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Global Knowledge Economics Council (GKEC) 1) has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


Local Chapters

  • Australia Knowledge Economics Council (Australia (KEC) or
    Australia Knowledge Council (AUKC) (was: Australia Knowledge Economics Forum (AUKEF))
  • Canada Knowledge Economics Council (Canada KEC)
  • China Knowledge Economics Council (China KEC) or China Knowledge Council (CNKC) (was: China Knowledge Economics Forum (CNKEF))
    >> Shanghai
  • European Knowledge Economics Council (EKEC or European KEC)
  • India Knowledge Economics Council (India KEC) or India Knowledge Council (INKC) (was: India Knowledge Economics Forum (INKEF))
    >> Mumbai, Bangalore
  • Malaysia Knowledge Economics Council (Malaysia KEC) or Malaysia Knowledge Council (MAKC) (was: Malaysia Knowledge Economics Forum (MAKEF))
  • New Zealand Knowledge Economics Council (New Zealand KEC) or New Zealand Knowledge Council (NZKC) (was: New Zealand Knowledge Economics Forum (NZKEF))
  • Singapore Knowledge Economics Council (Singapore KEC)
  • South African Knowledge Economics Council (South African KEC) or South Africa Knowledge Council (SAKC) (was: South Africa Knowledge Economics Forum (SAKEF))
  • United Arab Emirates
  • United Kingdom Knowledge Council (UKKC) (was: United Kingdom Knowledge Economics Forum (UKKEF))
  • United States Knowledge Economics Council (United States KEC) or United States Knowledge Council (USKC) (was: United States Knowledge Economics Forum (USKEF))
    >> Western United States, San Diego, CA, Tennessee, New York / New Jersey, Cleveland, OH

ANSI/ISO Knowledge Management Standards Committees

  • Knowledge Management Terminology Standards Committee
  • Knowledge Management Metrics Standards Committee
  • Intellectual Property and Intellectual Assets Standards Committee
  • Information and Communications Technology Knowledge Management Standards Committee
  • Knowledge Management Competency Standards Committee
  • Knowledge Management Education and Competency Standards Committee
  • Knowledge Management Maturity Model Standards Committee
  • Knowledge Management ISO 9000 Standards Committee

Association of Certified Knowledge Managers (AKM)

Global Knowledge Economics Society (GKES)

  • General Society
  • Global Association of Certified Knowledge Managers (GACKM)
  • Volunteer Organization of Certification Knowledge Managers (VOCKM)
  • Local Chapters (see GKEC)


  • eKnowledgeCenter Knowledge Management (KM) Certification Exam – Level 1
  • GKEC Knowledge Management Certification Training Program (ess eKnowledgeCenter)


  • Master Class on Knowledge Economics: How to Apply and Measure Knowledge Management in your Organization
  • Master Class on Economics-Based Knowledge Management
  • Using Knowledge Economics to Help Decide on the Right Knowledge Management Tool or Intervention to Maximize Success
  • Economics-based Knowledge Management Standards Workshop
  • Workshop on Knowledge Management for Homeland Security and Justice

Graduate Degrees/Programs


  • Global Knowledge Economics Summit**
    The purpose of the Global Knowledge Economics Summit is to provide a venue to sustain, expand and accelerate worldwide leadership in knowledge economics, knowledge systems engineering and knowledge management.The purpose of the summit is to provide a venue to sustain, expand and accelerate worldwide leadership in knowledge economics, knowledge systems engineering and knowledge management.

    • 2nd Annual Global Knowledge Economics Summit, November 4-6, 2002, New York, NY, USA
        Day 1
        Knowledge Economics Introduction
        Knowledge Economics Part I
        Knowledge Economics Part II
        Organizing the US TAG for Homeland Defense and Emergency Management Knowledge Governance

        Day 2
        Building a Managerial Knowledge Economics Practice
        Measuring Tacit and Complex Knowledge “Transfer” using Transaction Costs Economics
        Economics of Communities of Practice
        Application of Knowledge Systems Engineering to Naval Wargames
        Applying the Six Sigma Method to Knowledge Production Systems
        Measuring Knowledge Flows

        Day 3
        ANSI/GKEC/ISO Standards: Plenary and Committee Meetings

    • Global Knowledge Economics Summit, July 29-30, 2002, San Francisco, CA, USA
      (sponsored by the GKEC and the Knowledge Management Cluster)

        Day 1
        Knowledge Economics 101 (Introduction)
        Knowledge Economics 101 (Part I)
        Knowledge Economics 101 (Part II)
        Knowledge Economics Summit Luncheon Keynote
        Knowledge Economics 101 (Part III)

        Day 2
        Value Modeling: Typical Business Case Report
        Economics-based Knowledge Management


  • Annual Meetings
    • Global Knowledge Economics Council Annual Meeting
      September 11-12, 2001, Washington, DC, USA
  • Knowledge Management Standards Meetings /Briefings

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