Israel Knowledge Management Forum Conference (KMISR)*

Israel Knowledge Management Forum Conference (KMISR)*

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The Israel Knowledge Management Forum Conference (KMISR) (Hebrew: הכנס השנתי של פורום ניהול הידע בישראל) is the annual meeting of the Israel Knowledge Management Forum in conjunction with the forum’s annual general assembly.

The conference has two parallel tracks, including short lectures of 15 minutes, lectures of 30 minutes, presentation of application examples and case studies in organizations, up to 45 minutes, and workshops for up to 60 minutes. As in previous years, there will be also a special “Unconference” track.

Conference History:

12th KMISR Conference 2021, 7 October 2021, Virtual venue

    Emergency Knowledge Management Challenges
    Knowledge management in the R&D organization
    Case Analysis – The Contribution of the Knowledge Community of the Ministry of Science in Dealing with Corona
    Hidden knowledge – the ‘onion’ model – from the theoretical concept to flooring applications
    Common Mistakes In Knowledge Management And Personal Lessons
    Fellow learning as a tool for leveraging innovation and achieving goals among managers
    Knowledge Management Processes in Central Government Response (1299)
    Knowledgebases Supporting Organizational Routine
    The role of the knowledge manager in artificial intelligence projects (1)
    How to Teach Students In an Age of Information Flooding to Manage Their Knowledge
    Digital Communities Project in the Jerusalem Municipality
    Public participation as a basis for leading change
    Personal Information Management
    Building a Digital Work Environment for the Modern Worker

11th KMISR Conference 2020, 9 September 2020, Ramat Ef’al (Tel Aviv), Israel Virtual venue

(Host: IAI Innovation Center)

    Note: The conference was scheduled for 26 March 2020

    Israel’s Activities in Promoting Knowledge Management in the Knowledge Management World – Past, Present and Future (Keynote)

    Track 1:
    This is how we discovered America
    Pioneer’s Equilibrium
    How to Break the Silos
    Implementing an Organizational Portal – Managing the Change Process
    Game Changer – In the Process of Digital Transformation

    Track 2:
    Human Information Processing Processes and its Impact on Organizational Knowledge Management
    Storytelling – Stories Build Knowledge, Build Future
    Artificial Intelligence
    Organizational Search Engine: Tired and Found – Believe It!
    Practical Document Management – Tools for Implementing Computerized Office

    Summary and activity plan for the rest of the year

10th KMISR Conference 2019, 28 March 2019, Ramat Ef’al (Tel Aviv), Israel

    Summary of a very significant year for knowledge management in Israel (opening)
    Innovation in government (keynote)

    Experiential Track:
    The Caton – Knowledge Management Technologies
    Wear Workshop
    Keyboard model for instructional reception of digital systems in the Air Force

    Lecture Track:
    Why social media fails to respond to knowledge
    Communities, communities, communities
    Infrastructure and digital tools for exercising rights in Social Security
    Legal knowledge management and change management
    Breakout rooms as an innovative tool for managing knowledge on several levels
    New horizons? How to get the best combination of technologies and people
    Transforming knowledge (Knowledge Mobilization) from the ivory tower into action
    The relationship between the preservation of organizational knowledge and organizational culture and internal organizational communication
    Transparent knowledge management
    Knowledge management without strategy. Possible?
    Innovation. Digital. Social. Think far and apply close

9th KMISR Conference 2018, 18 March 2018, Ramat Ef’al (Tel Aviv), Israel

    What have we done and where are we headed? (opening)
    Start telling! Storytelling for the company (keynote)

    Workshop Track:
    Playback Theater as a Tool for Developing Knowledge in the Organization
    Break through barriers in sharing knowledge as an engine for development and innovation
    Establish a database of lessons and insights
    A tool for effective knowledge sharing

    Lecture Track:
    Implementing a knowledge-based service as a final project
    You have reached the destination! Disseminating local knowledge to its
    Challenges in realizing knowledge management in high-tech companies
    Document management – past, present and future
    Knowledge communities – pass it on
    War is a learning competition with our enemies
    Embrace the peer-sharing expert and strengthen connectedness in schemes
    The importance of document management in the age of cyber attacks
    Digital work environment

8th KMISR Conference 2017, 30 March 2017, Ramat Ef’al (Tel Aviv), Israel

    What have we done and where are we headed? (opening)

    Workshop Track:
    Knowledge production in Sabba: Space eBA as a tool for developing knowledge at work
    Draw and share
    Playing with information – when the research meets the information

    Lecture Track:
    Reach more people with less effort – Digital ecosystem
    Investigate on another level: New opportunities in the world of “Big Data”
    Advanced techniques for turning information into knowledge

    TED Track:
    How good is it good enough? Success Indices of Knowledge Management Activity
    The Knowledge Bento and the effectiveness of managerial content: New tools for fast transfer
    The Race for a Million [Data]: The Data Analyst vs. Artificial Intelligence?
    The ROI n knowledge management – the story of the change in foster care in Israel

    “What Happens in Organizations” Track:
    The concept of knowledge management in the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality in 2017
    When consequential thinking and knowledge management meet in the Community Services Administration
    Knowledge management is not a game, neither is starting a project!

    Book track: Cooperatives
    Public participation in the Web 2.0 era in the civilian home front in Israel
    Knowledge sharing on social networks
    What can be learned from the flourishing and collapse of organizations about the meaning of knowledge sharing
    Proper use of digital channels to share optimal knowledge in the organization
    The wisdom of the masses in organizations
    Motivation for learning and sharing knowledge

7th KMISR Conference 2016, 10 March 2016, Ramat Ef’al (Tel Aviv), Israel

6th KMISR Conference 2015, 30 March 2015, Ramat Ef’al (Tel Aviv), Israel

5th KMISR Conference 2014, 6 March 2014, Ramat Ef’al (Tel Aviv), Israel

    World Trends Overview – 2014 (opening)
    Open Knowledge, Open Innovation: Virtual Journey (closing)

    Track 1:
    Knowledge communities of the Ministry of Social Affairs: uses and influences
    Gamification – Games and earn
    The news of the death of knowledge management was premature
    SoLoMo – leveraging the use of Mobile by integrating Social and Local
    The limits of knowledge in an organization
    SharePoint as a tool for implementing and assimilating document management methodologies
    Cracking hidden knowledge and developing new knowledge – guiding groups in the concept of knowledge management
    Knowledge management challenges in organizational archives based on SP2013
    Knowledge manager or co-director – interactive discussion of the scope of our business

    Track 2:
    Knowledge biases and learning processes in the education system
    From creation to “production” of knowledge – the transformation of knowledge of computerized systems of the new generation
    From knowledge management to a learning organization
    Managing human capital risks: From managing knowledge to improving organizational effectiveness
    Knowledge management, learning / training – father and daughter? Brother and sister? Cousins? PACS ?
    But who will write all this?
    Digital Transformation – Organizations in an era of change
    Implementing a visual language for group knowledge management
    Knowledge Management Standard ISO 25006 – Why it is important for the planning and success of knowledge management in the organization

    Presentation of the organization’s new knowledge site

4th KMISR Conference 2013, 17 March 2013, Open University of Israel, Raanana, Israel

(Host: Open University of Israel, Center for Innovation in Learning Technologies)

    Why do we blame information for our overload?? (opening)
    Cognitive perspective on knowledge management: executive functions (closing)

    Track 1:
    Is the Data-Information-Knowledge-Wisdom Model Still valid?
    Soft methods for knowledge management (workshop)
    Assimilation of social media in organizations – 2013 research results, Israel
    Knowledge management activity in the company
    Internet Neutrality as a Basis for Free Knowledge
    Facebook alert: Intelligent assimilation of social networks in knowledge-intensive organizations
    Knowledge network at Leumi as a lever for improving performance
    Knowledge communities – human infrastructure in the technological age

    Track 2:
    Gamification: Erosion
    Advances in international research for the information and knowledge needs of knowledge workers
    Assimilation of knowledge management activities in the Welfare Division of the Jerusalem Municipality
    Lesson management from Alef-Tiu
    Key Duplication – A knowledge sharing model applied in distributed organizations
    Let’s talk about it – organizational culture and its implications for the assimilation of knowledge management processes in organizations
    Knowledge management solutions in training
    Ten C – Ten Stages of Collaboration

3rd KMISR Conference 2012, 22 March 2012, Ramat Ef’al (Tel Aviv), Israel

2nd KMISR Conference 2011, 2 March 2011, Ramat Ef’al (Tel Aviv), Israel

    Presentation of the Draft Knowledge Management Standard

1st KMISR UnConference 2010, 22 February 2010, Ramat Ef’al (Tel Aviv), Israel

(Sponsors: ROM Knowledgeware; Witerate, Business Solutions – The Power of Knowledge Management)

    Tribal Fire – Stories of Knowledge Management
    Knowledge cooking workshop
    Personal and team energies for the success of Knowledge Management
    What is between blogs and wikis and social networks: what to use for what purpose?
    The National Brain – Innovation and leveraging the challenges ahead
    Knowledge management education – learning on foot
    What about belonging and knowledge management? A workshop on sharing knowledge in the family and workplace
    IC Café – There are some and there is nothing – about the difficulties of creating new content
    KCS – Familiarity with a customer experience methodology in a knowledge-based service
    “Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are” – social networks as a tool for gathering information in real time
    Transferring a Stick – Continuity of Knowledge in the Organization
    Portrait of the knowledge manager
    There is a future! Where does knowledge management go?
    Experiential knowledge management

    Real Time Web Corner – Continuation and formulation of content proposals for the forum’s website
    Counseling corner in the town square – knowledge management veterans answer questions
    Challenge Wall

    Announcement of the establishment of the Knowledge Management Forum in Israel

1st KMISR Conference, 9 September 2009, People’s University, Tel Aviv, Israel

Conference Theme: Knowledge Management as a Way of Life

    Note: The 1st conference of the “Israeli Knowledge Management Forum” was postponed to December 15, 2009, and February 22, 2010, resp.

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