IEEE International Workshop on Software Engineering and Knowledge Management (SEKM)*

IEEE International Workshop on Software Engineering and Knowledge Management (SEKM)*

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The annual IEEE International Workshop on Software Engineering and Knowledge Management (SEKM), held in conjunction with IEEE International Conference on Software Quality, Reliability, and Security (QRS), sponsored by the IEEE Reliability Society, aims at bringing together experts in software engineering and knowledge management to discuss on relevant results in either software engineering or knowledge management or both. Special emphasis will be put on the transference of methods between both domains.

Workshop History:

10th SEKM 2024 Workshop, July 1-5, 2024, Cambridge, United Kingdom

    SEKM Workshop Papers:

    Software engineering practice
    Web engineering
    Software maintenance and testing
    Formal methods
    Domain engineering
    Software product line
    Ontology and methodology
    Big data
    Web-based education systems and learning applications
    Software engineering decision making
    Search engines and information retrieval
    Requirements engineering
    Cloud computing
    Knowledge representation and reasoning
    Formal analysis of knowledge and logics of knowledge
    Knowledge in complex systems and multi-agent systems
    Knowledge extraction and knowledge integration
    Knowledge-based software engineering
    Knowledge-based and expert system
    Complex system modeling and complexity
    Decision analysis and decision support systems
    Knowledge discovery, data mining, text mining, recommendation system
    Knowledge management strategies and practices
    Web-based knowledge management

    QRS “Knowledge” Papers:

9th SEKM 2023 Workshop, October 22-26, 2023, Chiang Mai, Thailand

    SEKM Workshop Papers:

    QRS “Knowledge” Papers:
    Knowledge Graph Completing with Dual Confrontation Learning Model based on Variational Information
    Bottleneck Method
    MicroKGCL: A Knowledge Graph for Root Cause Localization of Feedback Issues in Microservices

8th SEKM 2022 Workshop, December 5-9, 2022, Guangzhou, China Virtual venue

    SEKM Workshop Papers:
    Elevator Maintenance Site Selection Optimization via Fine-Tuned K-Means
    Intelligent Guidance Method for Elevator Emergency Treatment based on Automatic Recommendation and Fault Prediction
    A Learning Path Recommendation Method for Knowledge Graph of Professional Courses
    Code Generation Method Based on Structured Tree Input and AST Decoder Attention Augmentation
    Code Search Method based on Multimodal Representation
    Chinese Character Creation Algorithm: Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Topological Similarity of Remote Sensing Images Considering the Description of Sparse Geographic Structure

    QRS “Knowledge” Papers:
    Crowdsourced Testing Task Assignment based on Knowledge Graphs
    Knowledge Graph Question Answering based on Contrastive Learning and Feature Transformation
    Visual-ISAM: A Visualization Method for Software Failure Analysis and Evaluation based on Knowledge Graph Utilizing Improved SALKU Model
    Recommendation Algorithm for Graph Convolutional Networks based on Multi-ralational Knowledge Graph
    A General Characterization of Representing Spatiotemporal Knowledge Graph based on OWL

7th SEKM 2021 Workshop, December 6-10, 2021, Hainan University, Hainan Island, China / Virtual venue

    SEKM Workshop Papers:
    VSBFL: Variable Value Sequence based Fault Localization for Novice Programs
    Automated Repair of Java Programs with Random Search via Code Similarity
    The Trustworthiness Measurement Model of Component-based Software
    based on the Subjective and Objective Weight Allocation Method

    QRS “Knowledge” Papers:
    Test Case Reuse Technology based on Software Test Knowledge Graph and Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Algorithm
    Knowledge Graph-based Network Analysis on the Elements of Autonomous Transportation System
    Research on Airspace Security Risk Assessment Technology based on Knowledge Graph
    Spatio-temporal Knowledge Graph for Meteorological Risk Analysis

6th SEKM 2020 Workshop, December 11-14, 2020, Macau University of Science and Technology, Macau, China / Virtual venue

    Note: The SEKM workshop was scheduled for July 27-31, 2020, at the Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Vilnius, Lithuania.

    SEKM Workshop Papers:
    An Improved Comprehensive Evaluation Method for Software Development Ability
    QMine: A Framework for Mining Quantitative Regular Expressions from System Traces
    Application of Improved Fault Localization Method to Stereo Matching Software
    A Lightweight Decision-Tree Algorithm for Detecting DDoS Flooding Attacks
    Decision Network: A New Network-Based Classifier
    A Fusion of Java Domain Knowledge Base and Siamese Network for Java API Recommendation
    Specifying and Model Checking Workflows of Single Page Applications with TLA+
    An MILP-NLP Decomposition Approach Applied to a Refinery Scheduling Problem
    Construction of Knowledge Graph for Internal Control of Financial Enterprises
    A Threat Analysis Methodology for Security Requirements Elicitation in Machine Learning Based Systems
    Design Method of Banquet Intelligent Side Dishes System Based on Data Mining and Correlation Analysis

    QRS “Knowledge” Papers:
    Interpretable Test Case Recommendation based on Knowledge Graph
    Research and Development of ICT Call Center Data Auxiliary Analysis System Based on Knowledge Discovery
    Effective Iterative Program Synthesis with Knowledge Searched from Internet

5th SEKM 2019 Workshop, July 22-26, 2019, Sofia University, Sofia, Bulgaria

    Program n.a.

4th SEKM 2018 Workshop, July 18, 2018, Technical University of Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal

    SEKM Workshop Papers:
    Tracing Error Propagation in C/C++ Applications
    Energy Optimization and Fault Tolerance to Embedded System based on Adaptive Heterogeneous Multi-core Hardware Architecture
    Optimum Post-disruption Restoration Plan of Interdependent Critical Infrastructures
    Research on the Impact of Consumer Review Sentiments from Different Websites on Product Sales
    A Study of Software Testing Practices in Sri Lankan Software Companies

    QRS “Knowledge” Papers:
    A Software Defect Management System Based on Knowledge Base (poster)

3rd SEKM 2017 Workshop, July 28, 2017, Czech Technical University, Prague, Czech Republic

    SEKM Workshop Papers:
    Automated Extraction of Feature Models from Android Based Portable Devices
    Knowledge Management in Graduate Research
    Modeling of Hazard Affected Regions in Support of Scenario Evolution Analysis for Unconventional Emergency
    An Empirical Study on How Empowering Leadership Affects the Team Creativity
    The Effect of Personality on Team Performance: An Interpersonal Knowledge Interaction Perspective
    An Ontology-Based Knowledge Sharing Portal for Software Testing
    A Comparative Study of Knowledge Management on Undergraduate by Questionnaire
    Process Metrics Are Not Bad Predictors of Fault Proneness

    QRS “Knowledge” Papers:
    How Domain Knowledge Accumulation Influences Software Defects: An Empirical Analysis

2nd SEKM 2016 Workshop, August 3, 2016, Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria

    SEKM Workshop Papers:
    CAT: A Customized Automata Toolkit
    A Product Recommendation Approach Based on the Latent Social Trust Network Model for Collaborative Filtering
    Surveys on Knowledge Management and Knowledge Creation in a Chinese Research University
    An Evaluation Framework of Knowledge Management Activities
    Exploring Academic Knowledge Creation Models for Graduate Researches
    The Effect of Interpersonal Trust on Interpersonal Knowledge Interaction: A New Thought
    Research on the DMC-based Patent Analysis

    QRS “Knowledge” Papers:

1st SEKM 2015 Workshop, August 5, 2015, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

    SEKM Workshop Papers:
    Facilitating Information Management in Integrated Development Environments through Visual Interface Enhancements
    A Refined Algorithm for Reachability Analysis of Updatable Timed Automata
    A Survey on Knowledge Management in Software Engineering
    Service Systems Development Based on a Knowledge Synthesis Methodology

    QRS “Knowledge” Papers:

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