Life Science Knowledge Management Summit**

Life Science Knowledge Management Summit**

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The Life Science Knowledge Management Summit, produced by ExL Pharma, delves into the relationship between knowledge management, content management and culture. Experienced thought leaders in this field will convene at this event to help you find the balance between designing knowledge management systems that both influence and are influenced by a company’s culture.

Conference History:

4th Life Science Knowledge Management Summit, August 9-10, 2017, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Conference Theme: Design and Lerverage Insights-Driven Knowledge Management Systems that Facilitate Collaboration and Propel Innovation

    Improve Decision Making Through Data Analytics
    Build a Cognitive Data Management Practice
    Improve Data Driven Insights by Better Aligning Data Strategy to Business Needs
    Situate Your Chief Knowledge Officer for Maximum Impact Through Strategic Protocols and Structures
    Drive Faster Decisions by Strategically Integrating Knowledge Management Systems
    Realize Business Imperatives by Providing the Vision and Direction that Elicits an Effective Cross-Functional Knowledge Management Ecosystem
    Meet Business Imperatives for Data Innovation by Building Effective Internal Data Engineering Teams
    Work With the IT/IS Function to Set Your Knowledge Management Project Up for Success
    Augment Information Discovery Capabilities Across Medicinal Sciences by Overcoming Master Metadata Challenges
    Ensure Buy-in Through Change Leadership that Informs and
    Directs Multiple Business Units and Functions to Champion
    and Utilize Progressive Knowledge Management Systems
    Capture Vital Context for Re-usable Content

    Case Studies:
    AMGEN: Unlocking the Value of Knowledge to Enable Operational Excellence Promote Company-wide Strategic Usage and Achievement
    TAKEDA: Visualize Value to Effect Business Insights by Collaboratively Formulating Multidimensional Dashboards
    NOVARTISY: Investigate Novartis’ Insights-Driven Solution
    PFIZER: Look at the Past, Present and Future Impact of Data Science at Pfizer: The Progression from Data Management to Visualization to Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    F. HOFFMAN-LA ROCHE: Introduce a New Knowledge Management System and the Win the Fight for Optimal Stakeholder Engagement

    Panel Discussions:
    Examine the Efficacy of Knowledge Management in Light of the Context, Roles and Responsibilities Apportioned to Knowledge Management Champions Relative to Stakeholders
    Improve Data Management and Analysis by Gleaning Lessons from Leaders and Knowledge Management Champions From Various Business Units

    Carousel Discussion Exercise (Best Practices Conversational Forum)

3rd Life Science Knowledge Management Summit, August 8-9, 2016, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Conference Theme: Realize Your Vision Through the Design, Implementation and Execution of a Coherent Knowledge Management Ecosystem

    Institute a sound governance model to manage relevant and related processes (keynote)
    Create a platform that utilizes knowledge management to inform decisions at multiple points in the discovery phase
    Learn the fundamentals to reduce your online risk profile
    Maximize company goals using a strategic, visiondriven approach
    Ensure fidelity to planned usage of knowledge management through comprehensive digital governance
    Deliver knowledge management value in digital governance through a rigorous approach to risk/benefit analysis
    Develop, drive and implement a strategic plan for cross-functional use of technology and systems
    Promote companywide strategy knowledge management usage and achievement
    Leverage knowledge management for speed and agility

    Case Studies:
    Eli Lilly: Balancing knowledge sharing with data confidentiality — a new knowledge management application in research and development
    Roche Innovation Center: Examine the pred external partner (pep) tool used to manage external collaborations

    Panel Discussions:
    Show and tell: Showcase knowledge management solutions for pharma
    Devise and incorporate metrics for knowledge management conducive to mergers and acquisitions, global expansion, and Cross-department incorporation

2nd Life Science Knowledge Management Summit, August 12-13, 2015, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Conference Theme: Drive Business Decisions amd Optimize the Relationship Between People, Processes and Technology Through Robust Knowledge Management Systems

    Pre-conference Workshops (Aug 12): Design a Knowledge Management Strategy to Drive Better Business Decisions and Improve Operations and Information Management

    Apply Social Business and Metadata to Empower Search and Insight
    The Execution of Complex IT Projects and How to Successfully Transition Them into Operations in a Research Unit in the Life Sciences Industry
    Effective Change Management in the Context of a Knowledge Management Framework
    Digital Learning Objects as a Knowledge Platform for IT Transformation
    The Use of Cloud Computing to Support Information Technology Needs and Knowledge Management
    Utilize an Internal Knowledge Management System to Provide the Best and Most Timely Information to Different Stakeholders

    Case Studies:
    Boehringher Ingelheim’s Exploratory Search Paradigm to Optimize Searchability, Findability, Learning and Decision-making Within Pharma
    Leverage Knowledge Management to Change the Behavior of Teams in the Life Sciences Industry
    Lessons Learned after Using a Search Technology Platform for Knowledge Management
    Astrazeneca’s Implementation of a Governance Model to Manage Digital Assets Used Across the Company
    Taxonomy as a Foundation for Information Architecture and Knowledge Management

    Panel Discussions:
    Achieve Early Corporate Buy-in of Knowledge Management Initiatives to Drive Business Metrics and Increase Productivity

1st Life Science Knowledge Management Summit, August 12-13, 2014, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Conference Theme: Enhance Information Management and Intelligence Extraction to Create an Environment Where Collaboration and Business Continuity Meet

    Tracks: Information Management; Intelligence Extraction; Knowledge Retention; Find-ability/Accessibility; Business Intelligence/Analytics; Corporate Compliance; Corporate Buy-In; Business Continuity

    Information Life Cycle Management Practices and Challenges
    How Medical Affairs can Support Clinical Trials and R&D through a Information Infrastructure
    Methodology to Glean Intelligence from Documents to Facilitate Information Management
    Extract Key Business Insights and Decisions from Social Media through a Data Sharing Platform
    Enhance Business Intelligence Strategies through Cross-Functional Collaboration
    Design and Implement User Driven Knowledge and Information Search, Organization and Intelligence Solutions in the Biotechnology Industry
    Big Data, Business Analytics and Intuition-Based Decision Making
    Understand Multi-Level Stakeholders, Audiences and Champions to Support the Knowledge Management Technology Initiative
    Leverage Informal Networks into Self-Sustained and Supportive Communities to Develop Business Continuity

    Case Studies:
    Pfizer’s Integration of a Taxonomy Management Backbone (TMB) with Search to Support Clinical Operations
    Merck’s Creation of an Agile and Scalable Data Science Platform to Increase Information Find-ability, Accessibility and Reuse in Research and Development
    The Disciplined Experiment Approach to Evaluating Infromation Resources by Rigorously Testing New Tools by Applying the Principles of the Scientific Method
    Gilead Sciences’ PALM to Increase Compliance Within the Company by Simplifying Policies and Procedures

    Panel Discussions:
    Knowledge Management 2.0

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