Strategic Management Society Conference (SMS Conference)*

Strategic Management Society Conference (SMS Conference)*

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The Strategic Management Society Conference (SMS Conference) is organized at various sites around the world, typically alternating between North America and Europe. Each conference addresses a current theme, with specific tracks addressing sub-themes, and presents multiple sessions by thought leaders in the field of strategic management from around the world.

Themes of interest:

  • 2008: How Does Knowledge Matter?

Tracks of interest:

  • 2002-present: Knowledge and Innovation
  • 2001: Building and Leveraging Intangible Capital
  • 1999-2000: Managing Knowledge: Learning, Technology, and Innovation (The Strategic Importance of Knowledge Management)
  • 1998: Knowledge, Intelligence and Learning Technologies

Conference History:

42nd SMS Conference, September 17-20, 2022, London, United Kingdom
Conference Theme: Innovative Strategies for an Open World
(Host: Imperial College London, Department of Management and Entrepreneurship)

    Conference Tracks (Sessions):
    Knowledge & Innovation SIG (tbd)

41st SMS Conference, September 18-21, 2021, Toronto, Canada Virtual venue
Conference Theme: Imagination and Inspiration: Creating Strategy Breakthroughs in a Discordant World
(Host: University of Toronto, Rotman School of Management; Western University, Ivey Business School; Boston Consulting Group)

    Pre-conference Workshops (Sep 25-26):
    18th Annual Doctoral Workshop

    Interest Group & Community Sessions:
    Foundations Scholar Interview; The Post-Chandlerian Digital Firm and New Forms of Economic Organizing (Knowledge & Innovation SIG)

    Conference Tracks (Sessions):
    Knowledge & Innovation SIG (The Benefits and Costs of Openness; Regulatory Environment and Innovation; Search and Interdependencies; Knowledge Recombination; Governance, Ownership and Innovation Strategy; (Innovation) Failure; Knowledge Exploration; Organizational Structure and Innovation; Knowledge, Innovation and Artificial Intelligence; Science, Universities and Innovation; Decision-Making and Innovation; New Perspectives on Innovation Management; Property Rights and Appropriability; Intellectual Property and Firm Performance)

    Strategic Human Capital SIG (Social Network Perspective of Strategic Human Capital); Entrepreneurship and Strategy SIG (Entrepreneurial Experience and Knowledge); Cross-border Flows of Products, Services, and People (Cross-border Flows of Knowledge)

40th SMS Conference, October 26-30, 2020, London, United Kingdom Virtual venue
Conference Theme: Strategy in a Disruptive World
(Host: London Business School, Strategy and Entrepreneurship subject area)

    Note: The conference was scheduled for October 24-27, 2020

    Pre-conference Workshops (Oct 17-18):
    17th Annual Doctoral Workshop

    Pre-conference Interest Group & Community Sessions (Oct 19-25):
    Knowledge and Innovation IG (Knowledge, Innovation and the Crisis; Foundations Interview: A Conversation with Prof. Anita McGahan; Firm Boundaries and Organizing in the Digital Age)

    Interest Group & Community Workshops:
    Creating and Sustaining Competitive Advantage in a Disruptive World: Paper Development Workshop (…, and Knowledge & Innovation IG)

    Conference Tracks (Sessions):
    Knowledge and Innovation (Organizing for Innovation; New Perspectives on Platform Innovation; Managers and Boards; Inventors, Innovators and Teams; Innovation and the Role of Diversity, Inclusion and Networks; Industry Perspectives on (Co-)Innovation; Open Innovation and Crowds; Finance, Innovation, and Financial Innovation; Financing Entrepreneurial Firms; Employee Mobility; Big Data equals Big Knowledge? Data-driven Approaches to Innovation; Innovation and Geography; Information, Signals and IP)

    Entrepreneurship and Strategy (Entrepreneurial Learning and Decision Making); Cooperative Strategies (Knowledge Flows and Learning in Alliances); Behavioral Strategy (Diversity, Learning and Performance); Global Strategy (Knowledge Search, Sourcing, and Transfer); New Ways of Working in the Digital Age (How do Organizations Adapt in a Time of Machine Learning?); Teaching Community (The Fun and Challenges of Collaborative Teaching and Learning)

39th SMS Conference, October 19-22, 2019, Minneapolis, MN, USA
Conference Theme: “Out of the Spotlight” Strategies
(Host: University of Minnesota, Carlson School of Management)

    Pre-conference Workshops (Oct 19):
    16th Annual Doctoral Workshop; Junior Faculty Professional Development Workshop (…, Knowledge & Innovation IG); Big Data: Theoretical and Methodological Implications for Strategy Research (Behavioral Strategy IG)

    Pre-conference Interest Group & Community Sessions (Oct 20):
    Knowledge and Innovation IG (AI, Firm Strategy, and Organization: Cognitive Technologies Beyond the Hype; Learning from Failure – Taking Stock and Looking Forward; Foundations Interview: A Conversation with Prof. Ashish Arora; Business Meeting)

    Entrepreneurship and Strategy IG (Organizational Learning in Entrepreneurial Ventures)

    Conference Tracks:
    Knowledge and Innovation (Intra- and Inter-Organizational Learning; Digitization and Strategy; Platforms and Ecosystems; Innovation Management; Inventors and Collaboration; Institutions and Innovation; Secrecy and Innovation; Networks and Innovation; Knowledge Search, Production and Sharing; Innovation and Behavioral Theory; Technological Evolution and Change; Acquisitions and Firm Knowledge; Technology Commercialization; Patenting Strategy; Economic Implications of Digitization; Collaboration and Innovation; Knowledge in the Digital World; Exploration, Exploitation and Innovation)

    Competitive Strategy (Managers, Individual Knowledge, and Capabilities); Global Strategy (Knowledge and Organizational Learning in Global Strategy); Entrepreneurship and Strategy (Entrepreneurial Learning and Opportunity Identification); Behavioral Strategy (The Social Context of Learning; Learning in Strategy)

38th SMS Conference, September 22-25, 2018, Paris, France
Conference Theme: Strategies in the Era of De-Globalization
(Host: HEC-Paris, Society and Organizations Center; ESSEC Business School, Management Department; INSEAD, John H Loudon Chair of International Management)

    Pre-conference Workshops (Sep 22):
    15th Annual Doctoral Workshop; Professional Development Workshop (…, Knowledge and Innovation IG) A Practical Machine Learning Workshop ( Research Methods Community)

    Pre-conference Interest Group & Community Sessions (Sep 23):
    Knowledge and Innovation IG (Research on Technological Discontinuities: Current State & Future Directions; Teaching Industry Analysis: Incorporating Research Insights from Industry Evolution and Ecosystems; New Platform Creation in Digital Ecosystems: Processes, Dilemmas, and Implications on Corporate Strategy; Foundations Interview: A Conversation with Professor Constance Helfat)

    Competitive Strategy IG (Latest and Greatest in Emprical Method: Opportunities and Advances in Machine Learning in the Context of Strategic Management); Corporate Strategy IG (Toward Big Data: A Modern Workflow for Data Management)

    Conference Tracks (Sessions):
    Knowledge and Innovation (Cognitive Perspectives on Innovation; Breakthrough Innovations and Wicked Problems; Mobility, Skills, and Innovation; Inter- and Intra-Organizational Knowledge Transfer and Innovation; Innovation in Emerging Markets and the Western MNC Response; Innovation and Interfirm R&D Collaboration; Technological Change and Innovation; Innovation and Industry Evolution; Organizational Learning in the Innovation and Commercialization Process; The Paradoxes of the Exploration Exploitation Tradeoff; Innovation and Usual and Unusual Network Structures; Market Effects on Innovation; Sourcing Innovation; Behavioral Understandings of Innovation)

    Entrepreneurship and Strategy (Learning, Capabilities, and Resource Mobilization); Behavior (Knowledge & Innovation and Corporate Strategy); Global Strategy (Organizational Learning, Capability Development, and Performance)

37th SMS Conference, October 28-31, 2017, Huston, Texas, USA
Conference Theme: Unconventional Strategies for Emerging Complexity and Intensifying Diversity
(Hosts: University of Houston, C.T. Bauer College of Business; Rice University, Graduate School of Business)

    Pre-conference Workshops (Oct 28):
    14th Doctoral Workshop; The Nature and Impact of Design Thinking in Innovation Strategy; Lessons from Practice and to the Future of Learning (Strategy Practice IG); Junior Faculty Paper Development Workshop (…, Knowledge and Innovation IG)

    Pre-conference Interest Group & Community Sessions (Oct 29):
    Knowledge and Innovation IG (Technological Change and Firm Strategy; Foundations Interview: A Conversation with Prof. Morten T. Hansen; Business Meeting)

    Competitive Strategy IG (The Latest and Greatest in Empirical Methods for Strategy Scholars: Bringing Machine Learning into Strategic Management Research)

    Conference Tracks (Sessions):
    Knowledge and Innovation (New Perspectives and Emerging Concepts in Knowledge and Innovation Management; Micro-Foundations in Knowledge and Innovation Management; Exploration, Exploitation, and Organizational Ambidexterity; Patent Strategy in Knowledge and Innovation Management; Managing Technological Change; Network Dynamics in Knowledge and Innovation Management; Macro-Level Trends in Knowledge and Innovation; Mergers, Acquisitions, and Alliances in Knowledge and Innovation Management; Organizational Learning in Pharma/Biotech; Project Management in Research and Development; Change and Adaptation in Knowledge and Innovation Management; Managing Open Innovation and Firm Transformation; Knowledge and Human Capital

    Cooperative Strategies (Bridging Knowledge Boundaries: New Organizational Forms); Global Strategy (Knowledge Flows and Innovation); Entrepreneurship and Strategy (Knowledge and Entrepreneurship; Entrepreneurial Learning)

    Complementarities Across the Value Chain: 30 Years After Teece’s Seminal Paper (Knowledge and Innovation Showcase Panel)

36th SMS Conference, September 17-20, 2016, Berlin, Germany
Conference Theme: Strategies That Move the World
(Host: Technische Universität Berlin, Strategic Leadership and Global Management)

    Pre-conference Workshops (Sep 17):
    13th Doctoral Workshop; Paper Development and Future Research Directions Workshop (…, Knowledge and Innovation IG)

    Pre-conference Interest Group Sessions (Sep 18):
    Knowledge and Innovation IG (China’s Innovation Capacity and the Implications for Strategy; Foundations Interview: A Conversation with Prof. Gautam Ahuja; Strategic and Organizational Challenges in a World of Colliding Ecosystems; Business Meeting)

    Conference Tracks (Sessions):
    Knowledge and Innovation (Industry Evolution from Emergence to Upheaval; Capabilities for Design and Innovation; Structure, Coordination, and Innovation; Modularity in Firm and Industry Architecture; Evaluating Patents; Search and Knowledge Sourcing; Learning and Innovation in International Contexts; Messing with the Model: Design, Renewal, and Reconfiguration of Business Models; Analytics and Data Driven Decision-Making; Replication, Knowledge Transfer, and Knowledge Sharing; Learning from Feedback; Market Dynamics in Technology Markets; Exploration and Exploitation through Alliances; Opportunity Discovery through Corporate Venturing; Bridging Public and Private Sectors for Innovation; Interpersonal Collaboration in Technical and Creative Settings; Building Reliable Processes for Innovation)

    Global Strategy (Knowledge Sourcing and Flows); Behavioral Strategy (Learning Behaviors; Organizational Learning and Adverse Shocks); Cooperative Strategies (Alliance Management Function, Capabilities, and Learning; Organizational Learning in Acquisitions)

35th SMS Conference, October 3-6, 2015, Denver, Colorado, USA
Conference Theme: Strategy Expanding: Making Sense of Shifting Field and Firm Boundaries
(Host: University of Denver, Daniels College of Business)

    Pre-conference Workshops (Oct 3):
    12th Annual Doctoral Workshop

    Pre-conference Interest Group Sessions (Oct 4):
    Knowledge and Innovation IG (Panel: Big Data & Analytics in Strategy; Foundations Session: A Conversation with Dan Levinthal; Panel: Knowledge and Innovation in Models of Business Models; Knowledge and Innovation Business Meeting)

    Conference Tracks: Knowledge and Innovation
    Knowledge and Innovation (Resource Allocation and Innovation; Knowledge Creation and Sharing in Virtual Communities;
    Multi-level perspectives on capability development; Sourcing Strategies for Knowledge; Innovation and the Strategy-Performance Relationship; Post Acquisition Learning; Acquiring Human Capital: Process and Outcomes;
    Evolving Industries, Evolving Products; Knowledge Recombination and Interdependencies; Innovation Management in Networks, Ecosystems, and Innovation Hubs; Strategic Leadership, Learning, and Exploration; Innovating and Learning in Collaborative Alliances; Processes for Innovation and Ideation; Strategic Patenting; Entrepreneurial Experience and Cognition: Implications for Venture Performance; Emerging Market Strategies; Knowledge Replication, Transfer and Absorption; Human Capital and Entrepreneurship; Open Innovation: Antecedents and Performance Effects; Pioneering Knowledge; Blurring the Boundaries of Strategy Work; Team Dynamics and Creativity; Spinouts;)=

    Entrepreneurship and Strategy (Creativity, knowledge spill overs and a venture’s legitimacy); Competitive Strategy (Exploration, Exploitation, and Competition)

    New Frontiers in Technologies, Fields, and Business Models: Implications for Academic and Practice Knowledge Creation (Knowledge and Innovation Showcase Panel)

34th SMS Conference, September 20-23, 2014, Madrid, Spain
Conference Theme: Strategies in a World of Networks
(Host: University of Navarra, IESE Business School)

    Pre-conference Workshops (Sep 20):
    11th Doctoral Workshop; Paper Development Workshop (Knowledge and Innovation IG, Cooperative Strategies IG)

    Pre-conference Interest Group Sessions (Sep 21):
    Knowledge and Innovation IG (Routines: Theoretical and Empirical Advancements and Avenues for Future Research; Big Data: Revolutionizing Innovation and Competition; Foundations Session: A conversation with Michael Tushman on Leadership, Innovation and Strategic Change; Business Meeting)

    Excellence in Teaching IG (Lifelong Learning: Finding New Collaborative Models to Groom the Next Generation of Leaders)

    Conference Tracks (Sessions):
    Knowledge and Innovation (Innovation in MNCs and Global Networks; Open Innovation: Outcomes and Antecedents; IPRs, Appropriability and Innovation; Incumbents, Radical Innovations and Disruptive Technologies; Organizational Learning; Learning From Others; The Challenges of Global Operations: Managing R&D and Complexity; Alliances and Innovation Performance; Learning, Search, Slack: The Behavioral Theory Revisited; Knowledge Flows: Transfer, sharing and Replication; Conversations about Knowledge; Spin offs, Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship; Institutionalizing Innovation: Norms, status and legitimacy issues;From Internal Resources to Customer Needs; Globalization of R&D: Implications for Learning and Innovation; The Role of Individuals in Innovation; Research and Development: Antecedents and outcomes; Creativity and Innovation; M&As and Innovation; Networks of Innovators; Innovation Models in Emerging Economies; Exploration and Exploitation; Organizing for Open Innovation; Practices and Processes for Innovation

    Global Strategy (Inter and Intra Organizational Learning Across Borders: A Knowledge Management Perspective); Strategy Process (Knowledge Transfer and Learning); Behavioral Strategy (Learning Processes); Cooperative Strategies (Cognition and Learning in Alliances)

    How Social Networks Create Competitive Advantage: The Microfoundations Reputation

33th SMS Conference, September 28 – October 1, 2013, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Conference Theme: Strategy and Sustainability
(Host: Georgia State University, J. Mack Robinson College of Business; Georgia Institute of Technology)

    Pre-conference Workshops (Sep 28):
    10th Annual Doctoral Workshop; Paper Development Workshop (Knowledge and Innovation IG, Cooperative Strategies IG)

    Pre-conference Interest Group Sessions (Sep 29):
    Knowledge and Innovation IG (Transforming Business Decisions with Big Data; Ethics, Innovation and Responsibility; Foundations Session: A conversation with Linda Argote about Organizational Learning; Business Meeting)

    Strategy Practice IG (Strategic Dynamics: Beyond Practice, Process, People in Fostering Impactful Learning and Teaching in Strategic Action)

    Conference Tracks (Sessions):
    Knowledge and Innovation (Environmental Capabilities and Performance; Exploitation versus Exploration; External Knowledge Sourcing and Innovation; The Interplay between Exploration and Exploitation; Alliances and Innovation; Resources Allocation and Innovation; Antecedents and Outcomes of Exploration-Exploitation; Networks and Organizational Learning; Business Models and Innovation; Knowledge and Networks for Global Strategy; Knowledge Recombination and Innovation; Individuals, Decision-Making, and Innovation; Exploration-Exploitation and Cooperation; Knowledge Transfer and Replication; Technical Change and Industrial Dynamics; Adoption and Diffusion; Patents and IPR; Team Dynamics and Innovative Performance; Capability Development; Geography, Institutions, and Innovation; Human Capital and Innovation; Intellectual Property Rights; Innovation Process Studies; The Role of Knowledge Sources in Open Innovation; Networks at Different Levels and Innovation; Human Capital and Learning)

    Cooperative Strategies (Learning and Cooperation; Networks and Organizational Learning); Global Strategy (Knowledge, Learning, and Resources in International Strategy; Knowledge and Networks for Global Strategy); Strategy Process (Organizational Learning Processes); Excellence in Teaching (How Executives Learn); Cooperative Strategies (Institutions and Cooperative Communities)

32th SMS Conference, October 6-9, 2012, Prague, Czech Republic
Conference Theme: Strategy in Transition
(Host: Inventa Group)

    Pre-conference Workshops (Oct 6):
    9th Annual Doctoral Workshop

    Pre-conference Interest Group Sessions (Oct 7):
    Knowledge and Innovation IG (Knowledge Foundations: A Conversation with Robert Grant about the Knowledge Based View; Big Data, Knowledge and Innovation; The Changing Nature of Innovation in Emerging Economies; Business Meeting)

    Conference Tracks (Sessions):
    Knowledge and Innovation (Intellectual Property Rights; Structure and Innovation; Individuals, Teams and Innovation; R&D; Knowledge Management & Knowledge Structures: Who knows?; Technology; Learning; Integrating Knowledge about Knowledge Integration; Knowledge Transfer and Replication; Absorptive Capacity; Innovation and Performance; Ties, Networks, and Innovation; Open Innovation; Exploration; Alliance and Transfer; Incumbent Response to Foreign Entry and to Disruptive Innovation; Capabilities; Structure and Transfer; Entrepreneurs, Ventures, and Innovation; Innovation and Transfer; Ambidexterity / Exploration and Exploitation; Knowledge Management)

    Entrepreneurship and Strategy (Exploration, Exploitation, and Ambidexterity); Excellence in Teaching (Innovations in Blended Learning); Understanding Transitions in Business Models (Organizational Learning and Business Model Transitions); Global Strategy (Knowledge, Innovation and Global Strategy); Cooperative Strategies (Organizational Learning and Alliances)

    Extensions (co-located workshops):
    Tapping into Pockets of Knowledge: Global Knowledge Acquisition, Ambidexterity and Organizational Transitions, October 4-5, 2012, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Linz, Austria

    Global Knowledge Acquisition: How to Source, Scout, Locate
    Ambidexterity – How to Manage Exploration and Exploitation in Turbulent Times
    Organization Transition – How to Support Organizational Change

    Paper Sessions:
    Knowledge Acquisition; Ambidexterity

31th SMS Conference, November 6-9, 2011, Miami, Florida, USA
Conference Theme: Strategies for a Multi-Polar World
(Host: Florida International University, Chapman Graduate School of Business)

    Pre-conference Workshops (Nov 5):
    8th Annual Doctoral Workshop

    Pre-conference Interest Group Sessions (Nov 6):
    Knowledge and Innovation IG (Knowledge Foundations: The Ideas of Sidney Winter; Open Innovation: How CERN Bridges Global Institutions; The Architecture of Openness: What the Changing Face of Mobile Telco can Teach Us about Knowledge, Innovation and Strategy; Business Meeting)

    Conference Tracks (Sessions):
    Knowledge and Innovation (The Social Construction of Social Approval Assets: Who is in Control?; Open and Radical Innovation; Leadership, Knowledge Sharing and Power; Knowledge Management; Innovation and Technology; Role and Impact of Collaboration; Innovation; Innovation Management; Research, Development and Investment; Knowledge and Performance; Knowledge Creation; Imitation and Knowledge Sharing Strategies; Dynamic Capabilities; Building Dynamic Capabilities; Strategic Thinking and Decision Making; Innovation Networks and Alliances; Organizational and Management Innovation; Acquisitions; Enabling Collaboration; Product Development and Management; Organizational Learning; Research and Development; Learning: Networks and Architectures; Collaborative Innovation; Innovation and Enterprise; Collaborative Networks; Innovation and Collaboration Interaction; Impact of Dynamic Capabilities; Innovation Performance)

    Competitive Strategy (Knowledge & Industry Evolution); Entrepreneurship And Strategy (The Role Of Learning For Entrepreneurship In Uncertain And Dynamic Environments)

30th SMS Conference, September 12-15, 2010, Rome, Italy
Conference Theme: Strategic Management at the Crossroads
(Host: University of Catania, Department of Business Economics and Management)

    Pre-conference Workshops (Sep 11):
    7th Annual Doctoral Workshop

    Pre-conference Interest Group Sessions (Sep 12):
    Knowledge and Innovation IG (Innovation in Collaborative Ecosystems; Sustainability and Strategy; Town Hall Meeting; Business Meeting)

    Global Strategy IG (Globalizing “Global Strategy” Classroom: Exploring Innovative Ways to Enhance Student Learning and Experience)

    Conference Tracks (Sessions):
    Knowledge and Innovation (Open Innovation; Knowledge Sharing and Integration; Intraorganizational Knowledge Flows; Alliances and Innovation; Network Structure and Innovation; New Directions in Absorptive Capacity Research; Network Characteristics and Innovation; Knowledge and Innovation Research at a Crossroads: Multi-level Perspectives; A Strategic Perspective on Network Anchors; Innovation Adoption and Outcomes; Capability Development; Strategy and Leadership Influences for Innovation; Institutional Influences on Knowledge and Innovation; Measures of Innovation; Cognitive Perspectives on Knowledge and Innovation; Corporate Venture Capital and Investor Influences on Innovation; The Role of the Inventor; Technology Markets; Knowledge and Innovation Process and Routines Insights; Knowledge Stocks and Performance; Lessons from Failure and Predicting Knowledge Declines; Corporate Strategic View of Organizational Knowledge and Learning; External Knowledge Sourcing; Innovation and Capability Antecedents; Knowledge Spillovers; Knowledge Search; Exploration and Exploitation)

    Strategy Process (Knowledge and Goals in Decision Making); Micro-Foundations of Strategy (Routines, Capabilities, and Learning); Competitive Strategy (Signaling, Media, and Learning Within and Across Markets; Learning, Imitation, and Innovation); The Practice Of Strategy (Impactful Learning and Knowing); Strategic Human Capital (Managing Human Capital Knowledge); Entrepreneurship And Strategy (Knowledge Capture and Entrepreneurial Outcomes); Global Strategy (Innovation and Knowledge Acquisition in a Global Context)

    Extensions (co-located workshops):
    Knowledge & Capabilities Research: The Road Ahead, September 9, 2010, Bocconi University, Milan, Italy

    Knowledge and Capabilities: the “Inner” Perspectives
    Knowledge and Capabilities: The “Outer” Perspectives

    Intangible Assets, Governance & Competitive Advantage, September 16, 2010, Federico II University, Napoli, Italy

    Plenary Panels:
    3 Keynotes
    Research issues

29th SMS Conference, October 11-14, 2009, Washington, D.C., USA
Conference Theme: Strategies in an Uncertain World
(Host: Indiana University, Kelley School of Business; University of Colorado Boulder, Leeds School of Business)

    Pre-conference Workshops (Oct 10):
    6th Annual Doctoral Workshop

    Pre-conference Interest Group Sessions (Oct 11):
    Knowledge and Innovation IG (Strategy in an Uncertain World: “Black Swan” Implications for K&I Scholars; The Changing Governance Landscape: Implications for Knowledge and Innovation Scholars; Integrating Theories of Problem Formation; Business Meeting; Officers Meeting)

    Entrepreneurship And Strategy IG (Knowledge Spillovers and Strategic Entrepreneurship); Global Strategy (Location, Knowledge, and Competitive Dynamics: New Research Directions)

    Conference Tracks (Sessions):
    Knowledge and Innovation (50th Anniversary of Penrose’s (1959) The Theory of the Growth of the Firm; Technological Innovation; Let the Knowledge Flow…; Exploration and Novelty; Learning and Collaboration; Innovation and Management Practice; Microfoundations of Knowledge and Learning; Regulating the Market for Ideas: The Role of Communities, Norms, and Networks; Dynamic Capabilities; Governing Knowledge; How Do Capabilities Develop?; The Complex Roles of Experience; Knowledge Transfer; Knowledge-Based Strategic Interaction; The Human Factor in Knowledge and Innovation; Ambidexterity)

    Strategy Process (Innovation and Learning in Strategy Processes); Global Strategy (Global Knowledge Search); External Relationships in an Uncertain World (Alliances, Knowledge Transfer, and Performance)

28th SMS Conference, October 12-15, 2008, Cologne, Germany
Conference Theme: How Does Knowledge Matter?
(Host: Boston Consulting Group; Freie Universität Berlin, Department of Management)

    Pre-conference Workshops (Oct 11):
    5th Doctoral Workshop

    Pre-conference Interest Group Sessions (Oct 12):
    Knowledge and Innovation IG (Innovation, Learning and Corporate Responsibility; Towards the Micro-Foundations Of Organizational Learning; Business Meeting)

    Conference Tracks (Sessions):
    Managing Knowledge (Knowledge and Learning; Knowledge, Collaboration, and Performance; Inter-Organizational Knowledge Transfer; Knowledge Transfer and Diffusion; Capabilities, Value Creation, and Performance; Strategic Dynamics in Industry Architectures: The Challenges of Knowledge Integration; Governing Knowledge in Interorganizational Relationships; Knowledge and Governance; Capabilities and Governance; Discussing Approaches on How Knowledge Matters in Organizations; Knowledge and Networks; Knowledge as a Driver of Innovation, Learning and Competence-Building; Technology and Performance; Knowledge Across Boundaries; Knowledge Strategies: Collaboration and Governance)

    Measuring Knowledge (How to Measure Knowledge — Refining Old, Suggesting New Approaches; Measuring Knowledge in Organizations)

    Evaluating Knowledge (What is the Value Added of Ideas, Intelligence and Innovation?)

    Knowledge And Innovation (Using Alliance Networks to Enhance Innovation; Developing New Technologies and Products; Linking Organizational Factors to Innovation Orientation and Outcomes; The Role of Top Management in Learning and Innovation; The Influence of “Outsiders” on Innovation; The Influence of Learning and Absorptive Capacity on Innovation; Influences on Innovation Strategies and Outcomes; Building on the Past: The Effect of Experience and Relatedness; Creating Ambidextrous Organizations;
    Working with Others: Collaboration and Knowledge Development; Knowledge Innovation: Creating New Knowledge and Capabilities; When Does Geographic Proximity Pay?)

    General Track (Knowledge Proximity and Knowledge Diffusion; Strategy Tools in the Knowledge-Based Economy; The Role of Decision-Making for Knowledge Management; Learning Within and Across Organizational Boundaries); Competitive Strategy (Learning and Competitive Dynamics; The Knowledge-Based View in New Arenas); Global Strategy (Knowledge Flows in MNCs; International Knowledge Diffusion); Entrepreneurship And Strategy (Learning and Performace in New Ventures)

    Panel: The Future of Knowledge Management
    Panel I+II: The Future of Knowledge-Intensive Industries

    Dynamic Capabilities and Enterprise Performance in a Knowledge Based Economy (Opening)
    Knowledge Management Enables the Execution of E.ON’s Strategy

27th SMS Conference, October 14-17, 2007, San Diego, California, USA
Conference Theme: The Challenges of Non-Market Influences on Market Strategies
(Host: Loyola Marymount University, College of Business Administration)

    Pre-conference Workshops:
    4th Annual Doctoral Workshop

    Pre-conference Interest Group Sessions:
    Knowledge and Innovation IG (Key Issues and Emerging Questions for Knowledge and Innovation Research in Strategic Management (panel); Identifying Critical Challenges (and Potential Solutions) Associated with Conducting Knowledge and Innovation Research (panel); View from the Field: Knowledge and Innovation Challenges Confronting Organizations Today (panel); Business Meeting; Officers Meeting)

    Conference Tracks (Sessions):
    Knowledge and Innovation (Knowledge Development and Diversity in a Multinational Context; Intra- and Interorganizational Learning; Knowledge Development/Sharing in Science; Knowledge Transfer and Communities of Practice; Organizational Learning in Strategic Alliances; Assessing and Creating Knowledge; Strategic Management of Knowledge Networks; Development of Dynamic Capabilities; Firm Collaboration and Innovation; Learning, Innovation, Interfirm Collaboration; Management of Knowledge and Innovation (Interorganizational); Product Development, Customer Knowledge, Organizational Forms; Innovation, Growth, Spin-Offs, and Intellectual Capital; Innovation Equals Integration: Beyond Either Invention or Openess, Towards an Integrated Model; Knowledge Flows and Multinational Corporations (MNCs);
    Knowledge Impact; Strategic Value of Patents; Absorptive Capacity; Creation of Knowledge in Organizations)

    Competitive Strategy (Employees and Managers as Carriers of Knowledge and Resources)

    Etrepreneurship & Strategy (Sourches of Entrepreneurial Knowledge)

26th SMS Conference, October 29 – November 1, 2006, Vienna, Austria
Conference Theme: Strategy And Govenance In A World Of institutional Change
(Host: Booz Allen Hamilton)

    Pre-conference Workshops (Oct 28/29):
    3rd Annual Doctoral Workshop; Dialogues On Learning From Practice Cases: Building Concepts, Tools, And Knowledge From Practical Engagements

    Pre-conference Interest Group Sessions (Oct 29):
    Knowledge and Innovation IG (Value Creation and Appropriation: Competitive Strategy and Knowledge Perspectives; Getting (Or Not Getting?) Research On Knowledge And Innovation Published)

    Entreprenuership and Strategy (Geography And Knowledge Diffusion In Entrepreneurship Research)

    Conference Tracks (Sessions):
    Knowledge and Innovation (Managing Innovation: The Role Of Social Interactions And Informal Processes; Corporate Venture Capital; Strategic Positioning In Innovation Ecosystems; Managing Innovation: Balancing Multiple Antecedents At Multiple Levels; Effect Of Acquisitions On Acquirer’s Innovation; Organizational Learning From Own And Peer Experience; Creating Value Through Mergers And Acquisitions: Target Selection And Integration Capabilities; The Effect Of Alliance Networks On Firm Performance; Strategies For Structuturing Networks Of Partners And Customers; Competing On Capabilities: Stu dies Of Innovative Business Practices; Managing Effective Global R&D Teams; Absorptive Capacity And Inter-Organizational Learning; Coordinating Knowledge Flows Within Multinational Enterprises; Appropriating The Economic Retu rns To Innovation; Accessing Knowledge And Innovation From Geographical Clusters And Networks; Developing Alliance Management Capabilities; Technology Strategy: Technological Discontinuities And IP Diffusion; Developing Innovation: The Role Of Management Structutures And Capabilities; Knowledge Bridges: The Role Universities And Scientific Organizations In Generating And Transferring Knowledge; Understanding Knowledge Processes Within Organizations; Developing A Network Advantage: Structuture And Governance In Inter-Organizational Networks; Effect Of Leadership Style On Firm Innovation; Governance Practices To Facilitate Knowledge Accumulation And Sharing; Innovative Capabilities And R&D Productivity; The Effect Of Inter-Firm Networks On Innovation; Modeling Knowledge Processes: Creation, Replication, Protection; Knowledge Creation And Knowledge Sourcing In Foreign Sub sidiaries)

    Entreprenuership and Strategy (Knowledge Sources Of Entrepreneurship; Innovation Communities And Regional Clusters: Emergence, Governance, And Competition)

    Competitive Strategy (Sustaining Innovation Advantage: Secrecy, Disclosure, And The Imitation Of Intangible Assets)

25th SMS Conference, October 23-26, 2005, Orlando, Florida, USA
Conference Theme: Strategic Management: Achievements and Opportunities
(Host: Boston Consulting Group)

    Pre-conference Workshops:
    2nd Annual Doctoral Workshop

    Pre-conference Interest Group Sessions (Oct 23):
    Knowledge and Innovation IG (Linked Macro And Micro Firm Data: New Opportunities For Research In Strategic Management (workshop); Linking Knowledge Across Boundaries And Silos: Developing Different Types Of Research Partnerships (panel); Business Meeting)

    Conference Tracks:
    Knowledge and Innovation (Knowledge Management for Competitive Advantage; The Process of Building Organizational Capabilities: A Practitioner-Academic Dialogue; Networks, Alliances, and Knowledge Transfer; An Eclectic View on Innovation and Value; Enhancing Absorptive Capacity Capabilities; Strategically Sourcing and Mobilizing Knowledge in Organizations; Innovation and Product Development; Creativity, Innovation, and Learning; Strategic Management of Technology; Generation and Evolution of Knowledge Capabilities; Knowledge and Innovation Networks; Collaboration with External Partners in Knowledge Development (CANCELLED); R&D and Knowledge Sharing; Open and Team Innovation; Knowledge in and Around Organizations; Technology Networks and Capabilities; Customer and Market Inputs to Innovation; Start-Ups, Knowledge, and Innovation)

    Developing a Theory of Strategic Management (Knowing More About Knowing: Expanding Understanding About Knowledge Development); Managing Strategy (Exploring Knowledge and Capabilities for Transfer); Global Strategy (Strategy, Subsidiaries, and Knowledge; Internationalizing R&D and Knowledge Flows); The Practice of Strategy (Knowledge and Systems for Strategic Intelligence)

24th SMS Conference, October 31 – November 3, 2004, San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA
Conference Theme: Strategic Balance: Driving Innovation and Maintaining Performance
(Host: )

    Pre-conference Workshops:
    1st Annual Doctoral Workshop

    Pre-conference Iterest Group Sessions (Oct 31):
    Knowledge and Innovation IG (Linking Knowledge Management to Strategy)

    Conference Tracks (Sessions):
    Knowledge and Innovation (Knowledge Arbitrage and Brokerage; How Do Firms Learn What they Know? Competence Development in Vertical and Horizontal Relationships; The Sociology of Learning: Gender, Social Capital, and Organizational Structure; Leadership and Organizational Learning Learning in Alliances; Organization for Knowledge Transformation; Acquisition of External Knowledge and Firm Performance; Intellectual Property Rights and Knowledge Management; Innovating, Innovation, and Learning in Companies The Role of Knowledge in M&As and Corporate Venture Capital Contexts; Knowledge Integration and Communialization; Knowledge Search and Knowledge Spillovers; Organization Learning; Innovation and Learning Strategies; Knowledge and Innovation in Service Organizations)

    Resources and Competitive Advantage (Gaining a Competitive Edge by Learning Through Options, Alliances, and Acquisitions; Dynamic Capabilities: Achieving Balance by Learning to Do New Things; The Role of Reputation and Learning in Strategic Balance); The Practical Professor (Making Better Strategies: New Technologies and Management Learning); General Track (Knowledge in Organizations); Global Strategy (Knowledge, Evolution, and Chenge in Multinationals); The Practice of Strategy (Learning for Change); Entrepreneurship and Strategy (Knowledge Transfer)

23rd SMS Conference, November 9-12, 2003, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Conference Theme: Intersections: Strategy Across Conventional Bounderies
(Host: Booz Allen Hamilton and ?)

    Pre-conference Iterest Group Sessions (Nov 9):
    Knowledge and Innovation IG (Experiments in Instigating Regional Learning Networks; Experiences in Managing and Sustaining Regional Learning Networks, Business Meeting)

    Conference Tracks (Sessions):
    Knowledge and Innovation (Routines and Knowledge Transfer; Corporate Venture Capital and High-Tech Ventures; Knowledge Flows within and Across Boundaries; Strategic Use of Organizational Learning; Exploitation versus Exploration Strategies and Innovative Performance; Innovation Process and Industry Structure; Knowledge-Based View Ventures; Knowledge Transfer: Strategies and Tools; Managing Inter-Firm Alliances; Science-Based Innovation; Managing Inter-Firm Knowledge; Knowledge Management: Systems, Models, and Mechanisms; Innovation Strategy and Performance; Managing Knowledge Diversity and Mobility)

    The Practical Professor (Creating a Dynamic Learning Environment); The Intersection Between Financial Markets and Strategy (Knowledge, Merger, and Finance); The Organizational Consequences of Competing in Intersections (Creating Value Through Knowledge and Resource Flows); Strategy Process (Cognition and Learning in Strategy Process)

22nd SMS Conference, September 22-25, 2002, Paris, France
Conference Theme: Old Barriers Crumbling, New Barriers Rising
(Host: Boston Consulting Group)

    Conference Tracks (Sessions):
    Knowledge, Learning (Knowledge Evolution and Product Development; Co-Evolution: Exploration, Exploitation, Learning, and Dynamic Capabilities; Can Knowledge be Managed? New Perspectives from Theory and Practice; Managing Human Capital; Knowledge Creation and Transfer; Knowledge and Performance; External Sources of Knowledge and Absorptive Capacity; Knowledge Development in Alliances; Knowledge Transfer; Knowledge and Learning: Cases and Lessons; Perspectives on Knowledge Creation; New Perspectives on Dynamic Capabilities)

    Competitive Strategy (Sharing Knowledge in Alliances); Global Strategy (Knowledge and the Search for Organizational Transformation)

    Interest Group Meetings:
    Managing Knowledge IG

    Pre-conference Events (Sep 22):
    The Role of Knowledge and Learning in Strategic Management @ Ecole Centrale Paris, France
    (SMS Mini-Conference/Workshop organized by the newly created SMS Interest Group on “Managing Knowledge”)

    Strategy and Knowledge
    What exactly is Organizational Knowledge?
    Dilemmas in implementing Knowledge Management
    Co-evolution of Knowledge in social networks
    Corporate Universities as strategic learning centers
    Reconsidering Organizational Knowledge

    Knowledge Management in practice at Siemens

    Open Discussion | What have we learnt? | Next steps

21st SMS Conference, October 21-24, 2001, San Francisco, California USA
Conference Theme: Reinventing Strategic Management – Old Truths and New Insights
(Host: McKinsey & Company)

    Conference Tracks (Sessions):
    Building and Leveraging Intangible Capital (Intra-Firm Knowledge Learning and Transfer; Patents as Valuable Resources (CANCELLED); Inter-Firm Knowledge Learning and Transfer; Managing Knowledge Webs; Building and Nuturing Dynamic Capabilities; Social Capital and Relational Advantages; Acquiring and Absorbing Knowledge; Value of Brand, Reputation, and Employee Know-How; Linking and Leveraging Knowledge Within the Firm; Intangible Resources for Competitive Advantage)

    Internet Business Revolution and Strategy (The Role of Intangible Assets in the New Economy); Corporate Strategy (Knowledge Transfer in Inter-Firm Collaboration); Business Strategy and Competitive Rivalry (The Role of Innovation and Knowledge Dynamics on Industry Evolution); Organizational Structure, Leadership, and Change (Using and Transferring Knowledge Across and Within Firms); Strategic Thinking (Implications of a Learning Perspective for Innovation and Intuition); Strategic Management in the Global Economy (Knowledge Integration and the Dynamics of Competition in the Global Economy)

    Interest Group Meetings (new):
    Managing Knowledge IG

20th SMS Conference, October 15-18, 2000, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Conference Theme: Strategy in the Entrepreneurial Millennium: New Winners, New Business Models, New Voices
(Host: Booz Allen Hamilton)

    Conference Tracks (Sessions):
    Managing Knowledge: Learning, Technology, and Innovation – The Strategic Importance of Knowledge Management (Building Capabilities: Individual and Institutional; New Product Search and Introduction; Knowledge Flows Within Organizations; People and other Soft Assets; Learning and Cooperation; Collaborative Learning in Operations; Learning: History and Context; Knowledge and Innovation; Knowledge in Social Networks; Technology, Alliances, and Performance; Capabilities into Results; Sources of Organizational Learning; Leadein Learning; Interorganizational Knowledge Diffusion)

    Entrepreneurial Leadership (Distributed Knowledge)

19th SMS Conference, October 3-6, 1999, Berlin, Germany
Conference Theme: Winning Strategies in a Deconstructing World
(Host: Boston Consulting Group; Freie Universität Berlin)

    Conference Tracks (Sessions):
    Managing Knowledge: Learning, Technology, and Innovation – The Strategic Importance of Knowledge Management(Knowledge Issues in Strategic Alliances; Knowledge and innovation: The Role of Leadership, Culture, and Individual Characteristics; Inter-Knowledge and Best Practice Transfer Entity; Knowledge Sharing and Transferring; Alternative Modes of Acquiring Knowledge; Knowledge Creation and Management as a Basis for Competitive Advantage; Knowledge Resources and Strategy as Drivers of Resources; Tensions Between Internal and External Technology Acquisition; Protecting and Managing Knowledge; Knowledge Management in an Increasingly Borderless World; Management of Knowledge; Organizational Trajectories and Technological Competence; Cooperative R&D and Alliances for Innovations; Knowledge Management; Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Self-Renewal; Managing Knowledge Generation and Organizational Learning; Exploring the Link Between Resource-Based Theories of the Firm and Theories of Strategic Adaption and Change (Panel); Knowledge Transfers; New Light on Geographic Clusters)

    Industry Structure (Dynamics and Knowledge Issues in Industry and Process Models); Organization (Managing Knowledge for Competitive Advantage); Managing for Value (Managing Intangibles: The Soft Side of Value Creation); Implications of Deconstruction for the Working Environmen (Balancing Power, Knowledge, and Skills in a Deconstructing World)

18th SMS Conference, November 1-4, 1998, Orlando, Florida
(Host: McKinsey & Company)
Conference Theme: Tailoring Strategy – One Size Does Not Fit All

    Conference Tracks:
    Managing Knowledge: Learning, Technology and Innovation (Gaining Advantage through Buyer-Supplier Relationships; Knowledge Management in Learning Organizations; The Value and Limits of Organizational Learning; Reconfigurations from Acquisitions; Technology Adoption Strategy; Transferring Knowledge in the New Economy; Product Development Processes and Outcomes; Creating an Environment for Innovation; Driving Innovation Performance Forward; Learning from Success, Failure, and Dead Ends; Organizing for Breakthrough Innovations; Alliances and Innovation; Seeing Innovations as Opportunities: Theory into Practice (Panel); Organizing People for Competitive Advantage; Knowlegde, Competencies, and the Unknown; The Strategic Management Knowledge as Regional System: The Case of the Basque Country (Panel); Strategy and Knowledge; The Knowledge Transfe Environment: Tacit Knowledge and Trust)

    Industry Structure (Role of Alliances in Knowledge Creation); Business Strategy and Competitive Rivalry (Learning in and about Alliances; Knowledge and Competition); Managing Global Organizations (Knowledge Flows and Learning in the Global Firm); Strategic Thinking (Knowledge, Intelligence, and Learning Technologies)

17th SMS Conference, October 5-8, 1997, Barcelona, Spain
Conference Theme: Managing in an Interconnected World
(Host: International Graduate School of Management (IESE), University of Navarra)

    Conference Tracks (Sessions):

    Track 4 (Convergence, Migration and Industry Evolution: Competing in Knowledge-Intensive Industries (Panel));

    Track 5 (The ABC’s of Knowledge Management and Learning: Creating a Learning Organization Through Strategic Management of Knowledge Flow (Panel); Tacit Knowledge and Competencies; Intellectual Capital: Navigating in the Knowledge Economy (Panel))

    Track 7 (Renewing Organizations: Managing Knowledge, Competencies/ Capabilities)

    Track 8 (Knowledge Integration: The Impact of New Hybrid Organizational Forms; Knowledge Appropriation and Spillovers: Learning Across Boundaries; Technology Sourcing, Learning, and Organization)

    Track 9 (Organizational Knowledge Creation in a Pan-European Context: The Experience of Three Multinational Organizations (Panel); Shifting Boundaries through Knowledge Management)

    Track 10 (Transferring Knowledge; Knowledge Creation and Shared Understanding)

16th SMS Conference 1996, November 10–13, 1996, Phoenix, USA
Conference Theme: Competing in the New Economy: Managing Out of Bounds

15th SMS Conference 1995, October 15-18, 1995, Mexico City, Mexico
Conference Theme: Strategic Discovery: Opening New Worlds

14th SMS Conference 1994, September 20-23, 1994, Paris, France
Conference Theme: Strategy Styles: Management Systems, Types and Paradigms

13th SMS Conference 1993, September 12-15, 1993, Chicago, USA
Conference Theme: Integrating Strategy: The Power of Synthesis

12th SMS Conference 1992, October 14-17, 1992, London, UK
Conference Theme: Strategic Renaissance: The Transformation of Economic Enterprise

11th SMS Conference 1991, October 23-26, 1991, Toronto, Canada
Conference Theme: The Greening of Strategy – Sustaining Performance

10th SMS Conference 1990, 1990, Stockholm, Sweden
Conference Theme: Strategic Bridging: To Meet the Challenges of the Nineties

9th SMS Conference 1989, October 1989, San Francisco, USA
Conference Theme: Strategies for Innovation

8th SMS Conference 1988, 1988, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Conference Theme: Winning Strategies for the 1990’s

7th SMS Conference 1987, October 14–17, 1987, Boston, USA
Conference Theme: Strategy: Prospect & Retrospect

6th SMS Conference 1986, October 14-17, 1986, Singapore
Conference Theme: Cultures and Competitive Strategies

5th SMS Conference 1985, 1985, Barcelona, Spain
Conference Theme: The Essence of Strategic Management

4th SMS Conference 1984, 1984, Philadelphia, USA
Conference Theme: Targeting Strategies

3rd SMS Conference 1983, November 1983, Paris, France
Conference Theme: Making Strategy Work

2nd SMS Conference 1982, October 7-8, 1982, Montreal, Canada
Conference Theme: Exploring the Strategy-Making Process

1st SMS Conference 1981, October 1-2, 1981, London, UK
Conference Theme: Global Strategic Management in the 1980’s

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