Information & Knowledge Management Curricula at RSLIS

Abstract: Three basic questions were raised to start with:

  • What characterises the present curriculum of Knowledge Management master programme at RSLIS and How has the content of KM changed during the years?
  • What might have influenced the curricula changes during the years?
  • To what extent have IM and KM offerings influenced professional careers and jobs?

As to the first question, a number of changes especially as to the master programme, from 1991 to 2007, can be observed both concerning the weight and occurrence of a number of topics and issues and also concerning choice of key authors and theoretical preferences. Indeed, the field seems to be a very innovative and dynamic study and research field.
As to the second question, it is obvious that the changes can be illuminated and observed through different glasses and models. One is to compare with general trends and paradigm shifts within management science and other associated sciences. Another way is to consider the evolution within information management and knowledge management and the different influences from library and information science. Finally, influences from the profession and from environments – also called contextualisation might explain evolutionary or revolutionary trends.
We have already, slightly, dealt with the third and final question. It is obvious that Information and Knowledge Management have had a significant influence on professional work. However, there are still a number of different options as to roles and functions. It is, however, encouraging to observe that a least a considerable part of librarians have succeeded to achieve information and knowledge management related job functions.

Johannsen, Karl Gustav: Information & Knowledge Management Curricula at RSLIS from About 1985 To 2007. CEEOL Journal of Young Scientists, 5 (16), 2007: 40-43

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