Teaching Knowledge Management to secondary education teachers through an action research model

Abstract: This paper presents a model of teaching KM to teachers of public secondary education. The model proposed is anthropocentric, grounded mainly on the socioconstructivistic approach. It is based on three basic building blocks: action-research, praxeology, and accompanying mentoring. This paper presented the application of the model in 12 public secondary education schools in Greece and resulted in an improvement in the function of teachers’ teams and also in improvement in both the psychological climate of students’ classes and in school climate. Finally, it reveals time and identity as fundamental issues for the success of teaching KM in education.

Victoria Konidari, Yvan Abernot : Teaching KM to secondary education teachers through an action research model. International Journal of Teaching and Case Studies (Special Issue on Teaching Knowledge Management), Volume 1 – Issue 3 – 2008: 234 – 252

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