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The University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

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Invitational Symposium on Knowledge Management, October 27-29, 1991, Berkley Springs, WV, USA
Conference Theme: Exploring the Knowledge Management Model
(co-sponsored by the Council on Library Resources and Johns Hopkins University, William H. Welch Medical Library)

The Invitational Symposium on Knowledge Management is a policy-level forum for examination of the knowledge management model. It is the culmination of a three-year study, funded by the Council on Library Resources (CLR), that focused on knowledge management, a practical working alternative to existing roles and relationships in the creation and management of scholarly knowledge. (Synopsis)

    Plenary Sessions:
    A Knowledge Management Environment: Multiple Models and Roles in Scientific and Scholarly Communication
    Revisiting the Library of the Future
    Data Creation and Data Management: Interrelated Phenomena
    MEMDB: The Banking of History
    Reflections on Knowledge Management

    Discussion Groups:
    Scholarlyand Scientific Communication
    Intellectual Property
    Institutional Infrastructure
    New Technologiesfor Knowledge Management

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