Knowledge Management South Africa Imbizo (KMSA Imbizo)*

Knowledge Management South Africa Imbizo (KMSA Imbizo)*

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The Knowledge Management South Africa Imbizo (KMSA Imbizo), formerly the Knowledge Management South Africa Convention (KMSA Convention), successor of the Southern African Knowledge Management Summit (SAKMS), is the annual conference or meeting of the Knowledge Management South Africa (KMSA) society.

The meeting provides a platform to showcase and interrogate the strategic value and practices of knowledge management as a key management discipline for the 21st century. It also serves as an opportunity for leaders and professionals in the knowledge management realm to connect and engage in robust dialogue and meaning making, participate in stimulating deep dives, as well as learning about latest developments, opportunities and challenges in the field.

The Southern African Knowledge Management Summit (SAKMS) has provided a forum for robust exchange and dialogue on current developments, applications, opportunities and challenges in the field of knowledge management.

Conference History:

2024 KMSA Imbizo, 21-22 August 2024, Umhlanga (near Durban), South Africa / Virtual venue

Conference Theme: Championing a knowledge-sharing culture
(Host: eThekwini Municipality)

    Conference program TBD

    Knowledge Management practice track
    Knowledge Management research track

    Culture; Knowledge exchange; Technology; Strategy; Measurement; Workforce

    Tyranny of the explicit
    The future of Knowledge Management: Claiming a spot in an Artificial Intelligence driven future

    Innovation and the link to Knowledge Management (2x)
    Knowledge Management Maturity Assessment at the Department of Cooperative Governance
    Knowledge Transfer and Sharing – The Case Study of the Rand Water Institute
    Design thinking as a mindset for change
    Sharing and transferring indigenous midwifery knowledge to the younger generation: The case of Hlokozi Village, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
    Information and Communication Technology Systems for Knowledge Management in research institutions
    User Experience for Knowledge Sharing
    KM + AI + Misinformation: Equation or Ecosystem?
    Unlocking Insights: Exploring The Value of Salga Seminars as Catalysts for Knowledge Sharing in Local Government
    Knowledge Management in a remote working environment for an international company and how to manage organizational culture in hybrid and remote settings
    Making knowledge sharing an integral part of what we do at the Road Accident Fund
    Quality Improvement: the importance and impact of data in QI
    Immersing knowledge sharing techniques in organisational strategy development
    A cloud-based knowledge management tool for Small, Medium, and Micro Enterprises servicing the mining industry in the Northwest Province, South Africa

    Panel Discussions: (1)

    KMSA Awards for Exellence:
    KMSA Chairpersons Award
    KMSA Champion Award: Public Voting category

2023 KMSA Imbizo, 21-22 August 2023, University of Pretoria, Pretoria, South Africa

Conference Theme: The Future of Knowledge Management is Hybrid
(Host: Future Africa, University of Pretoria)

    Note: The conference was originally scheduled for 21-23 August 2023 in Johannesburg.

    Keynotes: (2)
    Titles n.a.

    Systemic Innovation as a mechanism to turn knowledge into value – An overview of the City of Tshwane
    An Evolutionary approach to the interpretation and visualisation of data in a Dynamic Digital World
    Generative AI – a capability framework for KM practitioners
    Sensemaking and the potential future-focused curriculum for Society 5.0 Knowledge Managers: A South African perspective
    Work from Home and Hybrid Work: Optimising cross-project learning
    The use of proposal automation tools to help increase innovation and creativity
    Integrated Information Governance Framework
    Knowledge Management and sharing within the ambit of the Agile mindset
    Information Technology as an effective enabler for Knowledge Management processes within a Government Programme
    Challenges of Implementing Enterprise Resource Planning: Evidence from National Youth Development Agency
    Evaluating challenges and opportunities of knowledge management in the Arts sector of South Africa
    National Reading Barometer & Survey report
    The Introduction of MS Teams into the facilitation of knowledge sharing – a story of the Brown Bag Learning Sessions (BBLS) at Umgeni Water
    Strategic Framework for effective Knowledge Management in technology for the African Agricultural Transformation Programme

    Panel Discussions:
    National Knowledge café
    Collaboration: Applying and adapting a KM practitioners toolkit in a hybrid KM future

    KMSA Awards for Exellence

2022 KMSA e-Imbizo, 23-26 August 2022, Virtual venue

Conference Theme: Knowledge Collaboration and Connection

    Exploring the importance of coordinating the building of capacity in knowledge management for the sustainable development of SADC countries?

    A Country worth fighting for
    Exploring the value of “Third Space, Information Sharing, and Participatory Design” for the KMSA community
    KM and business performance
    Factors influencing knowledge management and sharing in the public sector for improvement of service delivery
    Exploration of Storytelling as a Knowledge Sharing Method
    How Data Governance can drive organisational business value
    Knowledge development, management, and co-ordination for efficient legislative drafting and parliamentary oversight
    Radical Knowledge Management: Using Lessons Learned From Artists to Create Sustainable Workplaces
    Feeding a knowledge-intensive society: ensuring an integrated organisational capability
    Knowledge continuity and knowledge loss risk assessment: key aspects when harvesting knowledge from employees close to retirement
    Critical Thinking Skills in Tertiary Education in Botswana
    Innovation and knowledge management
    Knowledge management needs a revolution

    Sponsored Presentations:
    Accelerate winning through collaborative content (Sponsored by nFold)
    Universal Knowledge 6 Moving KM strategy to Reality (Sponsored by RQTech)

    Panel Discussions:
    Stories that Matter: our tale of living a decade in two years

    Knowledge audit – Advanced Masterclass

    KMSA Chairpersons Award

    KMSA Annual General Meeting (1 h)

2021 KMSA Knowledge e-Imbizo, 24-27 August 2021, Virtual venue

Conference Theme: Co-Creating the Knowledge Agenda to Build Social Capital

    Note: Planned was a Pan-African Knowledge for Development Partnership (K4DP) Conference 2021 in conjunction with the convention; The event is announced as the “5th Annual Convention”

    A Partnership with Government in creating a Knowledge Agenda, and how the School of Knowledge Science do as Knowledge Management?
    The Unquantified Cost of Poor Legislative Drafting in South Africa: The Case for Urgent Policy and Legislative Drafting Reform – Cost of Ignorance – Kick off?
    Managing Water Knowledge: The Hidden Role of Knowledge Curation Beyond Professional Limits for the Water Sector
    Enabling Business Automation and Social Collaboration to Solve Societal Issues
    Knowledge by Design
    Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Management in Building a Social Capital
    Knowledge Management Standardization and Building a Social Capital in South Africa
    Knowledge Standardization to Improve Evidence-based Decision Making
    Knowledge Graph Visualization in Support of Data-driven Decision Making in a Smart City
    Knowledge Transfer Process
    Leveraging Platform Technology to Build Robust Knowledge Communities
    C-Suite Alignment: Rapid Response to Organzational Transformation
    Partnership Between Governments and the School of Knowledge Science in Finding Solutions to the COVID-19 Pandemic (CANCELLED)

    2x Daily Round Table Discussion Session
    Open Forum Discussion (CANCELLED)

    KMSA Annual General Meeting (1:15 h)
    Draft: KMSA Awards for Exellence – Celebrating the Best of Knowledge Management

2020 KMSA Convention KMSA Knowledge e-Imbizo Week, 11-14 August 2020, Johannesburg, South Africa Virtual venue

Conference Theme: 2020 & Beyond: Driving Engagement and Managing Knowledge for Growth

    Note: The conference was scheduled for 11-13 August 2020; imbizo | A gathering, usually called by a traditional leader. Origin: From Zulu biza ‘summon, call’.

    DAY 1 THEME: Evolve and sustain your Knowledge Management programme
    Knowledge Management value in the New World of Work: Organizational Reasoning to survive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution; Knoco Global Survey Knowledge Management Results; Moving Your Organization from Knowledge Management Theory to Sustainable Practice – Making Knowledge Management Stick; Readiness for implementation of knowledge management strategy in KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Government Department

    DAY 2 THEME: Knowledge Management Future Applications/Systems and Tools
    Using eye-tracking to evaluate and optimise knowledge visualisation guidelines; Supporting Communities of Practice through Knowledge Management; Innovation in Learning Organisation (CANCELLED); The role of Knowledge Management in a virtual environment

    DAY 3 THEME: Breaking down the Barriers to Knowledge Sharing
    Nurturing Networks ActionAid International to facilitate Learning, Knowledge Sharing and Use (CANCELLED); From Covid-19 to bridging skills gap for knowledge workers by coupling online learning with new pedagogies; Knowledge sharing practices in public libraries: a case study of eThekwini Municipality Libraries (EML) (CANCELLED); Use talent management data to enhance knowledge of the workforce – “it is not what you know, it is who you know”; A knowledge management model for managing research outputs and scholarship in a southern African private higher education institution

    DAY 4 THEME: Change Management: Techniques for communicating around Knowledge Management
    Adoption and Change Management of Knowledge Management tools and systems; A Framework to Foster Open Knowledge Flows and Reuse among Livestock Value Chain Actors; Knowledge-Sharing Culture to Support Organisation Success

    Panels: Panel discussion | Q & A

2019 KMSA Convention, 13-15 August 2019, Durban, South Africa

Conference Theme: Leveraging the 4th Industrial Revolution: Knowledge Management Systems to meet Africa’s Sustainable Development Goal
(co-organizer: Municipal Institute of Learning (MILE))

    Pre-Convention Masterclasses (Aug 13):
    Unlocking Knowledge to Enable a Culture of Innovation; Information Governance and Knowledge Protection; Identifying the New Technology Threats and Disrupters, including AI (CANCELLED); Accelerated Learning and Knowledge Management Through Digital Story Telling; Leadership Focus to Develop a Knowledge Management

    Official Keynote 1; Official Keynote 2; Leadership Focus to Develop a Knowledge Management Culture; Stories and strategies for organisations preparing to adopt Knowledge Management Standard ISO 30401 (Official Keynote); How Technological Change Affects the Use of Knowledge in Industries in South Africa

    Adopting a Digital Mindset – Platform Business Thinking; The Future Skills and the Perspective of Knowledge Management from an Academic Point of View; Information Management in the 4th Industrial Revolution; Knowledge Sharing Barriers and Solutions; Transformational Change Management; Mobilising a Federation of 45 countries to Learn and Share Knowledge – the Case of ActionAid International; Social Learning as means of advancing knowledge in Municipalities; What is the Link between Knowledge Management, Taxonomies, Metadata and a SharePoint term set? A South African Case Study for a Large Metropolitan Municipality; What do we mean when we talk about learning?

    Knowledge Management Professionalization (Round Table); Impact of Knowledge Management Strategy and Application of ISO 30401 (Panel)

    Pre-Convention Events:
    KMSA Annual General Meeting, Aug 13 (1 h)

2018 KMSA Convention, 22-24 August 2018, Johannesburg, South Africa

    Pre-Convention Masterclasses (Aug 22):
    Knowledge Management Collaborations Enabling Service Delivery in Local Government; Organizational Zoo, A Survival Guide to Workplace Behavior; Towards an Effective Lessons Learned Process: Practices that have Proven Effective at NASA-JPL (We Don’t Dare Forget How to “Stick a Landing”)

    We Don’t Dare Forget How to ‘Stick a Landing’ on Mars: How We ‘Sold’ NASA-JPL on Knowledge Management”; Knowledge Transfer for The Learning Organization; Mobile Knowledge Management, Nation Building; Knowledge Management Strategy – A Focus on Knowledge Capture: Gautrain; Knowledge Management and The Future of Work; An Analysis of the Knowledge Audit Methodology: National School of Government; Knowledge Management: A Golden Key to Unlock Africa’s Potential; Perspective Towards Knowledge Management; Knowledge Management and Digital Economy in South Africa; Doing Futures Work in Knowledge Management; Organizational Zoo Ambassadors Network: Being a Successful Knowledge Leader, what Knowledge; Knowledge Management in Practice – Current and Future Demands; Knowledge Management Learning Exchange; Social Elevation Through Innovation and Democratization of Knowledge

    Panel Discussions:
    Knowledge Management ISO Standard; Knowledge Management Professionalization

2017 SAKMS, 29-31 August 2017, Johannesburg, South Africa

Conference Theme: Connect, Learn & Innovate!
(co-organized with the Knowledge Management South Africa Society (KMSA); in conjunction with the 1st KMSA Annual General Meeting)

    Pre-Summit Workshops:
    Large-scale Knowledge Management implementations (Masterclasses: Change Management in a knowledge management project; Content and conversations: supporting knowledge sharing and re-use in a global corporate environment); Monitoring, learning & evaluation; Knowledge Management and ISO Standards on Knowledge, Assets, Quality, Risks and Innovation; Knowledge harvesting and transfer (Masterclasses: Knowledge Harvesting & Transfer; Impactful Knowledge Management implementation at a Development Finance Institution); Information Governance; Managing Knowledge and Communications for Development in Africa: An Introduction to Good Practices and Approaches; Make Knowledge Management stick – how to ensure that the ongoing success of Knowledge Management (CANCELLED)

    Post-Summit Workshops:
    Knowledge Management Simulation: Bird Island (CANCELLED)

    Knowledge Management as a strategic partner (Opening); Knowledge Management for transparent and accountable government (Opening, CANCELLED); Moving forward with global knowledge; Knowledge Management is personal

    Knowledge Management Standards in South Africa; Invitation to Connect, learn and innovate; People, process and technology in the Fourth Industrial Revolution; Artificial Intelligence in Knowledge Management: Threat or Opportunity; Creating a culture of knowledge exchange within and beyond UNICEF; Enriching knowledge networks – synergies between Social Network Analysis, Communities of Practice and Knowledge Maps; How the notion of Big Data and Social Media surface knowledge in informal agriculture markets; Harvesting and sharing reflections; Unknowability and the learning organisation; From managing knowledge to organisational learning – practitioner reflections; Mentorship with impact for new professionals; Employee-driven Innovation Management: Transnet Freight Rail Case Study; Towards Information Governance in South Africa at a national level: a proposed integrated framework

    The Fourth Industrial Revolution and Knowledge Management (Panel); Synthesis & Reflection (Fishbowl Panel); Knowledge Management Leadership (Post-Summit Roundtable; by invitation by the KMSA Society)

    Co-located Events:
    1st KMSA Annual General Meeting

2016 SAKMS, 10-12 May 2016, Pretoria, South Africa

Conference Theme: Be the Difference!

    Pre-Summit Workshops:
    How to integrate Knowledge Management tasks into our daily working processes; Uncover and co-design Knowledge Management in your organisation with Lego Serious Play; Be prepared for the Mobile Data Ownership & POPI challenges; Projects: To learn or not to learn?; Solving Problems with Knowledge Creation in Mind; Agile Knowledge Management: a cadence of continuous value delivery

    Summit Workshops:
    Strategic Narrative Embodiment Exersice (Applied Theatre); Case Study Cafe: Three Generations of SharePoint at IQ Business: Lessons in contextual knowledge transfer; Performing a Knowledge Audit in a provincial government department; Designing a Knowledge Management framework and strategy for a provincial government department; Creating an integrated learning and knowledge management ecosystem; Creative by design – Strategic Knowledge Management: Designing & Facilitating Processes to Rapidly Deliver High Value & Impact; Scaling expertise: a shift from single-dimension to multi-dimension logic capture and distribution; Solving problems with knowledge creation in mind; Naturalistic sense-making – learning in complexity (CANCELLED); Applying the Design Thinking model to design a Knowledge Management strategy (CANCELLED)

    Advancements and Future Challenges in Knowledge Management: Results from a Global Knowledge Management Experts Study; Four Discussion Disciplines to Drive Effective Online Collaboration

    Feedback – South African Knowledge Management Survey; Factors influencing knowledge sharing in software development; Responsiveness to knowledge and organisational performance of JSE-listed construction companies in South Africa; Internet Censorship in China: the value of information to governments

    SAKMS Certificate of Appreciation: Professor Adeline du Toit

2015 SAKMS, 27-29 May 2015, Pretoria, South Africa

Conference Theme: Shaping minds for Africa: knowledge management as a competitive strategy

    Pre-Summit Workshops:
    Conducting Knowledge Audits; Informal Networks & Social Network Analysis (SNA); Knowledge Sharing Masterclass (Playback Theatre; Improving Decision-making with a Narrative Knowledge Base); Using Knowledge Management Tools to improve Enterprise Change, Project Outcomes & Business Capability Maturity

    Summit Workshops:
    Knowledge Management for learning, learning for Knowledge Management (Knowledge Cafe); Re-authoring knowledge management – rewriting the stories of Knowledge Management in our context (Interactive Workshop)

    Implementing for impact: how to make a difference with knowledge management in your organisation, and avoid common pitfalls; Open Innovation – a tool for knowledge exchange (Invited Talk); Industrial policy as a pla>orm for competitiveness; Openness: the gateway to knowledge management innovation; Could serious games and simulations motivate stakeholder strategy in knowledge management projects? (Invited Talk)

    Case Study Exchange (PPC Cement Case Study; Implementing Knowledge Management in a Provincial Government: Case study of the Limpopo Province; Preparing for the Scarce and Critical Knowledge Demands of the much vaunted National Development Plan); Sense, signal and software: a sensemaking analysis of meaning in early warning systems; Networked knowledge sense: towards an integrated knowledge management; Taxonomy as a powerful tool to enhance an agile knowledge management strategy; Knowledge management: a public services perspective; Organisation as a game: an exploratory framework for the interpretation of organisations

    The Role of the Knowledge Leader: A Roundtable Discussion (Pre-Summit); Synthesis & Reflection (Fishbowl Panel); Synthesis & Reflection: Sensemaking and weaving the Summit story

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