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The Academy of International Business (AIB), formerly the Association for Education in International Business (AEIB), offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Academy of International Business Meeting (AIB)*
    • Themes of Interest:
      2008: Knowledge Development and Exchange in International Business Networks
      2007: Bringing the Country Back In: The Importance of Local Knowledge in a Global Economy
    • Tracks of interest:
      Knowledge, innovation, and technology (2021-present)
      Global innovations – MNE creation, transfer and exploitation of knowledge (2020)
      Global Innovation and Knowledge Management (2018-2019)
      Innovation and Knowledge Management (2010-2017)
      Learning, Knowledge and Innovation (2008-2009)
      Global versus Local Knowledge in International Business (2007)
      Harnessing the Power of Learning, Knowledge and Innovation (2006)
      Innovation, Marketing, Internationalization of R&D, Location Choices of Knowledge Intensive Activities by MNCs (2005)
    • Sessions related to “Knowledge” (since 1996)
  • Chapter Conferences of interest
    • International Academic AIB-CEE (Central and Eastern Europe) Chapter Conference*
      • 2022
        Theme: Knowledge and Sustainability in International Business
        Tracks: Knowledge management and human resource development for sustainable innovation
      • 2019
        Sessions: Innovation, knowledge management and entrepreneurship

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