Knowledge Summit Dublin

Knowledge Summit Dublin

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The Knowledge Summit Dublin, announced as Knowledge Management Dublin, is an innovative ‘flipped’ Knowledge Management conference, designed to prioritise the exchange of tacit knowledge. It is curated by practitioners, for practitioners.

Conference History:

Knowledge Summit Dublin 2024, 10-11 June 2024, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland

(Sponsors: Enterprise Knowledge; KM Institute; The Learning Forum; etů; elqano; KPMG, ClearPeople; Ernst & Young)

    Note: The summit was announced as Knowledge Management Dublin 2024 originally scheduled for 12-13 June 2024, Alex Hotel, and 11-12 June 2024, Trinity College Dublin. The Trinity College Dublin may only be the venue, not associated with the summit. Ikonik Knowledge, the organizer of the, summit was created in October 2023. The conference program may have changed. “Please check [the] Knowledge Summit App for the latest agenda!

    Pre-conference Events:
    Dinner Knowledge Exchange Sessions (Jun 9)

    Fueling Artificial Intelligence: How Tacit Knowledge Capture and KM Fundamentals Lay the Foundation for Successful AI
    Can Your Brain Be Hacked? How Do We Motivate Whole Organizations To Share Knowledge Instinctively?
    Improving Our KM Practice: Mentoring, Learning, Networking (Short Keynote)
    Being Human, Why You Cannot ‘capture’ Tacit Knowledge And Why You Shouldn’t Replace Abductive Reasoning With Algorithms
    The Smart Mission: NASA’s Lessons For Managing Knowledge, People, and Projects
    Dialogues and Documents: Driving Innovation with Generative AI in Knowledge Management (Short Keynote)

    Plenary Panels:
    KM And Resilience: Responding To Global Shocks
    Gen AI for KM, Today and Tomorrow

    Expert Panel Discussions:
    With Generative AI, KM is the new Black
    Radical Knowledge Management: Helping The Humans In An AI World
    Knowledge ISO 30401 And Gen AI: What Does The Future Hold
    Critical Thinking Using GenAI – Pushing The Boundaries In The Knowledge Era
    KM Strategy Working Session
    AI and Generative AI for KM

    Learning Stories:
    KM and AI at Meta
    AI The Trojan Horse For Fixing Corporate KM: Asian Development Bank (ADB) Case Study
    Where Tacit And Digital Meet
    KM Technologies And Practilses At Porsche: What Orives Us
    Cracking The Code: Lessons Learned From A 25 Year Journey Through KM
    Driving a Culture of Knowledge Sharing in Life Sciences

    Knowledge Jams:
    How to calculate ROI from KM
    Mapping The Knowledge Of An Enterprise: How Fluor Knows What Fluor Knows
    Knowledge Management Made Simpler, But Not Necessarily Easier! Lessons from KM in Practice
    Knowledge Café On Conversational Leadership
    What Happens With Knowledge Sharing – And Knowledge Hiding! – in Hybrid Workplaces, And What We Can Do About It?
    Beyond Knowledge: The Need for insight

    Ancient Knowledge Evening (Jun 10)

    Associated Events:
    Apr 2024: Knowledge Summit Dublin Guest Panel (Knowledge Cast – Enterprise Knowledge Podcast series)
    Feb 2024: Knowledge Summit Dublin 2024 (Knowledge Cast – Enterprise Knowledge Podcast series)

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