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The International Legal Technology Association’s Knowledge Management Peer Group (ILTA), formerly known as LawNet, the (Wang) VS Legal Users Group (VSLUG) and the PSS Users Group,1) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • USA: Knowledge Management Community 2)
  • Europe: Special Interest Group (SIG) for Knowledge Management (KM)3)


  • International Legal Technology Association Conference (ITLACON)
    (incl. conference track/educational sessions and Communities of Interest networking event organized by the Knowledge Management Community)


Area Events

    Clarify Your Firm’s Data Overload and Turn it Into Knowledge – Roundtable Discussion
    – Jul 2019: Portland

    Docketing as Knowledge Management – Increase the Value of Docketing – Lunch and learn Seminar
    – Oct 2019: San Francisco; Jun 2019: Chicago; Jun 2019: Washington, DC; May 2019: New York City; May 2019: Los Angeles

    Next Generation Learning for Legal Technology – Roadshow
    – Oct 2011: Cleveland, Washington DC

    The Real Deal – Knowledge Management Case Studies: Implementing a Matter Intake System to Support Knowledge Management and LPM – Area Meeting
    – Jul 2011: San Francisco

    What is Knowledge Management and Why Is It Becoming Even More Important Now? – Area Meeting
    – Jun 2010: Los Angeles; Apr 2010: Chicago

SIG Knowledge Management Meetings (ILTA Europe/GB/London; quarterly meetings)

    Feb 2024: 2024 – The year to focus on KM foundations and Data?

    Apr 2023: Opportunities and Challenges Associated with Client Facing Knowledge (be that as a value added service or as a revenue generator)
    Jan 2023: Security and Permissions in Knowledge Management Systems

    Sep 2022: Search – Challenges and Solutions

    Sep 2021: Data Analytics for KM Teams
    May 2021: Using Microsoft Teams as a Knowledge Management System

    Sep 2019: Relaunching the Special Interest Group (SIG) for Knowledge Management (KM)


Knowledge Management Virtual Roundtables ITLA KM SIG Meeting – Quarterly

    Mar 2024: The Bridge between Legal Project Management (LPM) and Knowledge Management (KM)

    Feb 2023: Law Firm Strategy and Legal Knowledge Management (KM); Leveraging Economic Uncertainty to Grow Knowledge Management (KM)

    Feb 2022: Knowledge Management (KM)’s role in Lawyer Onboarding and Knowledge Retention

    Sep 2021: Knowledge Management (KM) as Educators for Business
    Jun 2021: Knowledge Management and IT: Push and Pull
    Mar 2021: Tales from the Trenches – Where Knowledge Management and Legal Tech Have Failed

    Jun 2020: What Are Knowledge Management Professionals Doing Around Content Management?
    Mar 2020: How to Turn Knowledge Management in a Client Service Offering

    Oct 2019: One Step Forward – Two Back: What is the Least and Most Innovative Thing Your Firm is Doing?
    May 2019: Knowledge Management Around the Globe
    Mar 2019: Matter Profiling Part 2: Moving Forward; The Role of Knowledge Management in AFAs and Value-Based Billing

    Sep 2018: ILTACON 2018 PeerShare (podcast available)
    May 2018: Client-Facing Knowledge Management Solutions
    Feb 2018: Measuring the Value of Your Knowledge Management Program

    Nov 2017: Knowledge Management Programs for Everyone! (KM’s First Quarterly Roundtable)

ILTA Webinars & Virtual Roundtables

    Apr 2023: #iltacon2023 Block Party: Document Management and Knowledge Management

    May 2019: Onboarding and Training New Knowledge Management Professionals
    Apr 2019: How Knowledge Management Supports Business at the Big Four
    Mar 2019: Knowledge Management’s Role in AFA and Value-Based Billing

    Dec 2018: Knowledge Management: Intranets and Portals
    Nov 2018: Incentivizing Participation in Knowledge Management
    Oct 2018: Knowledge Management Assessments and Strategies
    Sep 2018: Knowledge Management Training and Onboarding New Hires
    Aug 2018: Innovative Ways to Promote Knowledge Management
    May 2018: Knowledge Management: Generating Awareness and Adoption
    Feb 2018: Knowledge Management Search Tool Stories

    Nov 2017: Prosper in Flat Times with Knowledge Management
    Sep 2017: Knowledge Management: Enrich Your Existing Documents with Metadata
    Jul 2017: Changing Knowledge Management (KM) Priorities; Continuing the Discussion – Changing Knowledge Management (KM) Priorities
    Jul 2017: Knowledge Management Toolkit: Then, Now and What’s Next
    Feb 2017: Starting and Optimizing Knowledge Management Programs: Perspectives Across the Spectrum

    Dec 2016: Document Automation in the UK — From Internal Knowledge Management to Client Delivery

    Nov 2015: Do It Yourself: Self-Service Knowledge Management
    Jun 2015: 2015 – How Big Data Can Solve Problems – Trends in Corporate Legal Department Ownership of Knowledge

    Sep 2014: ILTA Conference Encore: The Knowledge Management Sessions
    Jul 2014: Building a Knowledge Management Program Driven by the Bottom Line: A Case Study
    May 2014: Client Service: Knowing Your People Makes a Difference
    May 2014: Using Yammer to Create a Learning Community
    Apr 2014: Aligning Knowledge Management Initiatives with Firm Goals –
    Apr 2014: Mobile Learning: Creating an Effective Strategy
    Mar 2014: Big Data and the Application of Knowledge Management
    Jan 2014: Social Media: Blogging for Business

    Dec 2013: Social Media: Creating Community and Engagement on Your Platform
    Nov 2013: Matter-Profiling Techniques and Tools in Law Departments and Law Firms (KM PG Webinar)
    Sep 2013: Innovation and Law Firms: Oxymoron, This Year’s Fad or Survival Imperative? (KM PG Webinar)
    Aug 2013: Create a Knowledge Advantage with Big Data
    Mar 2013: Kick-Starting Knowledge Management with Quick-Start Search

    Nov 2012: Knowledge Management Trends @ 2012 ILTA Conference
    Jun 2012: Professional Development and Knowledge Management: Parts of a Whole or Separate Functions?
    Jun 2012: Starting a Knowledge Management Program at Your Firm
    May 2012: Technology & Trends in Legal Knowledge Management (in co-operation with Thomson Reuters)
    Mar 2012: ILTA KM Champions, Past And Future

    Nov 2011: Next-Generation Learning for Legal Technology
    Aug 2011: An Overview of Elite’s Knowledge Base
    Feb 2011: Social Learning – A Collaborative Learning Experie –

    Nov 2010: How Knowledge Management Supports Alternative Fee Arrangements
    Nov 2010: Social Media 101: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

    Nov 2009 Creative Adoption Techniques for Knowledge Management Initiatives
    Jun 2009 Where Is Knowledge Management Now and Where Is It Going?

    Dec 2008: KPI – Behind the Numbers
    Jun 2008: Connections in Context – Who Mentioned CRM?
    Mar 2008: Project Management Strategies for Knowledge Management Engagements

    Dec 2007: How Wikis, Blogs and Discussion Forums Relate to Knowledge Management in the Legal Field
    Feb 2007: Discovering the Thomson Elite Knowledge Base

    Apr 2006: Knowledge Management 101 (Knowledge Management Peer Group Intro)

    Feb 2005: Support Knowledge Base: How to Tap Into This Much-Improved and Powerful Repository

Product Briefings

    Mar 2022: Supporting Knowledge Management and BizDev teams with Fresher New Case Filing Alerts and Intelligence


Evolving Knowledge Management Podcast Series

    Apr 2019: (Episode 10) Lawyering in Your Sleep — An Approach to Legal Product Development
    Feb 2019: (Episode 09) Artificial Intelligence: “I Don’t Care If Your Technology is a Ham Sandwich”
    Jan 2019: (Episode 08) Practical Knowledge Management and Gender Bias
    Nov 2018: (Episode 07) Future Legal Technologists – The SEC Compliance Student Team
    Oct 2018: (Episode 06) The Fireman Brain Trust
    Oct 2018: (Episode 05) North of the Border and Across the Pond – User-Focused Knowledge Management
    Sep 2018: (Episode 04) A Veteran Perspective – Knowledge Management with Kim
    Aug 2018: (Episode 03) A Veteran Perspective – From Tech Law to Tech and Law
    Aug 2018: (Episode 02) A Veteran Perspective – The Prophet of Profit
    Aug 2018: (Episode 01) Introduction to the Evolving Knowledge Management Podcast

Other Podcasts

    Oct 2020: How to Measure and Demonstrate the Value of Knowledge Management; Knowledge Management & Marketing in the Office of the Future: What Will Both Areas Look Like Coming Out of this Pandemic
    Jul 2020: Artificial Intelligence Meets Knowledge Management: What’s Next in Legal Artificial Intelligence
    Feb 2020: Adoption and Marketing of Knowledge Management: How We Gain Champions

    Nov 2018: Anatomy of a Knowledgebot
    Sep 2018: Knowledge Management Discussion: ILTACON 2018 PeerShare (webinar available)

    Aug 2015: Starting as Knowledge Management Leader at a New Firm

    Aug 2012: Emerging Tech Spotlight on Knowledge Management

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