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Kent State University (KSU or Kent State), formerly the Kent State College, Kent State Normal College, and Kent State Normal School / Ohio State Normal College At Kent, offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

College of Communication and Information (CCI) > School of Information 1) > (interdisciplinary) Information Architecture and Knowledge Management Department/Program2)

Graduate Degrees/Programs

  • Online Certificate in Knowledge Management (CKM) 3)
  • Master of Science in Knowledge Management (online) 4)
  • Combined Bachelor’s-Master’s Degree
  • Dual Degree Options
    • Master of Library and Information Science and Master of Science in Knowledge Management (MLIS/MS) 5)
    • Master of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication and Master of Science in Information Architecture and Knowledge Management (MAJMC/MS IAKM, with a concentration in knowledge management)**
  • Ph.D. in Communication & Information (Area of study: Information > Knowledge Organization 6))


  • Information Architecture and Knowledge Management workshops
  • Individual Knowledge Management Courses as Continuing Education
  • Courses with access for guest students: Business Intelligence; Business Narrative and Storytelling; Expertise Management; Futures Research; Intellectual Capital Management; Organizational Culture; Organizational Learning; Organizational Network Analysis; Semantic Analysis Methods; Strategic Knowledge Management — Virtual Communities


  • Knowledge Management Workshop, November 8, 2017, Geauga Campus


  • KM@KSU Webinars**
    • Feb 2013: Opening Webinar (Denise Bedford); Building Smarter Organizations (Gordon Vala-Webb)
    • Mar 2013: Getting Innovation Right (Seth Kahan); Fatal Allergies (Wendi Bukowitz)
    • Apr 2013: Sharing Knowledge as Apps in Executable English (Adrian Walker); Student Project: Organizational Network Analysis of the Transportation Research Board (Jacob Spiegler, Sean Gaffney, and Andrew Seredick)
    • May 2013: Designing Effective IKM & Collaboration in Complex Organizational Environments (David Kamien); Intergenerational Knowledge Transfer (Giora Hadar); Knowledge Flows in Project Environments (Barbara Fillip); Using appreciative inquiry methods to facilitate knowledge transfer, capture and collaboration (Karla Phlypo)
    • Jun 2013: Fear Erodes (Marcia Daszko)
    • Jul 2013: Knowledge Cities for a Knowledge Society (Denise Bedford)
    • Sep 2013: Knowledge Markets (Marshall van Alstyne)
    • Feb 2014: Knowledge Elicitation: Advantages and Challenges (Brian Moon)
    • Mar 2014: Knowledge Capture and Transfer at Kraft Foods (Nanako Mura, Jeni Wolf)
    • Apr 2014: Using Network Analysis to Understand the Knowledge Domain of Urban Planning (Thomas Sanchez)
  • SLIS Wednesday Webinars
    – Knowledge Management Part 1 & 2 (Len Asprey)
    – Knowledge Management: The Role of Information Professionals in a Knowledge Economy (Denise Bedford)
  • Online Open House
    – Mar 2008: Online Knowledge Management Masters Degree and Certificate Program
    – Jul 2008: Online Knowledge Management Masters Degree and Certificate Program


  • Knowledge Management Education Forum (KMEF) Community** 7)
    The Knowledge Management Education Forum (KMEF) is an on-going, annual dialog to identify and grow consensus on the knowledge management body of knowledge, competencies, roles and curriculum.


Knowledge Sciences Symposium**
The Knowledge Sciences Symposium aims to bring together knowledge management thought leaders from businesses and organizations, technology sector, academia, civil society organizations and the broader workforce to assist the University in designing a Knowledge Sciences Center.

  • (PLANNED) Knowledge Sciences Symposium 2.0 in 2016
    (In collaboration with the US Department of Transportation)
  • Knowledge Sciences Symposium WNY 2015, October 8-9, 2015, St. Bonaventure University, Olean, New York, USA
    (In collaboration with Pioneer Knowledge Services)
  • Knowledge Sciences Symposium, September 4-5 & 10-11, 2013, Canton, OH & Washington, D.C., USA / Virtual venue
      Kent State University, Sep 4-5
      US Department of Transportation Library, Sep 10-11

      Day 1: Listening to stakeholders, thought leaders and considering a proposal
      Day 2: Brainstorming, sharing ideas and blueprinting a knowledge sciences center

      Pre-conference Webinars:
      #1: Current and Past Good Practice Models – July 24, 2013
      #2: What kinds of knowledge science products and services should the Center support? July 31, 2013
      #3: Knowledge Sciences Center Activity Models – August 7, 2013
      #4: Intellectual Property and Capital Models – August 14, 2013
      #5: Knowledge Sciences Center Presence, Resources and Access – August 21, 2013

Knowledge Management Education Forum Summit (KMEF Summit)**
The Knowledge Management Education Forum Summit brings together educators in the field of knowledge management to share their thoughts about how Knowledge Management is taught and how students learn Knowledge Management.

  • KM Education Forum, First Annual Summit, May 5-6, 2011, Washington, DC
  • KM Education Forum, Second Annual Summit, 26.-27.07.2012, Washington, DC


  • Nov 2011: 10th anniversary celebration reception of the Information Architecture and Knowledge Management (IAKM) program

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