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Earley Information Science (EIS), formerly Earley & Associates, offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Taxonomy and Ontology Community of Practice (was: Taxonomy Community of Practice (TaxoCoP))
  • Search Community of Practice*
  • Boston Knowledge Management Forum*


    Custom on-site workshops and training on topics in Organizational Knowledge (Knowledge Management, Knowledge Engineering, etc.)

Past Seminars/Workshops

    Content Management: Organizing the Chaos
    Knowledge Management Intensive
    Mapping Organizational Knowledge
    Practical Taxonomies
    Developing Enterprise Taxonomies
    Taxonomy Implementation & Integration
    Taxonomy and Metadata Standards Governance
    Creating Effective Content Management & Search Strategies
    Taxonomy & Search: Using Taxonomies to Improve Search

Past Briefings

    Social Network Analysis, Discovering How Work Really Gets Done

Past Client Seminars

    Building Knowledge Management Systems


“Knowledge Management” Webinars

    Unlocking the Power of Generative AI: The Critical Role of Knowledge Management
    Knowledge Management and Virtual Assistants
    Knowledge Management Imperative: Why KM is Essential to AI
    Complex Product Configuration: The Intersection of Knowledge Management and Product Information Management
    Knowledge Architecture – The Path to Automating Customer Support Interactions
    Knowledge Management’s New Renaissance – Solving Problems Today While Preparing for an AI Powered Future
    Back to Basics: Getting to the Next Level in Knowledge Management
    How to Build a SharePoint Knowledge Portal that People Love to Use
    Knowledge Engineering, Knowledge Management and Chatbots

“Knowledge Engineering” Webinars

    Demystifying Knowledge Graphs – Applications in Discovery, Compliance and Governance
    Unlock the Value of Data Discovery Using Knowledge Graphs and Hybrid AI
    Powering Personalized Search with Knowledge Graphs
    How Knowledge Graphs Increase The Value of Company Data Assets

The Power of Search-Based Applications

    Nov 2012: (1) What Every Knowledge Manager Needs to Know, (2) Leveraging Ontology for KM Solutions

Business Taxonomies 101 webinar series (quarterly)

    Mar 2011; Nov 2010

“The Business Value of Taxonomy” Expert Panel Discussion series


Taxonomy Community of Practice Calls (monthly TaxoCoP calls)

    Jul 2010: Rights Management Taxonomy – A Key to Digital Content Value
    Jun 2010: Taxonomy, Navigation, Social Media & User Interface
    May 2010: Cross-Channel Brand Management
    Apr 2010: The Role of Taxonomy in Enterprise Architecture (Taxonomy Bootcamp 2009 keynote)
    Mar 2010: Cross Mapping Taxonomies
    Feb 2010: Taxonomy for Social Software
    Jan 2010: Taxonomy for Personalization

    Dec 2009: Metadata for Digital Images
    Nov 2009: Developing an Ontology
    Oct 2009: Taxonomy Evaluation Considerations
    Sep 2009: DITA, Metadata Maturity & the Case for Taxonomy
    Aug 2009: Conducting a Search Audit
    Jul 2009: Metadata Maturity Survey Findings
    Jun 2009: Taxonomy for Portals
    May 2009: Global Taxonomy Management
    Apr 2009: Content Migration
    Mar 2009: Auto Tagging Requirements & Advances
    Feb 2009: Best Practices in Taxonomy Development for Faceted Search
    Jan 2009: Taxonomy SharePoint

    Nov 2008: Search Integration
    Oct 2008: Content Strategies
    Sep 2008: Search Analytics Case Studies
    Aug 2008: Taxonomy and SEO
    Jul 2008: Faceted Search Applications and DAM
    Jun 2008: User Testing and Card Sorting
    May 2008: Online Product Catalogs: Taxonomy IS User Experience
    Apr 2008: Taxonomy Project Deliverables
    Feb 2008: Taxonomy ROI (Roundtable)
    Jan 2008: Getting Management Buy-in

    Nov 2007: Taxonomies & Publishing Standards
    Oct 2007: Taxonomies & the Semantic Web
    Sep 2007: Blending Folksonomies and Taxonomies
    Aug 2007: Facets and Taxonomies
    Jul 2007: Beyond Auto Categorization
    Jun 2007: Auto Categorization: Tools and Implementation
    May 2007: Multilingual Taxonomies
    Apr 2007: Taxonomy Validation
    Mar 2007: Taxonomy and Knowledge Management
    Feb 2007: Developing taxo project requirements
    Jan 2007: Integration with Enterprise Initiatives

    Nov 2006: Taxonomies and Information Architecture
    Oct 2006: Operationalizing your taxonomy
    Sep 2006: Taxonomies for customer support
    Aug 2006: Governance Revisited
    Jul 2006: Social Tagging
    Jun 2006: Topic Maps
    May 2006: To Google or not to Google
    Apr 2006: Metrics and Measurement
    Mar 2006: Indexing and Taxonomy Creation
    Feb 2006: Content Management System Integration
    Jan 2006: Semantic Technologies

    Dec 2005: Retrospective Indexing
    Nov 2005: Governance Models
    Oct 2005: Taxonomy Maturity Model
    Sep 2005: Auto Categorization and Taxonomy Generation
    Aug 2005: Enterprise Metadata Models and Taxonomies
    Jul 2005: Best Practices in Taxonomy Deployment
    Jun 2005: Case Examples in Deriving a Taxonomy
    May 2005: The Role of Taxonomy Development in Compliance Programs
    Apr 2005: Taxonomies and Search

Jump Start Conference Call Series (free)

    Optimizing SharePoint Search and Findability

    Content in Context: Why Dynamic Content and Content Choreography Is Critical to Information Management
    SharePoint 2010 – Architecting for Business Value

    Digital Asset Management

    Insurance & Content Management
    SharePoint Search & Information Architecture

    Semantic Technologies
    Search Solutions Redux

    Taxonomy & Metadata
    Social Network Analysis (SNA) (CANCELLED)

    Content Management
    Search Solutions


Earley AI Podcast series – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

    E027: Machine Learning and Algorithms
    E023: Knowledge Graphs and AI
    E019: Optimizing Enterprise Knowledge & Data with Knowledge Graphs
    E013: Taxonomy and Information Architecture
    E009: Practical & Scalable Knowledge Graphs
    E005: AI & Semantic Search

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