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The United States-based Federal Knowledge Management Community (FKMC), formerly the Federal Knowledge Management Working Group (KMWG), Federal CIO’s Council Knowledge Management Working Group (Federal CIO’s Council KMWG) and the Federal Knowledge Management Learning-Consulting Network, 1) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


KMWG sub-groups*

  • Communities of Practice (CoPs):
    • Federal Knowledge Management Initiative
      • Working Groups
        • Knowledge Management Idea Distillery 2)
      • Action Groups
        • Change Management Action Group
        • Communications Action Group
        • Federal Knowledge Management Center Action Group
        • Knowledge Management Competencies and Performance Action Group
        • Knowledge Management Policy & Standards Action Group
        • Knowledge Management Practices Action Group
        • Knowledge Retention Action Group
        • Social Networking Team
        • Web 2.0 Social Computing & Generation Y Action Group
        • Web Presence & Demo Site Action Group
    • Semantic Interoperability CoP
    • Knowledge Management Technology CoP
  • Working Groups:
    • Project on National Security Reform (PNSR) Working Group 2)
    • Healthcare Knowledge Management Working Group
    • Web 2.0 for Federal Science and Engineering Working Group
    • 25 Point IT Management Reform Plan Working Group
  • Special Interest Groups (SIGs):
    • Communities of Practice SIG
    • Content Management SIG
    • Government-wide Communities of Practice SIG
    • Knowledge Management Education, Learning & Development (was: Knowledge Management Training SIG)
    • Chief Knowledge Officer Competencies SIG (2000-2001; merged with Training SIG)
    • KM.GOV Content & Knowledge Management Technology SIG
    • Knowledge Management Stories SIG
    • Public Policy & Outreach SIG
    • Knowledge Management Surveys SIG
    • Legislation & Intellectual Property SIG
    • KM Strategies & Best Known Practices SIG
    • Program Planning & Strategic Support SIG
    • Taxonomies & Semantics SIG


Federal Knowledge Management Community / Working Group meetings

  • 31st Quarterly FKMC Meeting, October 26, 2018, tba
  • 3rd FKMC Interim Meeting, September 12, 2018
  • 30th Quarterly FKMC Meeting, July 27, 2018, Millennium Challenge Corp
  • 2nd FKMC Interim Meeting, June 13, 2018, Department of Transportation
      Develop and Defend Your Knowledge Management Metrics in the Metrics Shark Tank
  • 29th Quarterly FKMC Meeting, April 27, 2018
  • 1st FKMC Interim Meeting,
  • 28th Quarterly FKMC Meeting, January 26, 2018
    Theme: We’re swimming in #data but we’re starved for knowledge
  • 27th Quarterly FKMC Meeting, October 20, 2017, U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) HQ, Washington, D.C.
    Theme: Understanding the Community Needs

      Panel: FKMC: 2010 to present & perspectives (Needs Assessment Survey Results)
      Breakout Sessions (small group discussions): Organizational Change Management, Knowledge Management Maturity Model, Knowledge Management Success Stories
      Brief Agency Profiles: Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management (ACSIM) Knowledge Management Activities; Joint Staff’s September Knowledge Management Awareness Week activities
  • 26th Quarterly FKMC Meeting, June 16, 2017, Defense Media Activity (DMA), Fort Meade
    Theme: Business-driven Knowledge Management
    (co-organizer: Defense Information Systems Agency)

      Business Approach to Knowledge Management: Case Study from BAE Systems
      Measuring Success of Knowledge Efforts at NASA
      DOD Coding of the Cyber Workforce with Knowledge ManagementIntroduction of DODI 8220.a
      Demonstration of the American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC) MOSAIQ knowledge management tool
  • 25th Quarterly FKMC Meeting, March 10, 2017, NASA Headquarters, Washington DC
      Space Exploration: The Role of Knowledge Management in a High Risk Environment (NASA)
      Like Peanut Butter and Jelly: 5 Tips for Making KM a Natural Fit for your Organization (Volpe National Transportation Systems Center)
      Round-robin style member updates on current initiatives and challenges
  • 24th …
  • 23rd …
  • 22nd …
  • 21st Quarterly FKMC Meeting, February 19, 2016, Department of Transportation (DOT)
      Critical Knowledge initiatives at NASA & the Knowledge Toolbox
      Resilience— an Unexpected Consequence of KM (interactive table-top problem-solving session)
      changing the online community platform from max.gov to apan.org
  • 20th Quarterly FKMC Meeting, October 30, 2015, NASA Headquarters, Washington DC
      Knowledge Walking Out the Door – Strategies for Knowledge Transfer with Contractors (facilitated discussion)
      Update on the (20+) Areas of Interest (Working Groups) survey
  • 19th Quarterly FKMC Meeting, July 17, 2015, Department of Transportation (DOT)
      Strategies for Transferring Project Lessons at NASA/Goddard
      APAN portal as the prospective replacement of Max.gov for the FKMC’s collaboration and communications portal
  • 16th Quarterly FKMC Meeting, April 3, 2015, NASA Headquarters
      Updates and findings of the Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel on NASA Knowledge Services
      Survey findings: Ways to enhance the FKMC Community of Practice
  • 17th Quarterly FKMC Meeting, January 23, 2015, Department of Homeland Security, Arlington, Virginia
      Infrastructure protection
      Knowledge Management: Can Gamification Help? (facilitated discussion)
  • 16th Quarterly FKMC Meeting, September 5, 2014, Department of Transportation (DOT)
      JPLTube: NASA Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL)’s internal video-sharing website
      Leveraging Talent Management Through Knowledge Management for Project Success
      Leadership through Storytelling – The Power of Stories for Leadership and Success (NASA)
  • 15th Quarterly FKMC Meeting, June 6, 2014, Department of Transportation (DOT), Navy Yard
      Presentations of DOT executive leadership
      NASA Knowledge-Based Risks, Case Studies and Video Dashboards
      Table discussions
  • 14th Quarterly FKMC Meeting (aka Federal KM Working Group meeting), March 28, 2014, Pentagon
      Joint Staff Knowledge Management
      Forge.mil: DISA’s new collaborative content and knowledge management system
      Global DOD Joint KM Working Group
      Knowledge Management at the UN, Making KM work for large entities, context, implementation and lessons learned
      It’s All Change – George Mason’s ODKM Program
  • KMWG Meeting, May 16, 2012, NASA
  • FKMC Meeting, December 2-3, 2010
  • KMWG Annual Meeting, April 29, 2009
    (at 10th Knowledge Management Conference and Exhibition, Apr 28-29)

      Congregate and Connect
      Welcome and results from recent votes
      Getting Change right: Guaranteeing Buy-In Among Your Most Valuable Players
      Presentation of the Federal KM Initiative
      Federal KM Initiative: Action Group Guidelines. Reports & Roadmap (planned)
      Questions, suggestions, and action
  • KMWG Meeting, December 4, 2000, American Institute of Architects
      Technology study of various software applications that support communities of practice
      SIG Reports
  • KMWG Meeting, November 1, 2000, Brookings Institution
      Opening: Schematic on a Communities of Practice pilot; KM meeting in Santa Fe; KM certification within the Federal Gov’t
      General Services Administration’s Public Building Service: Good Practices Pilot
      Designing Performance Measures to Tell a Story: Applying Knowledge Management Principles
      SIG Reports: KM Primer – Managing Knowledge @Work: An Overview of KM (KM Strategies & Best Known/ First Practices SIG)
  • KMWG Meeting, October 4, 2000, Brookings Institution
      Opening: KM is getting a lot more visibility; Plan to develop a Government-oriented KM certification program
      Social Security Administration’s KM portal – PRIDE, Project Resource Guide (Web Based Virtual Project Office)
      KM Primer – Managing Knowledge @Work: An Overview of KM (KM Strategies & Best Known/ First Practices SIG)
      SIG Reports: KM.Gov Web Site & Technology; Communities of Practice; KM Strategies & Best/First Practices
  • KMWG Meeting, September 12, 2000, American Institute of Architects
      Opening: The Department of the Navy’s (DON) Career Path Guide, KCO Toolkit and Knowledge Fair
      Knowledge Management and the Role of the CKO in the Public Sector
      Report from the CIO Council Strategic Plan
      Federal Affinity Groups Project
      SIG Reports/Business Plans: KM Strategies & Best/First Practices; Communities of Practice
  • KMWG Strategic Planning Session, June 13, 2000, Brookings Institution
      Develop a business case for each SIG and compile them into an overall strategic plan for the upcoming fiscal year
  • KMWG Meeting, May 3, 2000, Brookings Institution
      Data Channel Introduction & Presentation
      SIG Reports: KM.Gov Web Site & Technology, Communities of Practice, KM Strategies & Best/First Practices, CKO Competencies, Program & Strategic Planning
  • KMWG Meeting, April 2000
      No Meeting – E-Gov Knowledge Management Conference
  • KMWG Meeting, March 1, 2000, ?
  • KMWG Meeting, February 2, 2000, Federal Trade Commission
      KM Presentation
      KM Case Studies
      Break into Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
  • KMWG Inaugural Meeting, January 5, 2000, American Institute of Architects
      Why KM now? – Internet revolution-economy
      Build an understanding of relationships to promote knowledge management throughout government (CIO Council’s Strategic Plan, Objective 1.4)
      Productivity issues: Consider the ability to harness and deliver knowledge
      Upcoming E-Gov Conference on knowledge management
      The American Management Systems (AMS) approach to knowledge sharing
      WEBGOV: Ways the web can help solve the Knowledge Management issues
      KM Working Group: How to proceed and organize for best results

KMWG “Communities” Meetings

  • KM Education, Learning & Development (KM Training / CKO Competencies) SIG
    • 8th Knowledge Management Roundtable (KM RT), MITRE Corporation, February 8, 2001

    Knowledge Management Training: what’s available?
    Knowledge Management Training: what’s needed?

  • Symposium, December 18-19, 2000
      Developing the Learning Objectives for a Government Knowledge Management Certification Course
  • First meeting, October 13, 2000, Navy CIO Office
      Defining the concept of Knowledge Management for Government and the need for training (Knowledge Management Statement of Intent)
  • Public Chief Knowledge Officer group “brainstorming” session, June 20, 2000, Information Resources Management College, National Defense University
  • Private Chief Knowledge Officer group “brainstorming” session, April 21, 2000, Information Resources Management College, National Defense University
  • Events

    • Federal KM Awareness Week (3rd week in September)


    IDEA Tuesday Weekly Web Conferences/Meetings (w. ECM Institute)

    • Jul 28, 2009: NASA POPS Expert Locator
    • Jun 09, 2009: KM.gov Elections and New CoP Participation
    • Jun 08: Strategic Competency Assessment and Sourcing: A Lifecycle Approach to Workforce Planning and Improvement
    • Feb 17, 2009: Knowledge Management (KM) Center Kick-Off Meeting
    • Feb 10, 2009: Using Information Technologies to Track Spending in Healthcare
    • Feb 03, 2009: Federal Knowledge Management Initiative Roadmap
    • Jan 13, 2009: Facilitate Knowledge Sharing through Micro-blogs and Peer-to-Peer Training
    • Dec 16, 2008: Next Generation Knowledge Management
    • Nov 18, 2008: Storytelling: Narrative tools and techniques that facilitate knowledge sharing

    Ontology in Knowledge Management and Decision Support (OKMDS) virtual mini-series (a Joint NASA-Ontolog-KMWG Initiative)

    • May 2008: Connecting People Through Semantics, and OKDMS Series Summary (OKMDS mini-series Concluding Event); Cooperation, Human Systems Design, and Peer Production
    • Apr 2008: Knowledge Mapping for Sensemaking
    • Mar 2008: Organizing Science Knowledge for Discovery at NASA
    • Feb 2008: How Knowledge Management Supports Decision Making in the (US) Federal Government
    • Jan 2008:Creating Informational and Virtual Space for Knowledge Sharing
    • Dec 2007: Making Better Strategic Decisions, by Asking If It Is Going To Get Better or Worse
    • Nov 2007: Ontology in Knowledge Management and Decision Support (OKMDS): Making Better Decisions (OKMDS mini-series Launch Event)
    • Oct 2007: Pre-OKMDS Virtual World (Second Life) Tutorial

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