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Anecdote International, formerly Anecdote, offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Anecdote Academy


Public Training

  • (Virtual) Story-Powered Leadership® (was: Storytelling for Leaders, Business Storytelling (for Leaders) / Storytelling for Business Leaders)
  • (Virtual) Story-Powered Sales™ (English/Spanish; was: Storytelling for Sales)

Online Training

    Leading Change with Inspiring Stories (online; one-to-one coaching)
    7 Tips To Be A Better Business Storyteller (three-part video series)
    Story-Powered Sales 1-on-1 Coaching
    Story-Powered Partners Program

In-house training

    Story-Powered Strategy™ — Making Strategy Stick
    Story-Powered Leadership® — How to influence, engage and inspire
    Story-Powered Sales™ — How to connect, influence and sell
    Story-Powered Data™ — Data storytelling that inspires action
    Story Coaching — Make your communications sparkle
    Keynote Presentations — Inspire your team

Past Public Training

  • Story-Powered Data Storytelling (public in 2021; in-house since 2016; was: Data Storytelling workshop program (half-day face-to-face or online))
  • School Story Lab (2021)
  • Story-Powered Strategy™
  • Story-powered Culture Change (was: Storytelling for Change / Narrative techniques for change / Influencing change with the natural power of stories)
  • Narrative Techniques for Business
  • Releasing Insight in Your Organisation Through the Power of Story (with Straits Knowledge and Gary Klein)
  • The Strategic Use of Business Stories (with Straits Knowledge)
  • Starting and Sustaining Communities of Practice
  • Narrative Techniques for Knowledge Management
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Story Master – Storytelling for leaders and managers
  • Making social network analysis more social
  • Change your story – Change your world
  • Narrative techniques in practice


Story Work for Business meetup (aka Story Work in Business (SWIB) meetup)

    Nov 2023: From complicated to clarity: an introduction to data storytelling (originally scheduled for Oct 2023)
    Aug 2023: 1st First meeting of Story Work for Business


Anecdote story circles

    (open to and free for anyone who has completed some form of Anecdote training!)

Top TED Talks Reaction Video

    Nov 2022: Unleash the Power of Micro-Stories; The storytelling genius of Ken Robinson unpacked

Other Webinars

  • Nov 2022: “Scale, Climate, Inclusion!”: How stories can tackle your organisation’s biggest challenges
  • Aug 2022: Story-Powered Leadership: Unpacking the Secrets of the World’s Best Communicators
  • May 2022: Bring your data to life with stories (2x)
  • Aug 2020: Learn how to tell a success story that will help you sell
  • May 2020: Anecdote’s Response Story Webinar (promoted as: What’s Your COVID-19 Response Story? A narrative to succeed under COVID-19)
  • “A Conversation on Stories at Work” 4 part webinar series
    Shawn Callahan and Victoria Ward talk about their recent story-based projects and answer your questions (Mar 2019, May 2019, Jul 2019, Nov 2019)
  • Nov 2018: Story-powered Culture Change: How to use story-listening and story-triggering as culture change techniques
  • Feb 2013: Storytelling for Leaders


“Shawn and Mike talk behaviour change” video Series

    Tips for developing a habit of storytelling
    #1 Fear, #2 Story Competitions

“Answering your frequently asked questions” short video series

    Can technical or scientific people get value from telling stories?
    Why should we build a story bank?
    What should we do if a leader is telling the same story over and over again?
    Can we make our stories up?
    What key things will help us build our storytelling skills?


“Anecdotally Speaking” podcast series on issues in storytelling

Keynote Talks

  • Keynote Speaking on issues in storytelling

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