual Capital Methodologies; Intellectual Capital for Ultra-peripheral areas; Intellectual Capital for Africa; NCP Renewal; Future of Luxembourg Conference
  • Feb 2012 (#3): Midwinter working meeting (members only); HKU-Seminar (open/free)
  • 2011 (#2): Midwinter session in Sophia Antipolis
  • 2010 (#1): Midwinter session in Liechtenstein

General Assembly

  • In conjunction with the World Conference on Intellectual Capital for Communities
    – Jul 2019, Jun 2018, 2017?, Jul 2016 (10th Anniversary), …, May 2012,…, Jun 2006

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