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The Consortium for Service Innovation (CSI), formerly the Customer Support Consortium (CSC),1) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

The KCS Academy 2)

Certification Courses

  • Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) Certification
    – KCS Fundamentals Certification
    – KCS Practices Certification
    – KCS Trainer Certification
    – KCS Internal Trainer Certification
  • KCS Fundamentals for Support Analysts**
    – KCS Publisher Certification / KCS Certified Publisher**
    – Support Coach Certification (was: KCS Coach Certification) / KCS Certified Coach**
  • Programs coming soon (ever launched?):
    – KCS Certified Manager (1st and 2nd level managers)
    – KCS Certified KDE (Knowledge Domain Engineer)
    – KCS Certified Adoption Program Manager


Self-Paced Online Training

    KCS Fundamentals

Recurring Workshops (Instructor-Led Training)

  • KCS Overview
  • KCS Fundamentals**
  • KCS Practices Workshop
  • KCS Coach Development Workshop
  • Knowledge Domain Analysis Workshop
  • KCS Leadership Overview Workshop
  • Intelligent Swarming (Insights) Workshop

  • On-site Executive Briefing
  • KCS and the Future of Support (Executive Briefing)
  • KCS v5 to v6 Study Session / KCS Certification: v5 to v6** (online)
  • (On-site) KCS Verified Trainer program**
  • Executive Development Program** (long-term; 2 days)
  • (On-site) KCS Management Development Workshop**
  • (Online; On-site) KCS Foundations Workshop (The KCS Principles) **

One-time Workshops:

  • Sep 2014: KCS and Intelligent Swarming: Introductory Workshop
  • July 2012: Transforming Knowledge Workshop (KCS v5 Foundations)
  • May 2012: Introduction to KCS
  • Jul 2002: The Consortium Workshop on Knowledge-Centered Support and the Self-Organizing Enterprise (KCS Update and an Introduction to Betty)
  • May 2001: KCS Success Workshop


CSI Summits

  • Consortium Member Summit*
  • Consortium Executive Summit*

KCS Academy World Tour

  • 2020
    Sep 2020: Orlando, USA | June 2020: Amsterdam, Netherlands (CANCELLED) | Mar 2020: Santa Clara, USA
  • 2019
    Sep 2019: Boston, USA | Jun 2019: London, United Kingdom | Mar 2019: San Francisco, USA
  • 2018
    Oct 2018: Seattle, USA | Apr 2018: Munich, Germany | Mar 2018: Boston, USA

Other Conferences

  • ISSIP – Consortium Discovery Summit on Digital Transformation, May 23-24, 2017, Santa Clara, CA, USA
    Cognitive Analytics for Predictive Customer Engagement
    (Co-organizer: International Society of Service Innovation Professionals; Sponsor: San Jose State University, Lucas Graduate School of Business)


KCS Aligned & Verified Vendor Series

    Jul 2023: Delivering Knowledge in the Post-Search World of AI (was: Support Knowledge in a Post-Search World)

    May 2022: Best Practices for KCS Success with Tyler Technologies
    Apr 2022: Knowledge Management Outcomes: Findability vs. Discoverability

    Nov 2021: Expert Insight: Challenges of Implementing KCS and How to Address Them
    Jun 2021: Let’s Talk (KCS) Shop: Common Pitfalls and Best Practices for KCS Implementation
    Apr 2021: Jacobs Engineering Group Uses Coveo for KCS Beyond Service and Support

    Dec 2020: Electrolux Case Study: How Electrolux use Knowledge Management strategy and advanced technology to improve customer experience
    Nov 2020: Enable High Value Contributions
    Oct 2020: Optimize for Service Success

KCS in Action Web Sessions

    Jun 2023: KCS in Action: SAP’s Innovative Approach for Knowledge Article Scoring
    May 2023: KCS in Action: Change Management and KCS in a Digital First World
    Feb 2023: KCS In Action: Social KDEs at Quest
    Jan 2023: KCS in Action: Selling the Benefits of a KCS Coaching Program

    Nov 2022: KCS in Action: Alation’s KCS Journey
    Oct 2022: KCS in Action: Knowledge Domain Analysis Panel
    Aug 2022: KCS in Action: Optimizing Sales Support through KCS
    Apr 2022: KCS in Action: Sustaining Content Health & Customer Success with Content Strategy ​
    Feb 2022: KCS in Action: Turning Data into Continuous Improvement
    Jan 2022: KCS in Action: PTC’s Approach to Knowledge Domain Analysis

    Dec 2021: KCS in Action: Learn how ADP integrated Agile Methodology while implementing KCS
    Nov 2021: KCS in Action: Maximize Success by Implementing Coaching
    Oct 2021: KCS in Action: Parsons’ Journey Deploying KCS to the Enterprise
    Aug 2021: KCS in Action: ADP’s KCS Journey using Agile Methodology
    Jun 2021: KCS in Action: Guiding Principles for a Successful KCS Adoption
    May 2021: KCS in Action: Knowledge Base Reporting that Drives KCS Behavior at Veritas
    Apr 2021: KCS in Action: Social KDEs at Quest
    Feb 2021: KCS in Action: Leveling Up a KCS Program to v6 Standards

    Dec 2020: KCS in Action: Knowledge-base Driven Problem Management
    Nov 2020: KCS in Action at OSIsoft
    Oct 2020: KCS in Action: Building a Strategic Framework
    Aug 2020: KCS in Action: Helping Managers Understand Knowledge-Centered Service
    Jul 2020: KCS in Action: Coaching Program & Licensing Model at Chick-fil-A
    Jun 2020: KCS in Action at athenahealth
    May 2020: KCS in Action: Improving Time To Resolution
    Apr 2020: KCS in Action: Knowledge as Organizational Arc Reactor
    Mar 2020: KCS in Action at Waters Corporation
    Feb 2020: KCS in Action: Dealing with Zero Result Searches
    Jan 2020: KCS in Action: Swarming at FinancialForce

    Dec 2019: KCS in Action: Building Radar Charts
    Oct 2019: KCS in Action: KCS at Small Scale
    Sep 2019: KCS in Action: Tech Writers and KCS
    May 2019: KCS in Action with Zendesk and Slack
    Apr 2019: KCS in Action at Paychex
    Mar 2019: KCS in Action at Blizzard Entertainment
    Feb 2019: KCS in Action: Coaching at PointClickcare
    Jan 2019: KCS in Action: Translation at National Instruments

    Nov 2018: KCS in Action at Eagle Investment Systems
    Oct 2018: KCS in Action at CA Technologies; KCS in Action: Coaching and Licensing
    Aug 2018: KCS in Action at DTCC
    Jul 2018: KCS in Action at athenahealt

KCS ConversationStorm

    Dec 2014: Taxonomy: Linking Incidents, Knowledge, and People: A ConversationStorm

    May 2013: Knowledge Management in the Cloud
    May 2012: Topics TBD

    Apr 2012: Using Text Analysis to Translate Verbatim Feedback
    Feb 2012: New vs. Known, Gamification, Mobile for KM, and more

    Dec 2011: Topics TBD

KCS DeepDive Discussion

    May 2012: Revitalizing a Stalled KCS Implementation; Gamification and KCS
    Apr 2012: Taking the Mystery out of Radar Charts; New vs Known Study: The Template in Detail
    Feb 2012: Video Content Considerations; Topics TBD

KCS Book Club

    Apr 2012: Too Big to Know by David Weinberger
    Feb 2012: Book TBD
    Dec 2011: Book TBD
    Nov 2011: Book TBD

Other Web Sessions

    Oct 2022: Member Summit Recap
    Jun 2022: Introduction to Knowledge Graphs (Members only)
    Mar 2018: KCS & ITIL
    Feb 2018: KCS and Enterprise Content Management

    Mar 2017: KCS Goals: Measuring the Right Things

    Dec 2016: KCS Licensing Model
    Nov 2016: KCS System Assessment: Looking at the Health of Your Implementation
    Oct 2016: Translation Workflows and KCS
    Jul 2016: KCS Evolve Loop: What’s an SKDE?
    Jun 2016: To Taxonomy or Not to Taxonomy?
    May 2016: Introducing KCS v6
    Jan 2016: Introducing the KCS v6 Adoption Guide; KCS Success – Leadership & Communication

    Aug 2015: Performance Assessment in a KCS Environment
    Apr 2015: KCS Adoption-Measuring Web Success
    Feb 2015: Adopting and Sustaining KCS

    Jul 2014: KCS Evolution Plan


Consortium Conversation

    May 2023: Distilling the KCSv6 Adoption & Transformation Guide
    Jan 2023: KCS with No Staff, No Funding, No Time, and Bad Tools

    Dec 2022: Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Overview
    Oct 2022: A Field Guide for KCS Program Management

    Mar 2021: Knowledge Content and Customer Success
    Jan 2021: Social Networks, Communities, and Support

    Jul 2020: Consortium Conversation: Securing KDA Resources

KCS in Action Roundtables (online; was: KCS Academy Roundtables)

    Apr 2023: Getting started on your KCS journey; Launching and sustaining a KCS coaching program; Maximizing KCS with an effective Knowledge Domain Analysis (KDA) program; Measuring the success of your KCS implementation; Improving the effectiveness of the self-service and community experience; Assessing the health of and rebooting your KCS Program as needed

    Jun 2021: Getting Started on your KCS Journey; Assessing and Maturing your KCS program; Launching and Sustaining your KCS Coaching Program; Maximizing KCS with an effective KDA program; Measuring Success of your KCS Program; Improving the effectiveness of your Self-Service Experience; Intelligent Swarming Insights
    Mar 2021: Getting Started on your KCS Journey; Launching and Sustaining your KCS Coaching Program; Maximizing KCS with an effective KDA program; Measuring Success of your KCS Program; Improving the effectiveness of your Self-Service Experience; Intelligent Swarming Insights; Gaining Executive Buy-In for KCS

    Aug 2020: Launching and Sustaining your KCS Program; Launching and Sustaining your KCS Coaching Program; Maximizing KCS with an effective KDA program; Measuring Success of your KCS Program;Improving the effectiveness of your Self-Service Experience; Intelligent Swarming Insights

Team Meetings (in person and/or online)

  • Jun 2023: Team Meeting: Next-Gen Knowledge Sharing
  • Nov 2022: KCS in Small Teams: European Team Meeting
  • Jul 2022: KnowledgeOps
  • Jul 2021: Knowledge, Communities, and Social Networks
  • Apr 2021: Long-Term KCS Success
  • Feb 2021: Knowledge-Centered Success: Team Meeting
  • Nov 2020: Knowledge as a Service: Team Meeting
  • Jul 2020: The Relationship Between Knowledge and Value: Team Meeting; Securing Knowledge Domain Analysis (KDA) Resources
  • May 2020: Enhancing KCS Roles Team Meeting
  • Oct 2018: KCS: Agile Knowledge Management Team Meeting; KCS EU Team Meeting (Online); KCS EU Team Meeting (In Person); KCS Coaching Meet Up (Online)
  • Sep 2018: KCS Across the Organization: EU Team Meeting
  • Aug 2018: Leveraging Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for Customer Success: Team Meeting
  • Feb 2018: KCS Across the Organization Team Meeting
  • Oct 2017: Evolution of KCS Content: EU Team Meeting
  • Jun 2017: KCS Evolve Loop Team Meeting
  • May 2017: KCS Across the Organization Team Meeting
  • Sep 2016: KCS v6: Adoption and Enablers Team Meeting
  • Feb 2016: KCS v6: Team Meeting
  • Jun 2015: KCS Success – Solve Loop: Team Meeting
  • Apr 2015: KCS Adoption & Success: Team Meeting
  • Nov 2015: KCS Success – Evolve Loop
  • Oct 2015: KCS Measures: Team Meeting
  • Jan 2015: Communities, Social Networks, and KCS
  • Jan 2013: Energizing Your KCS Implementation
  • Sep 2012: Game Design and KCS
  • 2011:…
  • 2010 KCS Certification Development Team meetings: Aug (Online), Aug (in Person)
  • 2009:…
  • 2008 KCS Team meetings: Feb (In Person)
  • 2007 KCS Team meetings: Jun (In Person), Sep (In Person)
  • 2006 Joint KCS/Betty Team meetings: May (In Person), Jun (In Person), Aug (In Person), Dec (In Person)
  • 2005 Joint KCS/Betty Team meetings: Mar (In Person), Dec (In Person)
  • 2004 Joint KCS/Betty Team meetings: Sep (In Person), Dec (In Person)
  • 2003 KCS Process and Certification Group meetings: Apr (Online), May (Online)
  • 2002 KCS Implementer’s Team (KCS-I Team) meetings: Feb (Online), Mar (Online), Apr (Online), May (In Person) Sep (2x Online), Oct (3x Online)
  • 2001 KCS Implementer’s Team (KCS-I Team) meetings: Mar (Online), Apr (Online), May (Online), June (In Person) Jul (2x Online), Aug (Online)

KCS Town Meetings

  • May 2017: KCS Town Meeting (Stockholm)
  • Jul 2015: KCS Town Meeting (Andover, MA)
  • Nov 2011: KCS Update, Social Media and Support (Melbourne, Sydney)
  • Oct 2011: KCS Town Meeting (London area)
  • Mar 2010: KCS Adoption (Sunnyvale, CA)

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