International Customer Knowledge Management Conference (CKM Conference)

International Customer Knowledge Management Conference (CKM Conference)

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The International Customer Knowledge Management Conference is providing an opportunity for the exchange of ideas and experiences in this new managerial sphere. In addition to familiarizing with the goals and strategies of customer knowledge management, and creating a common understanding to gain customer knowledge regarding capability, competitiveness and business intelligence, the conference will focus on issues such as economic sustainability and customer knowledge management. Moreover, by utilizing the business of successful managers and selected organizations, we will strive to share knowledge and transfer valuable experiences in this regard.

Conference History:

1st International Customer Knowledge Management Conference, Industrial Management Institute (IMI), September 5-6, 2018, Tehran, Iran
Conference Theme: Business Intelligence with Customer Knowledge Management (CKM)
Post-conference Workshops: Implementing a customer-oriented organizational culture in customer knowledge management projects; How to acquire and utilize customer’s knowledge; Added value management within customer knowledge management; Customer value management; Practical approach of innovation based on customer knowledge
Knowledge Café (Expo); Management Games

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