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ROM Knowledgeware1) with its brand ROM Global2) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • KiSure Community (since 6/2023)
  • Israel Knowledge Management Forum3)
  • Israeli Knowledge Management Forum (KMi Forum)*4)


  • Knowledge and Document Management Strategy Conference (KMDM)*5)

Training Courses

  • Knowledge management methodologies course (40 academic hours)
  • Knowledge Management Course (Hebrew; 6 virtual meetings; 45 academic hours incl. thesis)
  • A holistic approach to lessons learned course (12 academic hours)
  • Applying Generative AI in organizations course (Hebrew/English/Portugese; 7 online sessions, each session: 1.5 hours)
  • SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and working guidelines improved authoring course (8 academic hours)
  • Change management course (6 academic hours)

Enrichment lectures

    Talking Digitally: Knowledge Communities and Networks
    Developing knowledge in the group
    Artificial intelligence and knowledge
    The 90th minute: Retention of knowledge
    Excellence begins with learning lessons
    Remote work
    Don’t drown in emails
    Knowledge for Business Success**
    Retention of knowledge retires**
    Developing organizational knowledge – the professional doctorate**
    Cultural activity for cultivating knowledge sharing culture**
    Presentations and marketing of knowledge management activities**
    21st Century Documents**

ISO30401 lectures, courses, and workshops

    Drawing awareness to ISO30401
    Explaining and mediating ISO requirements
    Educating KM-based organizations on the minimal effort path to certification
    Elaborating on the use of annexes and other non-requirement-based sections
    ISO 30401 in a strategic business view (MentoringCo 7/23)
    How can enterprises build an efficient knowledge management system? ISO 30401 (MentoringCo Academy 11/23)

Past Training Courses (Knowledge Aceademy)

    “Know more” Knowledge Management Course
    Knowledge Management Continuation Course
    Advanced Knowledge Management Course (enrichment sessions in advanced KM)
    Knowledge management course @ Standards Institution of Israel
    Workshop on Promoting Organizational Knowledge Management @ Standards Institution of Israel
    Knowledge management course adapted to government and public organizations
    Knowledge management using Office
    Learning lessons and managing insights workshop
    The Corporate Portal Workshop (Portals workshop)
    Knowledge Management Unit
    Workshop to become a leading content expert
    Lessons generation workshop and their management
    Introduction to Knowledge Management lecture
    Technological review lectures for mapping and positioning the existing knowledge management tools
    Seminar topics: content organization, knowledge communities, organizational portals, and more
    Knowledge management training programs (general, customized)
    User experience in knowledge management workshop
    Courses for knowledge management in general and computer-based knowledge management
    Knowledge management course – from methodologies to portal and everything in between @ John Bryce Training
    44X workshop for knowledge management @ John Bryce Training


  • Feb 2024: Knowledge retention (aka Securing Organizational Knowledge: Strategies for Smooth Transitions) (w. Geist Consultancy)


ROM Sharing Sessions

    MMM YYYY: (TBD) The relationship between knowledge management and marketin
    Nov 2006: Value innovation according to the blue ocean strategic model
    Oct 2006: Brief history of knowledge management

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