Knowledge Management Education Across the United States Department of Defense

Abstract: Knowledge is a critical resource for organizations today, especially to the DoD. When organizations understand what knowledge is, they can begin to draw value from it. Drawing value from knowledge is best accomplished through the processes of knowledge management: knowledge creation, knowledge storage and retrieval, knowledge transfer, and knowledge application (Alavi and Leidner, 2001). Organizations can create an environment in which these processes flourish by ensuring the organization has the elements of a supportive leadership, structure to control and optimize knowledge sharing,technology to facilitate the KM processes, and a commitment to maximize knowledge sharing and continuously improve (Stankosky et al, 1999). KM education is the means by which organizations can successfully develop an understanding of KM, and those organizational elements required to implement and institutionalize KM. Statistical evidence shows that those organizations that do not adequately address KM education are more likely to fail with their KM systems (Koenig, 2004). Organizations desiring to capitalize on knowledge should then ensure that their KM education efforts are effective by establishing education goals, developing a curriculum to meet these goals, and continuously evaluating goal attainment. This case study research documents how the DoD is addressing knowledge management education.

Author(s): Gary Lee Wright is Captain in the US Air Force


  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Methodology
  • Analysis
  • Discussion, Conclusions, and Recommendations

Gary L. Wright: A Comparative Assessment of Knowledge Management Education Across the United States Department of Defense. WPAFB, OH: Air Force Air University (Master Thesis AFIT/GIR/ENV/07-M17), 2007, 65 pages

Copyright © US Air Force Air University.

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