Southern African Knowledge Management Summit (SAKMS)*

Southern African Knowledge Management Summit (SAKMS)*

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The Southern African Knowledge Management Summit (SAKMS) provides a platform to showcase and interrogate the strategic value and practices of knowledge management as a key management discipline for the 21st century. It also serves as an opportunity for leaders and professionals in the knowledge management realm to connect and engage in robust dialogue and meaning making, participate in stimulating deep dives, as well as learning about latest developments, opportunities and challenges in the field.

2018 Southern African Knowledge Management Summit (SAKMS), 28-30 August 2018, TBA, South Africa

2017 Southern African Knowledge Management Summit (SAKMS), 29-31 August 2017, Johannesburg, South Africa
(co-organized with the Knowledge Management South Africa Society and in conjunction with their first Annual General Meeting)

  • Conference Theme: Connect, Learn & Innovate!
  • Workshops: Large-scale KM implementations (Subsessions: Change Management in a knowledge management project; Content and conversations: supporting knowledge sharing and re-use in a global corporate environment); Monitoring, learning & evaluation; Knowledge Management and ISO Standards on Knowledge, Assets, Quality, Risks and Innovation; Knowledge harvesting and transfer (Subsessions: Knowledge Harvesting & Transfer; Impactful KM implementation at a Development Finance Institution (IDC))

2016 Southern African Knowledge Management Summit (SAKMS), 10-12 May 2016, Pretoria, South Africa

  • Conference Theme: Be the Difference!
  • Workshops: How to integrate Knowledge Management tasks into our daily working processes; Uncover and co-design Knowledge Management in your organisation with Lego Serious Play; Be prepared for the Mobile Data Ownership & POPI challenges; Projects: To learn or not to learn?; Solving Problems with Knowledge Creation in Mind; Agile Knowledge Management: a cadence of continuous value delivery

2015 Southern African Knowledge Management Summit (SAKMS), 27-29 May 2015, Gauteng, South Africa

  • Conference Theme: Shaping minds for Africa: knowledge management as a competitive strategy
  • Workshops: Conduct a knowledge audit; Informal networks & Social Network Analysis; Knowledge Sharing Masterclasses: Playback Theatre & Building a narrative knowledge base; The role of the Knowledge Leader: a roundtable discussion; Using Knowledge Management tools to improve Enterprise Change, Project Outcomes & Business Capability Maturity

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