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The University of Kentucky (UKY) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Gatton College of Business and Economics > Department of Management 1) > LINKS Center for Social Network Analysis 2)

Graduate Programs

  • PhD in Business Asministration / Management PhD Program (Concentrations: Social Networks in Business)
    PhD courses: MGT 780: Social Network Analysis, a Ph.D. level course; MGT 795: Social Networks and Organizations


  • Intra-Organizational Networks Conference (ION Conference)*


  • Summer Workshop on Social Network Analysis

LINKS Center Colloquium Series

  • Dec 2009: Applying social network analysis in national defense settings: Challenges and Misconceptions; The interplay between governance and capabilities in outsourcing knowledge work: The roles of professional, domain, and context-specific knowledge
  • Nov 2009: The co-evolution of instrumental and affective content in intraorganizational task-related networks: A theory of affective primacy
  • Jun 2009: Core/periphery structures in 2-mode networks
  • Feb 2009: Creative projects: A less-routine approach toward getting new things done
  • Jan 2009: Siena Workshop I; Siena Workshop II
  • Nov 2008: Careers and Social Capital; Thank You For Dissing Me: Positive Aspects of Negative Ties
  • Mar 2008: Simmelian Ties; Dormant Ties; The UVA Round Table
  • Jan 2008: Collective Mood Swings and Shifting Closeness: How Optimal Affect and Density Configurations Differ for Generating and Selecting Creative Ideas

Gatton College of Business and Economics > Department of Management 1) > Decision Science and Information Systems Area > Kentucky Initiative for Knowledge Management (KIKM)*

Graduate Programs

  • PhD in Business Asministration / Decision Science and Information Systems PhD Program (Concentration: Knowledge Management)**

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