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The University of Oklahoma (OU), formerly the Norman Territorial University, has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

College of Arts and Sciences > School of Library and Information Studies

Graduate Degrees/Programs

  • Master of Science in Knowledge Management (MSKM; 2003-2010)**
    • Required courses: LIS 5033 Information and Knowledge Society; LIS 5023 Management of Information and Knowledge Organizations; LIS 5043 Organization of Information and Knowledge Resources; LIS 5053 Information Users in the Knowledge Society
    • Guided Electives
      • Organizational Development and Management: KM 5223 Information Technology Management; HR 5033 Seminar in Leadership in Organizations; KM 5263 Organizational Learning and Learning Organizations; ODYN 5113 The Psychology of Leadership; ODYN 5133 Teams and Motivation; ODYN 5253 Organizational Development; ODYN 5313 Planning Processes and Strategy Development
      • Information Technology: KM 5603 Information Systems and Networks; KM 5653 Preservation of Information Materials; KM 5673 Knowledge Management Tools and Technologies; KM 5990 Database Management; KM 5990 Digital Collections; KM 5990 (5603) Information and Communication Technologies; KM 5990 Networks and Information Management Systems; TCOM 5213 Network Design and Management; TCOM 5353 E-Commerce Architecture; TCOM 5553 Telecommunications Technology
      • Content Management: KM 5433 Design and Implementation of Networked Information Services; LIS 5403 Cataloging and Classification; KM 5413 Indexing and Abstracting; KM 5473 Document and Records Management
      • Access to Knowledge Structures: IE 5813 Information Ergonomics; KM 5523 Online Information Retrieval; KM 5553 Competitive Intelligence
      • Research, Discovery, and Evaluation: KM 5713 Research Methods; KM 5723 Knowledge Management Design Project
    • General electives: KM 5823 Internship in Knowledge Management; KM 5920 Directed Research; KM 5940 Directed Project; KM 5960 Directed Reading; KM 5980 Research for Master’s Thesis; KM 5990 Special Problems


  • Knowledge and Information Professional Association (KIPA) 1)


  • 4th Knowledge and Project Management Symposium (KPM Symposium 2009), August 12-13, 2009, University of Oklahoma, Tulsa, USA
    (Co-organizer: Knowledge and Information Professional Association; Project Management Institute, Tulsa Chapter)
  • 3rd Knowledge and Project Management Symposium (KPM Symposium 2008), August 18-20, 2008, University of Oklahoma, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
    (Co-organizer: Green Country Knowledge and Information Professionals; Project Management Institute, Tulsa Chapter)

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