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George Mason University (GMU or Mason), formerly the (independent) George Mason College of the University of Virginia, the University College of the University of Virginia, and the Northern Virginia University Center of the University of Virginia, offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Schar School of Policy and Government 1)

Graduate Degrees/Programs

  • Professional Studies in Organization Development and Knowledge Management (OD&KM) master’s program
    • New Professional Studies: Organization Development and Knowledge Management (MS; on-campus/online/blended)
    • New Professional Studies: Organization Development and Knowledge Management (MS) – Special Cohort Program for union members** 2)
  • PhD in Public Policy (Field of Study: Organizational and Information Technology – knowledge management-based initiatives)
  • Collaboration and Learning in Policy Organizations Graduate Certificate**
  • Program on Social and Organizational Learning (PSOL)**
    • (New) Professional Studies: Organizational Learning (MA) 3)
    • New Professional Studies: Knowledge Management (Certificate, MA) 4)
  • Online Knowledge Ecology Certificate Program** 5)


  • 25 Years — Looking Back, Looking Forward: Practical Skills for the OD Practitioner, August 29, 2020, Virtual venue
      25th year anniversary celebration of the Master’s in Organization Development and Knowledge Management (ODKM) program

Sample Classes/Courses

  • Jun 2019: Leading Change Wherever You Are

Schar School of Policy and Government 1) > International Center for Applied Studies in Information Technology (ICASIT)

Executive Seminars & Courses

  • …on topics in Organizational Learning/Knowledge Management and Information Technology



  • Overview of Knowledge Management
  • Relationship between Knowledge Management and Organization Development


  • Knowledge Management Roundtable 6)
    • Mar 2005: Communities of Passion
    • Sep 2004: Intellectual Capital with Thomas Stewart
    • May 2004: Social Networks: How will Social Network Analysis help CoPs? From Social Network Analysis to Relationship Network: Management to a Glimpse of the Future Organization
    • Mar 2004: Communities of Practice: Communities of Practice at Defense Contract Management Agency, Army’s CompanyCommand Community of Practice, W3 and Collaboration
    • Sep 2003: Change Management: Knowledge Sharing Program at GMU Professional Center
    • Feb 2003: Expertise Management
    • Oct 2002: Next Generation e-Learning
    • May 2002: Insights into GWU’s Institute for Knowledge Management, Knowledge Management research programs, Knowledge Management Certification, the Global Forum, and TechCast
    • Feb 2002: Panel on Knowledge Sharing Initiative at NASA
    • Nov 2001: Show Me the Money: A Practical Framework for Knowledge Management Metrics
    • Aug 2001: The State of Knowledge Management With a Look into the Future of Knowledge Management
    • May 2001: Knowledge, Limits and Reality
    • Feb 2001: Knowledge Management Training: what’s available & what’s needed?
    • Nov 2000: Knowledge Management at The World Bank; Panel on The Value Proposition for Knowledge Management: Justifying the Knowledge Management investment
    • Aug 2000: E-Knowledge: Learning Faster than the Speed of Change at the Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)
    • May 2000: The Knowledge Management Tool Kit of the Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), CKO Brainstorming
    • Feb 2000: Building A Collaborative Environment at the Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC)
    • Sep 1999: Assessing Knowledge Management Readiness: A process to determine an organizational state of Knowledge Management at The MITRE Corporation
    • Jun 1999: Knowledge Management at American Management Systems: Building Effective Knowledge-based Communities of Practice
    • Mar 1999: Knowledge Management at The World Bank: building value for the public sector through Knowledge Management

College of Science > Department of Computational and Data Sciences 7)

Graduate Degrees/Programs

  • Computational Sciences and Informatics PhD (research area: Computational Intelligence and Knowledge Mining)

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