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Knowledge Management Conference (KM Conference)*

The Knowledge Management Conference (KMC), organized by the International Institute for Applied Knowledge Management (IIAKM), aims to present empirical and conceptual papers dealing with theoretical and practical aspects of knowledge management, including, but not limited to:

Adaptive systems
Architectures and design of Knowledge Management systems
Biometrics, Bioinformatics and Healthcare
Cybersecurity, Information Security, Ethical and Privacy Concerns
e-Learning, m-Learning, Experiential Learning, and Gamification
Global and Cross-Cultural Aspects of Knowledge Management
Human Computer Interaction, Multimedia, and Knowledge Visualization
Human, Intellectual, Social, and Structural Capital
Information Society and Social Networks
Integration of Knowledge
Knowledge Management – Analytics, Intelligence and Problem Solving
Knowledge Management – Future Applications and Technology
Knowledge Management – Project and Risk Management
Knowledge Management – Conceptual Paradigms, System Theory and Development
Knowledge Acquisition, Creation, Discovery, and Sharing Mechanisms
Knowledge Economy, Evaluating and Sourcing Knowledge
Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
Knowledge Services and Sharing – Applications in Business, Education, Government, Healthcare, and More
Knowledge Management System Initiation, Implementation, and Continuance
Learning Organization & Organizational Learning
Managing Higher Education, Training, and Lifelong Learning
Mobile and Ubiquitous Communications
Organizational and Interorganizational Knowledge Management
Search, Semantics, and Content Management
Strategic Aspects of Knowledge Management

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