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The International Knowledge Management Institute (KM InstituteTM, IKMI or KMI) c/o KM Mentor1) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Certification Courses

  • Certified Knowledge Practitioner / e-Certified Knowledge Practitioner (CKPTM / e-CKPTM)
  • Certified Knowledge Manager / e-Certified Knowledge Manager (CKMTM / eCKMTM)
    – 3-days or 5-days
  • Master Certified Knowledge Manager (MCKMTM)
    • (since 2022) Step 1: Part 1: 12 week cohort (KM Practicum Sessions; Transformational Leadership and Strategy Sessions). Part 2: Provide Case Study / Peer Reviewed (for CKM Grads prior 2020)
    • (since 2016) Competency Areas: Transformational Leadership (KM410 Series); Innovation (KM415 Series); Knowledge Assessment and Evaluation (KM420 Series)
    • (2005-2007) A practicum program for CKM-ers
  • (Blended) Certified Knowledge Specialist / e-Certified Knowledge Specialist (CKSTM / eCKS)
    Specialist areas
    • Since 2023: Conversational Leadership; Innovation Management; Organizational Development; Knowledge Management & User Engagement
    • Since 2021: Creative Knowledge Management
    • Since 2020: Change Management (self-paced e-learning); Knowledge Capture (self-paced e-learning); Information Architecture (self-paced e-learning); Social Knowledge Management (self-paced e-learning); Taxonomy Design (self-paced e-learning)
    • 2018-2022: Agile and Design Thinking for Knowledge Management**
    • Since 2012: Business Taxonomy and Ontology (was: Taxonomy Solutions; Taxonomy and Search); Knowledge Transfer (was: Knowledge Transfer and Continuity; Knowledge Transfer Process; Intellectual Capital Management; is not available online anymore)
      • Since 2020 ONLINE ONLY: Knowledge Capture (for Action)**; Information Architecture** (was: Information Architecture and ECM); Social Knowledge Management – Collaboration and Communities (was: Digital Transformation, Social Knowledge Management; Collaboration and Communities; Communication & Collaboration)
      • DISCONTINUED: Transformational Change Management Leadership**; Innovation and Knowledge Management**; Social Business**
    • 2005-2007: Appreciative Inquiry; Business Disciplines (BPR, TQM, ISO9000, CMM, etc.); Change Dynamics & Management; Communities of Practice; Complexity (Chaos) Thinking & Applications; Content Management; Customer Relationship Management; Decision Support; Human Capital; Information Architecture; Innovation & Creativity; Intellectual Property; Leadership; Learning Theory; Knowledge Audits/Mapping; Knowledge Economics; Knowledge Engineering; Knowledge Management Methods (Methodology); Knowledge Management Performance (Metrics); Knowledge Management Sciences; Knowledge Management Techniques; Knowledge Management Technologies; Organizational Learning; Personal Knowledge Management Skills; Project Management; Semantic Web & Networks (TBD); Storytelling & Narrative; Strategic & Systems Thinking; Knowledge Workforce Performance; Workgroups & Teams
  • Personal Knowledge Manager (PKMTM) Certification**
  • Knowledge Management Team Certifications**
  • Certified Nuclear Knowledge Manager (CNKM)**
  • Certified Knowledge Consultant** (offered in Romania only?)
  • Certified Knowldege Expert** (offered in Romania only?)
  • Certified Knowledge Technologist (CKTTM)**
  • Certified Knowledge Worker (CKWTM)**


  • (e-)KM100; (e-)KM101
  • Knowledge Management Awareness Series (since 2009): Knowledge Management in 90 Minutes (online), (e-)KM101 – Go Live!, Executive Briefing, Knowledge Management Lunch & Learn**, (e-)KM100**
  • Knowledge Management Executive Briefings
    – KM300 – The Knowledge Imperative
    – KM301 – (Adv) The Knowledge Imperative
  • Master Classes: Taxonomy Design; Knowledge Capture for Action; (online) Information Architecture; Change ManagementInnovation and Knowledge Management: Knowledge Management Leadership**; Social Knowledge Management – Collaboration and Communities (was: Social Knowledge Management and Community Management); Knowledge Transfer Process; Digital Transformation in the Workplace
  • Change Management Symposium
  • Knowledge Management Transformation Solution (custom training: Blended Workshops, Online, Integrated Virtual Workshops, Train the Trainer)
  • (e-)Knowledge Management Essentials (for KM Practitioners)**
    – KM401 – Knowledge Management Fundamentals for Practitioners (2020: KM Fundamentals and Essentials)
    – KM402 – Knowledge Management Essentials for Practitioners
    – KM403 – Advanced Knowledge Management Essentials for Practitioners
  • KM Fundamentals (for general professionals)**
    – KM100 – Knowledge Management Fundamentals for Professionals (1/2 day)
    – KM101 – Knowledge Management Fundamentals for Professionals (2 days)
    – KM102 – Advanced Knowledge Management Fundamentals for Professionals
    – KM112 – Personal Knowledge Management
  • Knowledge Management Professional (KMPTM) Program**
    – KM102 – Advanced Knowledge Management Fundamentals for Professionals
    – KM112 – Personal Knowledge Management
  • Knowledge Management Training for the Enterprise**
  • Private Seminars (onsite) – Custom Knowledge Management Training Solutions**
  • KMI/USPDI Seminar Series
    – May 17-19, 2005: Hands-On Knowledge Management
  • KM Solutions Showcase Seminar Series
    • Oct 2005: #3 Knowledge Management – Tips, Tools and Technology for Personal Success (w. Corpora Software)
      Sessions: Knowledge Management for Personal Success w. Q&A; A Day in the Life of a Power Knowledge Worker w Q&A; Wrap Up
    • May 2005: #3 Demystify Knowledge Management (KM) – Leveraging Communities of Practice (CoPs) and Unleashing Personal Knowledge Management
      Sesssions: Demystify Knowledge Management/Communities of Practice; A Day in the Life of a Knowledge Management Worker; Q/A and Wrap Up (Networking)
    • Mar 2005: Demystify Knowledge Management (KM) – What is KM, Today’s Best Practices, Where KM is Headed, and Why it is Vital to Your Organization’s Success
    • Jan 2005: Demystify Knowledge Management (KM) seminar


  • Knowledge Management Solutions Showcase (KM Showcase)*
  • 2010 International Knowledge Management Forum, October 27, 2010, Beijing, China
    Conference Theme: Third Generation Knowledge Management Creates Intelligent Enterprises
    (Co-organizer: KM Institute; Beijing Rown Technology)


Conversations with KM Practitioners (recorded)

    Knowledge Management experts join the KMI classes for an informal discussion

KMI Webinar Series (recorded)

  • Feb 2024: How Does AI Impact Knowledge Transfer?
  • Sep 2023: Why Should More Knowledge Managers use Organization Development Methods?
  • Aug 2023: Creating Successful Initiatives with Knowledge Managementr (KM) and User Engagement
  • May 2023: Radical Curiosity – Innovation Practices and Skills for the 21st Century
  • Apr 2023: Why Organizational Development is so Important in 2023; Top 5 Ways to Get Buy-in for Knowledge Management; Innovation Management – What Knowledge Managers Need to Know for Success (was: Why Your Organization Needs More Innovation)
  • Feb 2023: Why Your Organization Needs a Business Taxonomy and Ontology; Harnessing Knowledge Asset – A Certified Knowledge Manager Preview (Malaysia, not recorded)
  • Dec 2022: Why is Conversational Leadership so Important?
  • Sep 2022: Top 5 Knowledge Management Strategies
  • Jun 2022: Top 5 Knowledge Management Failures
  • Mar 2022: Top 5 Knowledge Management Trends
  • Feb 2022: Introduction to Radical Knowledge Management: Making Knowledge Management Sustainable
  • Jan 2022: Knowledge Hubs for Digital CX Transformation: What, Why, and How? (promoted as: Knowledge Management: The Missing Ingredient in the Digital Transformation of Customer Experience)
  • Dec 2021: Top 5 Knowledge Management Processes
  • Nov 2021: Market & Competitive Intelligence (MCI) – What Knowledge Managers Need to Know for Success OR Learn Why Knowledge Management is Critical for MCI Success
  • Sep 2021: Top 5 Ways to Measure Knowledge Management
  • Aug 2021: Top 5 Knowledge Management Technologies
  • Jun 2021: Why Should You Care about Radical Knowledge Management; Top 5 Knowledge Retention Processes
  • May 2021: Radical Knowledge Management: What is it and Why do we need it?
  • Mar 2021: Personal Knowledge Management: Three Proven Models from Practicing Knowledge Managers
  • Feb 2021: Top 5 Ways to Courageously Advance your Knowledge Management (KM) practice with Organizational Development (OD)
  • Dec 2020: Leveraging Knowledge Management Tools to Advance Internal Equity and Inclusion; The Role of Mobile Knowledge Mentoring in Post-Covid Recovery (promoted as: Mobile Knowledge Management and Mentoring – A Future that’s Available Now)
  • Nov 2020: How do Knowledge Management and Diversity & Inclusion Create a Shared Strategy?; Artificial Intelligence (AI) Ethics and its Impact on Knowledge Management
  • Oct 2020: Conversational Leadership and Knowledge Management (part 3 of 3); Connecting the Knowledge Dots through Hashtags
  • Sep 2020: Using Story Thinking to Improve Knowledge Sharing and Organizational Learning; What You Don’t Know About Change That Will Hurt Your Adoption
  • Aug 2020: The Knowledge Economy – Dancing with the Robots
  • Jul 2020: Conversational Leadership and Knowledge Management (part 2 of 3)
  • Jun 2020: The Future of Knowledge Management – Conversational Leadership? (part 1 of 3); Knowledge Management and the Digital Workplace During the Pandemic and Beyond.


  • Video series
    – “What is Knowledge Management” 3 part video series
    – “Agile and Design Thinking” 10-part video series
    – “Intro to Knowledge Transfer…” 7-part video series
    – “Knowledge Transfer Process” 3-part video series
    – “Knowledge Transfer” 4-part video series
    – “Design Thinking and Knowledge Management” 6-part video series
    – KMI DC Community Presentations
  • 2020 KM Showcase Videos
    – Using Story Thinking to Improve Knowledge Sharing and Organizational Learning
    – HR Transformation Meets the Digital World
    – Implementing Knowledge as-a-Service Through the Digital Workplace
    – Leveraging Knowledge Management as a Foundation for Artificial Intelligence
    – Knowledge Management 2020 and Beyond (Keynote)
    – Striking a Balance Between Knowledge Management Theory, Concepts, and Practical Application
  • 2019 KMI Showcase Videos
    – Integrating Knowledge and Learning Management at the Peace Corps
    – Improving the Knowledge Management Architecture at United Services Automobile Association (USAA)
    – Frontline Knowledge Management: How to Establish Successful Knowledge Management Programs
    – Knowledge Management for Improved Learning Performance at National Park Service (NPS)
    – Community of Practice Success and the Concept of Shared Value
    – Panel Discussion: Generational Knowledge Management
    – Knowledge Management Value Defined – What is it and Why Does it Matter
    – Agile Knowledge Management – What is it and Why Should I Care?
  • 2018 KMI Showcase Videos
    – Design Thinking for Knowledge Management Strategy & Roadmapping
    – Creating Thought Leaders in the New Learning Organization
    – Leading Effective Change – Three Things Every Manager Should Know
    – Why Practical KM Matters More than Ever
    – The Future of Knowledge Management – Alive or Dead?
    – Creating Thought Leaders in the New Learning Organization
    – Graph-based Knowledge Discovery
    – Collaborative Intelligence – The Next Generation of Knowledge Management
  • Other Presentations:
    – Building Capability to Manage Complexity: A Case Study in Transformational Change for the DHS
    – Why Practical Knowledge Management Matters More than Ever;
    – Human Capital – The Last Differentiator
    – Knowledge Swarms and Experiential Hives
    – Delivering Connected Digital Experiences for Engaging the Modern Day Customer
    – Taking an Agile Approach to Adoption
    – De-Mystifying Knowledge Management – Webcast to Indian Cities

KMI Int’l & Partners

Authorized Training Centers (in the past, these partners have been referred to as (International) KM Institutes™)

  • EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) / Online: Unicom Seminars
  • Australia: iknowma
  • Brazil: KNOWledge Network Brazil
  • Benelux: Pioneer Spirit International
  • Canada: Knowledge Management Institute of Canada
  • China: Beijing Rown Technology
  • Dubai: Tarig Eltayeb Elamin
  • India: Dr. Alok Goel; Harriet Vidyasagar (Reliance Co.)
  • Iran: Fardaco
  • Iraq: Dana Winner (IMTAS)
  • Jordan: Cross Borders Development Consultants (CBDC), MindCirclez
  • Kuwait: Gulf University for Science and Technology (Center for Professional Advancement & Continuing Education), Public Authority for Applied Education and Training (PAAET), Dana Winner, Inc., Kadhema Scientific Consultancy & Services (KSCS), Insight Solutions & Services Company, Dana Winner (IMTAS)
  • Malaysia: Sharma Management International, Malaysian Institute of Management (MIM); Rachel Toh (Selangor Human Resource Development Center)
  • Nigeria (West Africa): Centre for AID Information and Knowledge (c4aik), Phillips Consulting
  • Philippines: coming soon
  • Romania: knomacons & Knowledge Management Community Romania, Octavian Serban (Ministry of Economy and Commerce)
  • Singapore: Tuesday People, Darren Soo (KI Group)
  • South Africa: Knowledge Management Institute, Knowledge Junction
  • Sudan: Tarig Eltayeb Elamin
  • Switzerland: DouglasConnect
  • United Arab Emirates: TRENDS Professional & Management Development Training (a branch of TRENDS Research & Advisory), Innovation Development and Management Consultants (IDMC), Collaboration, Management and Control Solutions (CMCS), Change Masters International (CMI)
  • United Kingdom/Europe: Rooven Pakkiri, TFPL, Hank Malik (IBM)
  • United States: A.J. Rehm & Associates; STRATactical International; Business Consulting Services (BCS)


  • International Knowledge Management Certification Authority (IKMCA)*
  • International CKM Alumni Association
  • Communities of Practice
  • Communities of Interest (30 defined domains or 17 industry sectors)
  • Chapters 2)
    • Africa: Sudan, South Africa*
    • Asia: Bangalore (India) (ever launched?), Cebu City (Philippines), Hanoi, Vietnam, Malaysia
    • Europe: London (UK), Brussels (Belgium), Basel (Switzerland)
    • Middle East: Kuwait (ever launched?), Dubai (UAE)
    • North America: Boston, Chicago, Dallas/Ft Worth, Hampton Roads, Houston (ever launched?), Kansas City (est. 2006), Northern New Jersey, Ottawa, Rocky Mountain Chapter, San Diego, Washington DC (est. 1998 (KMCI), 2001 (KMpro), 2006 (KMI), 2011 (KMA), 2018 (KMCDC))
  • – Weekly Twitter Chats for Knowledge Professionals (in collaboration/hosted by weknowmore!)


Kansas Chapter Meetings

  • 2006-05 (kickoff meeting): Demystifying Knowledge Management – Weidner

Washington DC Chapter Meetings

  • 2011-06 (Knowledge Management Featured Speaker): Knowledge Jam Workshop Sharing Hidden Know-How – Kate Pugh, AlignConsulting
  • 2011-02 (Knowledge Management Featured Speaker): If Knowledge Work is All Touchy-Feely, Where Does this Leave Knowledge Management? – Dr. Mark Addleson, George Mason University School of Public Policy
  • 2010-12 (Knowledge Management Featured Speaker): Why Do Great Knowledge Management Programs Fail? – Steve Denning
  • 2010-07 (Knowledge Management Buzz Session): Beyond the LMS – Social Performance Support Systems Turning Training Upside Down; Taming the Wild Beast – a New Way to Think About Change Management; Secrets of the Publishing Industry Revealed: How to Leverage Your Knowledge Management Assets to Create Demonstrable ROI
  • 2010-05 (Knowledge Management Café; Part of Knowledge Management Conference): Barriers to Collaboration and Knowledge-sharing within an Organization; Driving Organizational Change Through Social Computing; Crowdsourcing for Knowledge Management; Governance – How to Encourage Social Computing without Risking Content; From Social Media to Enterprise 2.0.; The Knowledge Maturity Model (Knowledge ManagementM™) – What’s your Knowledge Management Maturity and the Way Forward?
  • 2009-12 (Knowledge Management Café): Keep your grass cut and your music down! What causes some communities to flourish and some to wither away?; The Relationship between Social Media and Knowledge Management; Beg, Borrow, Steal – Making use of free Knowledge Management portals on the Internet; What can Life Coaching teach us about the Creation of New Knowledge?; Decentralized Knowledge Management – Discover what you don’t know
  • 2009-10 (Knowledge Management Buzz Session): n.a.
  • 2009-08 (Knowledge Management Buzz Session): Knowledge Mapping – Knowing What You Know… and Don’t Know; World Bank Group SmartLessons: Using Storytelling to Share Knowledge; Media Partnerships – Communicating Knowledge Across the Generations
  • 2009-04 (Knowledge Management Café: Government KM; Part of Knowledge Management Conference, Apr 28-29): Leadership in the Knowledge Age; Federal Knowledge Management Initiative: the Time for Change is Now; Green Knowledge Management: Preserving Knowledge to Preserve the Environment; Knowledge Management in Support of Organizational Transformation; Younger Generations, Conflict and Leadership in a Knowledge Management World; Make it New! How Communities of Practice can Help Innovate Federal Government
  • 2008-12 (Knowledge Management Café: Web 2.0): Social Networking – Meet me at the corner of Bit and Byte – How we are using social networking to build knowledge; The Mobile Workforce – How organizations are using Web 2.0 to connect their employees and enable them to work from anywhere; Wikis and Collaboration from an Enterprise Perspective; Personal Branding – The Brand Called You; Micro-Blogging in the Enterprise; Lessons from Open Source; Game Theory and Social Learning Theory – What to gain from both and how to apply to your individual, social or organizational learning
  • 2008-09 (Knowledge Management Buzz Session): Idea Generation Tools – Democratizing Business; Knowledge Retention Best Practices; Enterprise Search – Turning Find into Act
  • 2008-03 (Knowledge Management Buzz Session): How to Motivate Knowledge and Information Sharing; Importance of a Standard Technology — Platform for Knowledge Management; No-Budget Knowledge Management
  • 2008-01 (Knowledge Management Café): Beyond the Suggestion Box: Idea Management and Innovation; Online Collaboration – Best Practices; Understanding Knowledge Management from Diverse Views; Personal Knowledge Management; The Pieces of the Knowledge Retention Puzzle; e-Learning; How to Run a Pilot for a Knowledge Management Initiative
  • 2007-11 (Knowledge Management Buzz Session): Translating Knowledge Management in the Real World; Standing up a Knowledge Management Program – Lessons Learned from the Trenches; Knowledge Management 2.0; (cancelled) Enterprise Content Management – It’s not about the Documents
  • 2007-09 (Knowledge Management Café): Appreciative Inquiry; Communities of Practice; Knowledge Work Competencies; Personal Knowledge Management; The Role of Civility in Fueling Creative Engagement and Knowledge-Sharing at Work
  • 2007-06 (Knowledge Management Buzz Session): Getting Started with Business Taxonomy Design; 4 Generations in the Workplace; Benefitting From Learning Theory
  • 2007-03 (Knowledge Management Buzz Session): Knowledge Management in K-12 Education Robert Swanwick; Power of Storytelling in Communities of Practice (CoPs); No Budget Knowledge Management
  • 2007-01 (Knowledge Management Cafe and Book Signing Event): Storying; Storytelling and Presentation Skills; Cross Generational Knowledge Sharing at NASA; Every Hotel Tells a Story; Intersection of Project Management and Story at NASA; Fact Based Stories Capture Process; Stories Power Brands; Tacit Knowledge Transfer; Stories and Interpersonal Relationships; When Difficult Times Call for a Story; Derive Knowledge Management Principles from Stories; Engaging Leaders to Action through Stories; Featuring the Book: Wake Me Up When the Data is Over – How Organizations use Storytelling to Drive Results
  • 2006-11 (Knowledge Management Buzz Session): Continuity Management – Preservation of Knowledge and Productivity; Social Computing & Web 2.0; Enterprise Communities 2.0
  • 2006-10 (Knowledge Cafe!): Communities of Practice; Metrics; Learning Theory; Human Capital; Knowledge Management Technology; Content Management; Innovation; Audits/Mapping
  • 2006-07: Can’t Move Knowledge in Your Organization? Let’s See Why
  • 2006-06: The Nexus of Learning and the Virtuous Cycle
  • 2006-05: Knowledge Cafe discussion
  • 2006-04: Personal Knowledge Management – Techniques for Success in the Knowledge Age
  • 2006-03: Vertical Search – Successful Implementations for Finding Knowledge in a specific Area of Practice
  • 2006-01 (Inaugural/Re-vamp Chapter Event): Knowledge Management at IBM; Knowledge Management Initiatives at GSA/PBS – Weekly Twitter Chats for Knowledge Professionals

  • Jun 2012: (CANCELLED?) Social Media for Education
  • May 2012: Status and Trends in Social Media for Knowledge Management; (CANCELLED?) Lessons Learned on Lessons Learned
  • Dec 2011: Role of Industrial and Organizational Psychology in Knowledge Management; Knowledge Management Quotes, Proverbs and Sayings
  • Nov 2011: Connecting Knowledge Management Communities; Open Space Chat: Chat about anything! Ask anything! Whatever you want; Knowledge Management and Collaborative Innovation
    Oct 2011: External Communications as Knowledge Transfer; Open Space Chat; The Role of Diversity in Knowledge Management; After Action Review
  • Sep 2011: Social Computig and Knowledge Management; Research or Die – The Necessity for a Knowledge Management Research Program; Knowledge Management in Non Profit Organizations; Knowledge Management for entertainment
  • ??? Aug 2011: Challenging for a new economic ressource; Knowledge Management Bookwriting
  • Jul 2011: Influence of behaviour on knowledge transfer; Managing content through version control
  • Jun 2011: Knowledge Management vs. Information Management
  • May 2011: Knowledge Management Day Dreaming; The Importance of Search in your Knowledge Management Solution; The Wizard of Knowledge Management; So You Want to be a Knowledge Management consultant?
  • Apr 2011: Wisdom in Organizational Contexts; On knowledge transfer: Why grandma’s kitchen demo trumps any cookbook; Finding a balance in knowledge work between fast flow and slow space
  • Mar 2011: Why, Where, How I blog; Revisiting Previous #KMers Chats; The Great Wall – Knowledge Sharing Barriers and Remedies to Get Past Them; Role of Industrial/Organizational Psychology in Knowledge Management
  • Feb 2011: Knowledge Management Models and Practices; Community lurkers: does the 90-9-1 percentage rule really apply, and if so, so what? ; Corporate Storytelling and Knowledge Management; Corporate Social Media vs Intranets
  • Jan 2011: Knowledge Management Light: Harnessing the Power of Social Media; If I were my Boss I would… ; Personal Knowledge Management and Self-Management
  • Dec 2010: Social Media for Education; Innovation
  • Nov 2010: Developing a Community; Building Knowledge Management Expertise; One Year Anniversary Chat; Knowledge Hub; Personal Profiles
  • Oct 2010: Introducing Change in Knowledge Management to an Organization; Lessons Learned in Lessons Learned; Social Media; Building The Perfect Brainstorm; Relating structured and unstructured knowledge processes
  • Sep 2010: Getting people to share information; Social Governance in the Enterprise; Reading and Writing Changes through ITCs; Training Community Managers and Facilitators; Retaining the Knowledge of People Leaving your Organization
  • Aug 2010: Modeling (documenting) the focus areas within the knowledge management community; Sharing is Caring; Knowledge Management Literature Tips; Let Go of Control – Encourage and Monitor
  • Jul 2010: Strategies for integrating user-generated content within an internal knowledge base; The Knowledge Management and Application Domain; Community Chat – experiences with previous chats, and ideas for future chats; Growing Virtual Communities within Your Organization to Reach the Future FIRST
  • Jun 2010: Knowledge Management for Development; Knowledge Management, Organizational Structures and People; Turning Conversations into Content; Knowledge Management Strategies
  • Apr 2010: The Changing Role of Information Professionals: New Opportunities Created by Enterprise 2.0; A world without Knowledge Management?; The Future of Knowledge Management; Joint #innochat – Spreading innovation knowledge throughout the organization; How Does Knowledge Management Support Innovation?
  • Mar 2010: Expertise Location; Evidence vs. Experience; What is wrong with Knowledge Management?; Knowledge Management Beyond the Firewall; How do you market Knowledge Management in organisations?
  • Feb 2010: Knowledge Management and Google Wave; Monitoring, Assessing Knowledge Management; Personal Knowledge Management; Knowledge for Innovation
  • Jan 2010: Success Stories and Best Practice of Knowledge Management Implementation in Enterprises and Organizations; Lead by Example and Model Desired Behaviors (Stan Garfield Tips part III); A KMers workgroup project; Stan Garfield’s 13 Knowledge Management Tips (Part II); Knowledge Management predictions for 2010
  • Dec 2009: Starting a Knowledge Management Programme; Stan Garfield’s 13 Knowledge Management Tips (from KMWorld09)
  • Nov 2009: Best Knowledge Management Ideas from KMWorld; Emerging Knowledge Management Technologies; Starting a Knowledge Management Programme

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