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The Israel(i) Knowledge Management Forum (Israel(i) KM Forum), officially the Knowledge Management Forum in Israel (Hebrew: פורום ניהול הידע בישראל), formerly the Forum of Knowledge Managers in Organizations in Israel aka the Israeli Knowledge Managers Forum,1) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


Interest Groups:

  • The connections between knowledge management and other disciplines
  • Technologies
  • Organizational culture and processes
  • Content management

Associated Groups:

  • Knowledge Management in Organizations Community (est. 2018)
  • Forum of Knowledge Managers in Organizations in Israel (2001-2009)


  • Israel Knowledge Management Forum Conference (KMISR)*


Conference; Site visit; Around-the-world series 2)

List of Meetings
Knowledge Management in Organizations Community Events

  • MeetUps
      Jun 2023: Organizational knowledge management – AI (Meetup #12; w. Israel Knowledge Management Forum)

      Generating the world of work: Accompanying organizations in the transition to a digital work environment
      The knowledge strategy in the age of artificial intelligence
      Group thinking activity – how do you start with it in an organization?

      Mar 2023: Knowledge Cafe (w. Israel Knowledge Management Forum)

      The new technology (mainly ChatGPT) and knowledge managers – where are we headed?
      Agenda TBD

      Feb 2023: MeetUp in Nature

      Study tour: Collecting wild plants combined with knowledge collection, transfer, conservation and more
      Agenda n.a.

      Nov 2022: #11 Knowledge Management Failures Evening (KM FuckUp Night)

      Agenda n.a.

      Jun 2022: #10 MeetUp: Season Opening Meeting

      Big Data Principles in Real Life
      “Integrating into society?” – Successful on-boarding through knowledge management
      “What about digital?!” (Review of useful technologies 2022)
      Experiential activity on the subject of “mobile video shooting” and knowledge management

      MM YYY: #09 MeetUp: n.a.

      Agenda n.a.

      May 2021: #08 MeetUp: Opening meeting of the season

      Agenda n.a.

      Aug 2020: #07 MeetUp: Knowledge management during the Corona crisis, what did we learn, what did we do

      Knowledge management in local government from crisis to opportunity
      When the rhythm changes – new dance steps match it
      Big change following a small virus

      Mar 2020: #06 MeetUp: Organizational measurement of knowledge management (ROI)

      Instructional activity and question-and-answer discussion (results of a measurement survey)
      Measuring the Impact of Knowledge Management in Organizations (case study)
      Knowledge management in the measurement mirror: What do you say to the boss when he asks: “Can we prove it?”

      Dec 2019: #05 MeetUp: Organizational communities and knowledge management

      Employee communities as a key to sharing information and knowledge in the organization
      Things you are not told about communities in the Schneider Foundation organization
      Question and answer session with Community Manager

      Jun 2019: #04 MeetUp: Knowledge Management Case Studies

      Knowledge management and risk management in an organization
      Knowledge management in a global technology company
      Knowledge and employee experience management (recruitment and training)

      Nov 2018: #03 MeetUp: Organizational motivation for knowledge management in the era of Social

      Agenda n.a.

      May 2018: #02 MeetUp: Knowledge management – technological systems and tools

      Agenda n.a.

      Jan 2018: #01 Meetup: n.a.

      Agenda n.a.

  • LIVE Broadcasts:
      Apr 2022: (Knowledge Extraction of) Hidden knowledge in professions based on interpersonal interaction (LIVE Broadcast)
      Mar 2022: An alternative funeral ceremony for the knowledge management pyramid (“Talking Knowledge” Broadcast #1)
      Sep 2020: Knowledge management in traditional industry” (factories?!) (Meet the expert, one-on-one question session)
  • Training:
      Jul 2021: Familiarization workshop with the Confluence work environment
      Oct 2020: Microsoft OneNote digital notebook – Live training
  • Professional discussions:
      Dec 2022: Organizational knowledge management: building an annual work plan
      Feb 2021: Knowledge management and documents using SharePoint
      Oct 2020: “Round table” on knowledge sharing and other hot topics (open discussion)
  • Others:
      Dec 2020: Year-end party: Knowledge management, distance learning, year-end summaries


  • Israel Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprises (MIKE) Award (start: 2023)
  • Annual knowledge management competition for organizations (start: 2022)
    • 2022 (7 finalists): Ituran Location and Control (#1); Tel Avīv-Jafō Municipality (#2); Israel Aerospace Industries – Aviation Division (#3)

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