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The Israel Knowledge Management Forum, formerly the Israeli Knowledge Managers Forum, 1) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Monthly Face-to face and virtual meetings on topics in knowledge management
    – Dec 2019: virtual Winter meeting The Knowledge Management Environment in Singapore and Indonesia; How Transformation Drives Knowledge Management; Being Knowledge Ready for Society 5.0
    – Jun 2019: Summer Meeting
    – Dec 2018: Winter Meeting – Lecture and discussion with David Lamotte (Knowledge Management Added Value, Indicators & Case Study)
    – Jun 2018: Summer Meeting – a mini conference (3 hours; Host (WIZO) presentations on Knowledge Management & guest lecture : Relationship between innovation and knowledge management)
    – Jan 2018: ISO/DIS 30401 Knowledge Management systems – Requirements. Draft International Standard
    – Dec 2017: Lessons on implementing Knowledge Management in organisations
    – Aug 2017:…
    – …
    – Dec 2015: Reporting on knowledge management overseas – conferences and more
    – …
    – Jul 2013: Knowledge Management at Israel Electric Co. & keynote by Prof. Ilan Talmud
    – Dec 2013 (Winter Meeting, virtual): International conferences – updates, insights and trends
    – Oct 2013: Meeting & Workshop on Gamification
    – Jul 2013 (Summer Meeting): …
    – Dec 2012 (Winter Meeting, virtual): Impressions and Insights in Knowledge Management Worldwide
    – Jul 2012: Wikipedia and Wiki
    – Dec 2011 (Winter Meeting, virtual): Crowdsourcing the Wisdom of Crowds
    – Nov 2011 (Morning Meeting, Microsoft): Leveraging sharepoint capabilities and creating a shared and comfortable working environment with outlook
    Sep 2011 (periodic Meeting): Knowledge management applications at Amdocs
    – …
    – Dec 2010: Knowledge management in an intra-organizational social network, as a tool for exponential acceleration in innovation
    – …
    – May 2009: Integration of WEB2.0 in organizational knowledge management activities – reality or legend ?!
    – …


  • Israel Knowledge Management Forum Conference (KMISR)

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