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The International Institute for Knowledge & Innovation (I2KI or IIKI), formerly the Institute for Knowledge & Innovation (IKI) and Institute of Knowledge Management (IKM), both at George Washington University (GWU), offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


Non-Profit Affiliates

  • Institute for Knowledge and Innovation – South-East Asia (IKI-SEA)1)
  • Mountain Quest Institute

Business Alliance Partners

  • Applied Knowledge Sciences
  • KM Institute


  • Certification in Entrepreneurship
    (In collaboration with IdeaGist, Pakistan)
  • Certified Technologist in Emerging Technologies**
    (was: Converging Technology Impact Assessment (CTIA) Certification; In collaboration with IdeaGist, Pakistan)


IIKI Online Educational Series

  • Leading in Extraordinary Times
    • May 2023: #1 Our Extraordinary Times (Overview)
    • May 2023: #2 The Storm is Here: Consequences of Climate Change (Science-driven leadership)
    • May 2023: #3 Hindsight to Foresight Value Driven Strategic Planning
    • Jun 2023: #4 Change & Innovation Leadership
    • Jun 2023: #5 Is Dialog Missing in Conversational Leadership?
    • Jun 2023: #6 Adaptive Leadership Decision-Making for Enterprise Transformation
    • Jun 2023: #7 The Virtual Organization is Here –Now to Make it Work!
    • Jul 2023: #8 The Way Forward Conversation
  • Leading the Blind/Sighted Enterprise
    • Oct 2022: #1 New Thinking: Actionable insights on thinking, decision-making, and the cognitive enterprise (Topics: A Digital Enterprise; The Enterprise of the Future)
    • Nov 2022: #2 Barriers to Change: Leading and becoming more resilient during times of crisis, chaos, and disruption (Topics: Stuck; Disruptive Technologies)
    • Nov 2022: #3 Shifting Consciousness: Perspectives on managing knowledge, change, and innovation in a hyper-turbulent enterprise environment (Topics: The Democratic Enterprise; Story Thinking)
    • Nov 2022: #4 The Way Forward: A Conversation: Expert panel wrap-up and Open Forum

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