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  • Knowledge Management: What It Is, What It Does, What It Can Do
      Knowledge Management–Tape1
      About this course
      Characteristics of Successful Organizations
      What is Knowledge?
      Red Riding Hood
      Why tell stories?
      What is management?
      What is knowledge work?
      Two types of business problems

      Knowledge Management–Tape2
      what is Knowledge Management?
      Two Views Promulgated in the Literature
      The Fifth Discipline
      The Need for Knowledge Management
      Return on Investment
      Chief Learning Officer/Chief Knowledge Officer
      Knowledge Management Methods
      Knowledge Management Technologies
      What is Data?
      Where is Data Stored?

      Knowledge Management–Tape3
      Data Warehouse
      Data Warehouse Terms
      Data Mart
      Data Mining
      Knowledge Discovery in Database
      Benefits from Business Intelligence
      Enterprise Information Portal
      Content Management Technology
      Image Management
      Document Management
      Records Management
      How do People Learn?
      Knowledge Management Audit
      Technology Considerations

      Knowledge Management–Tape4
      Complex Adaptive Systems
      Behaviors & Marketing Knowledge Management within your Organization
      Generation X
      Records Management
      How do we Need to Approach Knowledge Management?
      Knowledge Management in a Nutshell
      Bottom Line
      Assess Context

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