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The Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP), currently branded as “CILIP – The library and information association” or “CILIP – For information and knowledge managers”, 1) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Knowledge & Information Management Special Interest Group (K&IM) 2)
    • Regional Networks: K&IM London & South East*; K&IM East of England*
    • Sub-groups: Information Services*; Marketing & Communication*
  • UK eInformation Special Interest Group (UKeIG) 3)
    • Activity Group: Information Management and Knowledge Management*
  • Information Services Special Interest Group (ISG)* 2)
  • Commercial, Legal and Scientific Information Special Interest (CLSIG)
  • Government Information Group (GIG)
  • Information Literacy Group (ILG)
  • City Information Group (CIG)* 4)


Knowledge Management Professional Registration (Chartership)

  • Certification: Certified Affiliate (ACLIP Chartered Knowledge Manager) // already offered?
  • Chartership: Chartered Member (MCLIP Chartered Knowledge Manager)5)
    aka Knowledge Management Chartership (MCLIP KM) / Chartered Knowledge Manager Accreditation
  • Fellowship: Chartered Fellow (FCLIP Chartered Knowledge Manager) (2020: Pilot in progress; was planned to launch in early 2020; since 2021)
    aka Knowledge Management Fellowship (FCLIP KM)
  • Conversion Pathway to Knowledge Management Chartership and Knowledge Management Fellowship (If you already hold MCLIP or FCLIP´; since 2021)


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and other Courses

  • Digital Products for Knowledge Management (2020-201; UKeiG Training; Since 3/2021 w. K&IM Group)6)
  • Organisational Storytelling Training (2021; CILIP Training; Provider: TheKnowledgeBusiness)
  • Information Literacy Teaching for New(er) Professionals (2018-2019; ILG Training)
  • Advanced Knowledge Management: Strategy & Digital Implementation (2017-20; UKeiG Training) 7)
  • Practical Knowledge Management for Information Professionals (2016-2020; UKeiG Training) 7)
  • Good practices for knowledge sharing and collaboration (2012-2017; was: Fostering effective knowledge sharing and collaboration)
  • Presenting the return on investment for knowledge and information services** (2016)
  • Knowledge Management: the next generation (2006; UKeiG Training)
  • Conducting a knowledge and information audit (2005)
  • Innovative use of physical space for knowledge management (2004-2005)
  • Knowledge management: the basic concepts for workplace libraries (2003-2004)
  • People skills for delivering and implementing knowledge management (2003-2004; was: People skills for Knowledge Management Workshop)
  • Classification in a knowledge management context (2003)
  • Subject guide to the Internet: knowledge management resources (2001)

Other CILIP Training Courses

  • Nov 2020: Gurteen Knowledge Cafe Masterclass (The Knowledge Cafe now; POSTPONED)
  • Jul 2019: Knowledge Management Masterclass on ISO 30401 (organized by KIN – the Innovation Network; limited places for CILIP Leaders Network Members)
  • Nov 2018: Gurteen Knowledge Cafe Masterclass
  • Jun 2018: Reflective Practice for Information Literacy Practitioners (ILG workshop)
  • Jun 2017: CILIP Recruiting and Developing Knowledge and Information Professionals Briefing
  • Nov 2016: Gurteen Knowledge Cafe Masterclass
  • Nov 2001: Seminar | Knowledge management and professional services: Realising and releasing the value of knowledge resources in professional services
  • Apr 2001: Seminar | Knowledge management and the professional body: Realising and releasing the value of knowledge resources in membership organisations


  • Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals Conference (CILIP Conference)*
    (Incl. Knowledge & information management seminar)


K&IM Group Meetings

  • Nov 2023: K&IM Awards evening (incl. Walford Lecture “The man on the balcony: the power of organisational stories ‘in the wild'”)
  • Jun 2023: K&IM SIG AGM and CPD Event (Webinar: Scoping a knowledge audit to support KM planning needs)
  • Apr 2023: A Conversation with The Digital Preservation Coalition
  • Nov 2022: Knowledge & Information Management (K&IM) Group Awards Night (online; incl. Walford Lecture “Burning the Books: A History of Knowledge Under Attack” & CILIP Vice President presentation)
  • Sep 2022: K&IM SIG Annual General Meeting (online; incl. presentation: Return on Knowledge – the story of the Multi Donor Learning Partnership – a facilitated journey of knowledge sharing, peer-learning)
  • Nov 2021: Knowledge & Information Management (K&IM) Awards Evening (online; incl. Walford Lecture “Is copyright over-strong, over-regulated, over-rated? [after Laddie]” & CILIP President presentation “The evolving role of the KIM SIG”)
  • Sep 2021: Knowledge Cafe: Personal Knowledge Management (2x online)
  • Jun 2021: SHIFT: the future of knowledge and information management (K&IM Professionals week and AGM 2021)
      What does the recent BIR Research Survey tell us about the future of Information Management
      Top trends in Knowledge Management
      Knowledge Management at the European Space Agency
      Managing career changes
      Artificial Intelligence and information professionals; hype, horror or hope?
      Coffee conversations: CILIP KM &IM Chartership and Fellowship
      K&IM SIG’s AGM (Skills to future proof Knowledge Managers and Information Managers)
      Data Visualisation: the State of the Union
      Health activism: suggestions for all sectors
      Undeleted champions: knowledge managers in the digital age
      Poster sessions
  • Nov 2020: Knowledge & Information Management (K&IM SIG) Awards 2020 (Walford Lecture “Who needs knowledge professionals?” & CILIP President presentation “”Speaks for itself?” Data Anecdote and Identity”)
  • Jun 2020: K&IM Annual General Meeting (virtual event)
  • Mar 2020: K&IM Professional Development Day (replaced by May/Jun webinar series) and Annual General Meeting (POSTPONED to June)
  • Feb 2020: K&IM Group winter meeting (lunch break: K&IM Annual General Meeting) (POSTPONED)
  • Nov 2019: Knowledge & Information Management Awards 2019 (incl. Walford Lecture “Unknown Knowns: opening the doors” & CILIP President presentation)
  • Oct 2019: Knowledge Management Standard ISO 30401 and latest on CILIP’s Knowledge Management Chartership (with BIALL’s East Midlands Legal Information Professionals); The deadliest sins of knowledge management (and how to avoid them) (with BCS Data Management SG)
  • Feb 2019: The CILIP Chartered Knowledge Manager Project plus K&IM’s Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • Jan 2019: Book Launch: ‘Practical Knowledge and Information Management’
  • Dec 2018: Reverse Brainstorm Afternoon on The Value of Personae for KIM Professionals + Knowledge & Information Management 2018 Awards Evening
  • Nov 2018: Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the K&IM L&SE Branch
  • Oct 2018: Knowledge and Information Needs Analysis
  • Jun 2018: Visit to The Curve Library and Cultural Centre, Slough
  • Mar 2018: Visit to the English Folk Dance and Song Society Library and Archive
  • Feb 2018: K&IM Annual General Meeting
  • Dec 2017: Goldsmiths’ Company Library site visit
  • Nov 2017: Postal Museum Archive site visit; Information Law Update workshop; K&IM Annual General Meeting & Information Resources Awards Ceremony
  • Oct 2017: Visit to Royal Academy Library
  • Sep 2017: Visit to the Westminster Abbey Library
  • Jul 2017: Launch of the K&IM SIG (in conjunction with the CILIP Conference)

Chapter, SIG and other meetings/events

  • Oct 2023: Information, Library and Knowledge Management roundtable @ CILIP Residential Weekend (CILIP RPG & CILIP Cymru Wales)
  • Jan 2020: Defining the Profession – open discussion
  • Dec 2019: Defining the Profession – open discussion
  • Jul 2017: The Implications of Blockchain for Knowledge Management and Information Management (Government Information Group)
  • Oct 2016: What is Knowledge Management and how can it improve healthcare? An introduction to knowledge management, knowledge sharing and innovation (Health Libraries Group)
  • Sep 2014: Talk: Knowledge, data and information in the organisation (London)
  • Dec 2008: Knowledge Management at the Environment Agency (UKeiG Intranet Managers Forum)
  • Jan 2008: The Business of Knowing (London)
  • Nov 2001: Knowledge Management in Action (City Information Group)
  • Oct 2000: Routes into Knowledge Management (City Information Group)
  • May 2000: Creating Communities Online (City Information Group)
  • Feb 1999: Knowledge management and the Labour Party (City Information Group)

Online Events

K&IM webinars (regordings might be available)

  • Apr 2024: AI waits for no-one (CILIP KIM AI Webinar Series #2)
  • Feb 2024: CILIP KIM Chartership workshop – a practical (lunchtime) webinar
  • Jan 2024: AI: The promise and the perils (panel; CILIP KIM AI Webinar Series #1)
  • Oct 2023: CILIP Knowledge Management Professional Qualifications – FAQ Event (panel); Radical Knowledge Management: helping the humans in an AI world
  • Sep 2023: Enterprise Intelligence – A lone wolf activity or a corporate capability?; Radical Knowledge Management: helping the humans in an AI world (2x)
  • Dec 2022: Update on Knowledge Management ISO: A new UK guide to ISO 30401 for KMers (BSI 34401) (K&IM lunchtime webinar)
  • Jun 2022: Beginner’s guide to Communities of Practice (K&IM Pathfinder webinar #3)
  • May 2022: Beginner’s guide to Change Management (K&IM Pathfinder webinar #2)
  • Feb 2022: Beginner’s guide to Knowledge Management (K&IM Pathfinder webinar #1)
  • Jan 2021: “Toto, We’re not in Kansas anymore!” Moving outside your comfort zone to explore career opportunities as information professional; Mapping out your Knowledge Management journey; Digital transformation, learning and development and knowledge management: is the line blurring?
  • Dec 2020: (2x) Everything you always wanted to know about Knowledge Management (but were afraid to ask)
  • Oct 2020: Hybrid teams in the new normal; Practical ways to overcome procrastination and perfectionism; Grow your resilience quotient
  • Aug 2020: Everything you always wanted to know about IT and online (but were afraid to ask)
  • Jun 2020: ‘Professional Development Day’ webinar series – Part 2 (Knowledge Management and covid-19: new opportunities; Identifying b2b subscription vendors that have your best interests at heart; BS/ISO Knowledge Management standard: a key step to Knowledge Management’s legitimacy as a profession; Knowledge Café: What’s missing from Knowledge Management)
  • May 2020: ‘Professional Development Day’ webinar series – Part 1 (Supporting virtual communities of practice through the internal social media platform: case study; The Knowledge Management – Information Management confusion: does it matter; Striding down the pathway to corporate legitimacy)
  • Jul 2019: The (ISO 30401) Knowledge Management Cookbook – Masterchefs reveal all!
  • Apr 2019: (Potential) Employers’ perspective on the new Chartered Knowledge Manager
  • Mar 2019: Enabling the NHS workforce to incorporate knowledge mobilisation techniques (with CILIP Health Libraries Group SIG)
  • Feb 2019: Introduction to CILIP’s one day course on Good Practices in Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration
  • Sep 2018: Knowledge Services: How to expand your role and be successful
  • Jul 2018: Creating a taxonomy from scratch

Other CILIP webinars

  • Oct 2023: Information, Library and Knowledge Management Roundtable at Gladstone’s Library (CILIP Residential Weekend / CILIP Cymru Wales)
  • Apr 2023: From the depth of education to the enforcement of Home Office (A journey into the Knowledge Management world) (CILIP Government Information Group)
  • Jun 2022: Lessons learned from next generation data: knowledge graphs and machine learning (CILIP Webinar Wednesdays)
  • Feb 2022: Reflective Practices and Learning via Professional Communities of Practice (CILIP Webinar Wednesdays); Game-based learning for Information Literacy Teaching (CILIP Information Literacy Group)
  • Jul 2021: Cultivating a culture of learning to improve Occupational Health and Safety in Construction Industry in the UK (CILIP Webinar Wednesdays)
  • Oct 2021: The impact of AI, machine learning, automation and robotics on the information profession; The Media and Information Literacy Alliance: a timely webinar (Information Literacy Group)
  • May 2021: Knowledge management and information management – why we confuse them (and why we shouldn’t) (CILIP Webinar Wednesdays); Knowledge Management and Culture Webinar – Part 2 (Government Information Group)
  • Apr 2021: Knowledge Management and Culture Webinar – Part 1 (Government Information Group)
  • Mar 2021: Knowledge Management during the Covid-19 pandemic (Government Information Group)
  • May 2020: Knowledge Management in a time of crisis – lessons learned from COVID-19 (CILIP)
  • Nov 2019: The power of conversation (CILIP North East)
  • Jun 2019: An introduction to conversational leadership
  • Jan 2019: Getting started with Chartership for Knowledge Management
  • Dec 2013: Knowledge Management Virtual Roundtable (Audio call only) (Commercial, Legal and Scientific Information Group) 8)

UKeIG Twitter Chats:

  • Sep 2017 (inaugural): Is Knowledge Management Our Way Forward?


K&IM Awards

  • K&IM Walford Award Winners (until 2016: ISG Walford Award)
      Lorcan Dempsey, Professor of Practice and Distinguished Practitioner in Residence, Information School, University of Washington (2023); Ian Rodwell, Head of Client Knowhow Services, Linklaters LLP (2022); Richard Ovenden, Librarian, Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford (2021), Naomi Korn, CEO and Founder, Naomi Korn Associates (2020), Paul Corney, Managing Partner, Knowledge et al (2019), Sue Lacey-Bryant, Senior Advisor/ National Lead, NHS Library and Knowledge Services, Health Education England (2018), Valerie Nurcombe, Secretary and Treasurer, Standing Committee on Official Publications (SCOOP) & David Gurteen, Director, Gurteen Knowledge (2017), Lewis Foreman (2016), Howard Picton (2015), Steve Roud (2014), …
  • K&IM Information Resource Awards Winners – print and e-resources/electronic (until 2016: ISG Reference Awards)
    • Electronic: / Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (2023); / Courts and Tribunals Judiciary (2022; Highly recommended: / International Criminal Court); / The Man in Seat Sixty-One – Train travel guide (2021); / ParallelParliament portal (2020), / Full Fact charity (2019), / U.S. National Library of Medicine (2018), – Map Images / National Library of Scotland (2017), – NHS Choices / National Health Services (2016); — (2015), — (2014), …
    • Print: The Accidental Taxonomist (2023); Return on Knowledge. How international development agencies are collaborating… (2022); Knowledge Management: a practical guide for Librarians (2021), Data Visualisation: A Handbook for Data Driven Design, 2nd ed. & The Art of Statistics: Learning from Data (2020), The Knowledge Manager’s Handbook (2019), The Emerald Handbook of Modern Information Management (2018), A Romantics Chronology (2017), The Oxford Companion to Shakespeare, 2nd ed (2016), Major & Mrs. Holt’s Concise Illustrated Battlefield Guide – The Western Front – North (2015), The Library: a world history (2014), …
    • Andrew Hutchinson Award for Career Support and Guidance: Helen Alper, Associate Director of Knowledge and Library Services, Barts Health NHS Trust (2023 one-off)
    • For Young People: Animalium: welcome to the museum (2015)
    • Specialist Subject: The Long, Long Trail: the British Army in the Great War of 1914-1918 (2014)
  • International Information Manager of the Year (2018-2021: K&IM and UKeIG Information Manager of the Year Award; 2015-2016: UKeiG Information Manager of the Year Award)
      — (2022-present); Andrew Cox, Senior Lecturer, Information School, Sheffield University (2021), Natasha Howard, Library Manager, North East London Foundation Trust & William Kilbride, Executive Director, Digital Preservation Coalition (2020), Liz Hunwick, Library Services Manager & Sarah Lanney, Library Resources Manager, Basildon Healthcare Library, Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals (2019), Virginia Power, Senior Lecturer specialising in Information Science & Management, University of the West of England (2018), No Award? (2017), Marlize Palmer, Head of Library and Archive Services, Welsh Government (2016), Lara Whitelaw, University Metadata Development Manager, The Open University (2015)
  • K&IM Knowledge and Information Award Winners
      — (2019-present), RealKM Magazine (2018), — (2017)
  • Knowledge Manager of the Year (New in 2021, italics=winner)
    • 2023 shortlist: n.a., Emily Hopkins (Knowledge Manager, Health Education, NHS England)
    • 2022 shortlist: Karen Thwaites-Hughes (Senior Executive Officer – Knowledge Management Consultant, United Kingdom Home Office), Kathryn Ratcliffe (Head of Knowledge and Information Management, Intellectual Property Office United Kingdom)
    • 2021 shortlist: Gladys Kemboi (Knowledge Manager, Life In Abundance International), Dominique Poole-Avery (Knowledge Manager, Arup)
  • KM Initiative Award (New in 2021, aka KM & IM Knowledge Initiative Award, was: KM Excellence Award (2021), italics=winner)
    • 2023: Knowledge Management Ecosystem (Digital Strategy Enablement (DSE) team, Roche Pharma Development) Runners up: Knowledge Transfer Exit Interviews (Central KIM Team, HM Revenue and Customs); Information Architecture Project (Knowledge Management team, Travers Smith LLP)
    • 2022 shortlist: Learning from Experience (United Kingdom Home Office); Health Literacy National Community of Practice (Knowledge and Library Services, Health Education England, National Health Services)
    • 2021 shortlist: Addleshaw Goddard; Arup Group; Knowledge Management for Development (KM4Dev) Community

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