Skills and educational requisites in knowledge management job ads

Abstract: This poster reports the results of a preliminary investigation on the skills and educational requisites that appear in knowledge management (KM) job advertisements. KM is generally understood to encompass tactics and practices that enable organizations to identify, capture, represent, and make available understandings and insights that can be found within individuals and groups. The question of what skills employers are specifically seeking to support KM functions within their organizations is relevant to disciplines such as Library and Information Science (LIS), which prepare students to enter the workforce in information-related positions. LIS curricula provide students with skills in information organization, access methods, and content representation, as well as knowledge of human information behavior, which are related to KM activities. Identification and analysis of the skill requirements that appear in KM ads provides key data for determining whether information science programs are facilitating the development of KM skills that employers are seeking. This study examined a sample of 100 online advertisements for KM positions to ascertain the skills and educational requirements required for these positions. Relevant text from the ads was placed in a content analysis software program and analyzed to find common terms in skill requirements. Similar skills were grouped into of clusters of co-occurring terms, and their co-occurrences were visually displayed. This analysis is part of a larger study to investigate the range of skills and knowledge sought by employers in the area of KM and competitive intelligence. The findings from this portion of the study will contribute to the understanding of what specific skills and educational backgrounds are sought by employers in the KM field. Additional research will be done to investigate comparable data in the competitive intelligence field as well as other criteria, such as work experience, that are sought by employers.

Willever-Farr, Heather; Marion, Linda; Lisl, Zach: Poster: An analysis of the skills and educational requisites in knowledge management job ads. Drexel Research Day 2010, Philadelphia, PA, April 15th 2010

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