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CJ Young Consulting offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


Online Courses

  • Knowledge Management Bootcamp™ 1)
  • Beginning Your Knowledge Management Journey 1)



    Knowledge Sharing Between Teams
    Knowledge Mapping
    Creating Explicit Knowledge from Tacit Knowledge
    Gamification for Improving Knowledge Retention
    Integrating Knowledge Management in Your Strategic Planning
    Mind Mapping



    Organizational Lessons Learned from a 23-Year Career in the Military
    Benefits of Knowledge Management to Your Organizational Culture
    Empowering Your Employees with Knowledge Management
    Factoring Tacit Knowledge into Your Organization
    Knowledge Management and Innovation on Firm Performance
    Conversations with Your Customers to Improve Your Organizational Knowledge Management
    Knowledge Management in Support of Business Capture
    Incorporating Knowledge Sharing into the Organizational Change Message
    Knowledge Management to Strengthen Organizational Leadership


    Knowledge Management and the Eight Wastes
    A Knowledge Mindset: What You Know Comes from Where You Sit (TEDxBeaconStreet Talk)
    Impactful Methods to Benefit Organizational Knowledge Management and Continuous Improvement Efforts
    Three customer avatars you can retain through knowledge management practices Search and AI Conference.
    Using human-centric knowledge management when receiving the dreaded two-week’s notice
    Introduction to knowledge management
    Saving time and money by adding value through purposeful knowledge management
    Conversations to identify and improve your organizational knowledge management
    Knowledge puzzles: Inspiring a problem-solving mindset
    Knowledge mapping takes the guesswork out of finding knowledge
    Connecting the knowledge dots through hashtags
    A knowledge mindset: What you know comes from where you sit
    Combating the eight wastes of lean using a knowledge management mindset
    Knowledge management and innovation on firm performance of United States ship repair
    Securing explicit and tacit knowledge: How to ensure knowledge is not lost once your project closes
    Conversations with your customers to improve your organizational knowledge management.
    Managing knowledge through conversation to support your bottom line


Educational Videos

    Introduction to Knowledge Mapping
    Introduction to Mind Mapping
    Introduction to Process Mapping
    Communication and Knowledge: Two Management Aread That Can Support an Organization in Harmony

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