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The Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP), currently branded as “CILIP – The library and information association” or “CILIP – For information and knowledge managers”, 1) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Certification Courses

  • MCLIP Chartered Knowledge Manager
    CILIP Knowledge Management Chartership / Chartered Knowledge Manager Accreditation (starts in 4/2019)


  • Knowledge & Information Management Special Interest Group (K&IMG) 2)
    • Regional Networks: K&IM London & South East; K&IM East of England
    • Sub-groups: Information Services; Marketing & Communication
  • UK eInformation Special Interest Group (UKeIG) 3)
    • Activity Group: Information Management and Knowledge Management
  • Information Services Special Interest Group (ISG)** 2)
  • Commercial, Legal and Scientific Information Special Interest (CLSIG)
  • Government Information Group (GIG)
  • Information Literacy Group
  • City Information Group (CIG)* 4)


(Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Courses)

  • Good practices for knowledge sharing and collaboration (on-site training)
  • Advanced Knowledge Management: Strategy & Digital Implementation 5)
  • Practical Knowledge Management for Information Professionals 4)
  • CILIP Training
    • Jul 2019: Knowledge Management Masterclass on ISO 30401 (organized by KIN – the Innovation Network; limited places for CILIP Leaders Network Members)
    • Nov 2018: Gurteen Knowledge Cafe Masterclass
    • Jun 2017: CILIP Recruiting and Developing Knowledge and Information Professionals Briefing
    • Nov 2016: Gurteen Knowledge Cafe Masterclass


  • K&IM Group Meetings
    • Nov 2019: Knowledge & Information Management Awards 2019 + Networking Cocktail
    • Oct 2019: Knowledge Management Standard ISO 30401 and latest on CILIP’s Knowledge Management Chartership (with BIALL’s East Midlands Legal Information Professionals); The deadliest sins of knowledge management (and how to avoid them) (with BCS Data Management SG)
    • Feb 2019: The CILIP Chartered Knowledge Manager Project plus K&IM’s Annual General Meeting (AGM)
    • Jan 2019: Book Launch: ‘Practical Knowledge and Information Management’
    • Dec 2018: Reverse Brainstorm Afternoon on The Value of Personae for KIM Professionals + Knowledge & Information Management 2018 Awards Evening
    • Nov 2018: Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the K&IM L&SE Branch
    • Oct 2018: Knowledge and Information Needs Analysis
    • Jun 2018: Visit to The Curve Library and Cultural Centre, Slough
    • Mar 2018: Visit to the English Folk Dance and Song Society Library and Archive
    • Feb 2018: K&IM Annual General Meeting
    • Dec 2017: Goldsmiths’ Company Library site visit
    • Nov 2017: Postal Museum Archive site visit; Information Law Update workshop; K&IM Annual General Meeting & Information Resources Awards Ceremony
    • Oct 2017: Visit to Royal Academy Library
    • Sep 2017: Visit to the Westminster Abbey Library
    • Jul 2017: Launch of the K&IM SIG (in conjunction with the CILIP Conference)
  • Chapter and other SIG meetings/events
    • Jul 2017 (Government Information Group): The Implications of Blockchain for Knowledge Management and Information Management
    • Oct 2016 (Health Libraries Group): What is Knowledge Management and how can it improve healthcare? An introduction to knowledge management, knowledge sharing and innovation
    • Sep 2014 (London): Talk: Knowledge, data and information in the organisation
    • Nov 2001 (City Information Group): Knowledge Management in Action
    • Oct 2000 (City Information Group): Routes into Knowledge Management
    • May 2000 (City Information Group): Creating Communities Online
    • Feb 1999 (City Information Group): Knowledge management and the Labour Party

Online Events

  • K&IM webinars
    – Jul 2019: The (ISO 30401) Knowledge Management Cookbook – Masterchefs reveal all!
    – Apr 2019: (Potential) Employers’ perspective on the new Chartered Knowledge Manager
    – Mar 2019: Enabling the NHS workforce to incorporate knowledge mobilisation techniques (with CILIP Health Libraries Group SIG)
    – Feb 2019: Introduction to CILIP’s one day course on Good Practices in Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration
    – Sep 2018: Knowledge Services: How to expand your role and be successful
    – Jul 2018: Creating a taxonomy from scratch
  • UKeIG Twitter Chats: 5)
    – Sep 2017 (inaugural): Is Knowledge Management Our Way Forward?
  • CILIP webinars
    – Jun 2019: An introduction to conversational leadership
    – Jan 2019: Getting started with Chartership for Knowledge Management
  • Knowledge Management Virtual Roundtable (Audio call only) 6)


  • Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals Conference (CILIP Conference)*
    (Incl. Knowledge & information management seminar)

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