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George Mason University (also GMU or Mason) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Schar School of Policy and Government 1)

Graduate Degrees/Programs

  • Professional Studies in Organization Development and Knowledge Management (OD&KM) program
    • New Professional Studies: Organization Development and Knowledge Management (MS)
    • New Professional Studies: Organization Development and Knowledge Management (MS) Special Cohort Program 2)
  • PhD in Public Policy (Field of Study: Organizational and Information Technology – knowledge management-based initiatives)
  • Collaboration and Learning in Policy Organizations Graduate Certificate**
  • Program on Social and Organizational Learning (PSOL)**
    • (New) Professional Studies: Organizational Learning (MA) 3)
    • New Professional Studies: Knowledge Management (Certificate, MA) 4)
  • Online Knowledge Ecology Certificate Program** 5)


  • 25 Years — Looking Back, Looking Forward: Practical Skills for the OD Practitioner, August 29, 2020, Virtual venue
      25th year anniversary celebration of the Master’s in Organization Development and Knowledge Management (ODKM) program

Sample Classes/Courses

  • Jun 2019: Leading Change Wherever You Are

Schar School of Policy and Government 1) > International Center for Applied Studies in Information Technology (ICASIT)

Executive Seminars & Courses

  • …on topics in Organizational Learning/Knowledge Management and Information Technology



  • Overview of Knowledge Management
  • Relationship between Knowledge Management and Organization Development


  • Knowledge Management Roundtable 6)
    • Mar 2005: Communities of Passion
    • Sep 2004: Intellectual Capital with Thomas Stewart
    • May 2004: Social Networks: How will Social Network Analysis help CoPs? From Social Network Analysis to Relationship Network: Management to a Glimpse of the Future Organization
    • Mar 2004: Communities of Practice: Communities of Practice at Defense Contract Management Agency, Army’s CompanyCommand Community of Practice, W3 and Collaboration
    • Sep 2003: Change Management: Knowledge Sharing Program at GMU Professional Center
    • Feb 2003: Expertise Management
    • Oct 2002: Next Generation e-Learning
    • May 2002: Insights into GWU’s Institute for Knowledge Management, Knowledge Management research programs, Knowledge Management Certification, the Global Forum, and TechCast
    • Feb 2002: Panel on Knowledge Sharing Initiative at NASA
    • Nov 2001: Show Me the Money: A Practical Framework for Knowledge Management Metrics
    • Aug 2001: The State of Knowledge Management With a Look into the Future of Knowledge Management
    • May 2001: Knowledge, Limits and Reality
    • Feb 2001: Knowledge Management Training: what’s available & what’s needed?
    • Nov 2000: Knowledge Management at The World Bank; Panel on The Value Proposition for Knowledge Management: Justifying the Knowledge Management investment
    • Aug 2000: E-Knowledge: Learning Faster than the Speed of Change at the Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)
    • May 2000: The Knowledge Management Tool Kit of the Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), CKO Brainstorming
    • Feb 2000: Building A Collaborative Environment at the Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC)
    • Sep 1999: Assessing Knowledge Management Readiness: A process to determine an organizational state of Knowledge Management at The MITRE Corporation
    • Jun 1999: Knowledge Management at American Management Systems: Building Effective Knowledge-based Communities of Practice
    • Mar 1999: Knowledge Management at The World Bank: building value for the public sector through Knowledge Management

College of Science > Department of Computational and Data Sciences 7)

Graduate Degrees/Programs

  • Computational Sciences and Informatics PhD (research area: Computational Intelligence and Knowledge Mining)

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