Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS)*

Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS)*

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The Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS) is organized by the Association for Information Systems (AIS) for the Pacific Asia region. It brings together scholars from all over the world to discuss cutting-edge research and development in the field of Information Systems.

Tracks of interest:

  • Since 2000 (at least): Knowledge Management (…)

Sister conferences:

Conference History

PACIS 2023: Nanchang, Dates TBD

PACIS 2022: Sydney, July 5-9, 2022
(POSTOPNED to 2023) PACIS 2022, Nanchang, Dates TBD

PACIS 2021, June 20-24, 2021, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Dates TBD
(POSTOPNED to 2022) PACIS 2021, Sydney, July 5-9, 2021

24th PACIS 2020, 22-24 June 2020, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Virtual venue
Conference Theme: Information Systems (IS) for the Future
(Host: University of Wollongong Dubai)
Conference Tracks: Knowledge Management and Virtual Teams

Note: The conference was scheduled for 20-24 June 2020

23rd PACIS 2019, 8-12 July 2019, Xi’An, China
Conference Theme: Secure Information & Communication Technology Platform for the 4th Industrial Revolution
(Host: Xi’an Jiaotong University)
Conference Tracks: Knowledge Management

22nd PACIS 2018, 26-30 June 2018, Yokohama, Japan
Conference Theme: Opportunities and Challenges for the Digitized Society: Are We Ready?
(Host: Yokohama National University)
Conference Tracks: Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence

21st PACIS 2017, 16-20 July 2017, Langkawi, Malaysia
Conference Theme: Societal Transformation through Information Systems/Information Technnologies
(Host: Universiti Teknologi Malaysia)
Conference Tracks: Knowledge Management

20th PACIS 2016, 27 June – 1 July 2016, Chiayi, Taiwan
Conference Theme: Information Technology Governance for Future Society
(Host: )
Conference Tracks: Knowledge Management

19th PACIS 2015, 6-9 July 2015, Singapore
Conference Theme: Information Technology and Open Innovation
(Host: National University of Singapore)
Conference Tracks: Knowledge Management

18th PACIS 2014, 24-28 June 2014, Chengdu, China
Conference Theme: Ubiquitous Information Technology and Collaborative Innovation
(Host: Southwestern University of Finance and Economics)
Conference Tracks: Knowledge Management, Social Networking and Collaborative Technologies

17th PACIS 2013, 18.22 June 2013, Jeju Island, Korea
Conference Theme: Smart, Open and Social Information Systems
(Host: Korea Society of Management Information Systems)
Conference Tracks: Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence

16th PACIS 2012, 11-15 Juli 2012, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Conference Theme: Information Systems Innovation in Pacific Asia
(Host: University of Science Ho Chi Minh City)
Conference Tracks: Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence; Social Networks and Innovation

15th PACIS 2011, 7-11 July 2011, Brisbane, Australia
Conference Theme: Quality Research in Pacific Asia
(Host: Queensland University of Technology (Information Systems Discipline), University of Queensland)
Conference Tracks: ?
co-located Conference: 5th International Conference on Communities & Technologies (C&T 2011), 29 June – 2 July 2011, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia

14th PACIS 2010, 9-12 July 2010, Taipei, Taiwan
Conference Theme: Service Science in Information Systems Research
(Host: National Taiwan University)
Conference Tracks: Knowledge Management

13th PACIS 2009, 10-12 July 2009, Hyderabad, India
Conference Theme: Information Technology Services in a Global Environment
(Host: Indian School of Business (Centre for IT and the Networked Economy))
Conference Tracks: Collaboration and Knowledge Management

12th PACIS 2008, 3-7 July 2008, Suzhou, China
Conference Theme: Leveraging Information and Communication Technologies for Resilient Organizations and Sustainable Growth in the Asia Pacific Region
(Host: City University of Hong Kong; University of Science and Technology of China)
Conference Tracks: Information & Communication Technology and Knowledge Management

11th PACIS 2007, 4-6 July 2007, Auckland, New Zealand
Conference Theme: ?
(Host: University of Auckland (Business School, Information System and Operations Management; The Centre of Digital Enterprise); Auckland University of Technology (Centre for Research on Information Systems Management))
Conference Tracks: Knowledge Management; Software and Knowledge Engineering

10th PACIS 2006, 6-9 July 2006, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Conference Theme: Information and Communication Technology and Innovation Economy
(Host: Universiti Putra Malaysia)
Conference Tracks: Knowledge Management

9th PACIS 2005, 7-10 July 2005, Bangkok,Thailand
Conference Theme: ?
(Host: Kasetsart University; National Institute of Development Administration)
Conference Tracks: Knowledge Management; Decision Support and Collaborative Technologies

8th PACIS 2004, 8-11 July 2004, Shanghai, China
Conference Theme: Information Systems Adoption and Business Productivity
(Host: Fudan University)
Conference Tracks: Knowledge Management and e-learning

7th PACIS 2003, 10-13 July 2003, Adelaide, Australia
Conference Theme: Information Systems Solutions – Business Integration in the Digital World
(Host: University of South Australia (School of Accounting and Information Systems))
Conference Tracks: Knowledge Management and Organisational Information Systems; Knowledge Management Foundations – Constructive and Explanatory Approaches (panel)

6th PACIS 2002, 2-4 September 2002, Tokyo, Japan
Conference Theme: The Next e-What? for Business and Communities
(Host: Tokyo University of Science)
Conference Tracks: —

5th PACIS 2001, 20-22 June 2001, Seoul, Korea
Conference Theme: Information Technology for e-Strategy
(Host: Yonsei University (College of Business and Economics))
Conference Tracks: Knowledge Management (Strategy, Architecture); Data Mining/Knowledge Discovery; Knowledge Sharing

4th PACIS 2000, 1-3 June 2000, Hong Kong, China
Conference Theme: Electronic Commerce and Web-based Information Systems
(Host: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Business School, Information Systems Mangaement Department))
Conference Tracks: Workflow and Knowledge Management

3rd PACIS 1997, 1-5 April 1997, Brisbane, Australia
Conference Theme: ?
(Host: Queensland University of Technology (Faculty of Information Technology, School of Information Systems))
Conference Tracks: ?

2nd PACIS 1995, 29 June – 2 July 1995, Singapore
Conference Theme: ?
(Host: ?)
Conference Tracks: ?

1st PACIS 1993, 30 May – 1 June 1993, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Conference Theme: ?
(Host: ?)
Conference Tracks: ?

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