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The International Digital Enterprise Alliance (IDEAlliance), formerly the Graphic Communications Association (GCA), a member of the Printing United Alliance (formerly: Printing Industries of America), offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Knowledge Technologies Conference (KT)**
    The Knowledge Technologies Conference (KT) is a natural consequence of the rapidly growing interest in technologies that will provide solutions for the knowledge management community and make the Semantic Web a reality.

    Conference History:

    • 2nd Knowledge Technologies 2002, March 10-13, 2002, Seattle, WA, USA
      Conference Theme: Bridging Knowledge Communities

        Once & Future Knowledge; Fasten Your Taxonomies; Hold on for the Classification Revolution; Negotiation Instead of Legislation

        Conference Sessions:
        Wireless Knowledge; Knowledge Organization Technical Topics; Topics in Knowledge Organization & Knowledge Retrieval; Knowledge Representation; Tools and Services; Topic Maps for Implementers; RDF; Knowledge Technology Futures

        Conference Workshop Tracks:
        Knowledge Management Management Strategies; Knowledge Management Implementation Strategies; Knowledge Topics for Newcomers; Knowledge Management Applications; Knowledge Management Technical Topics; Topics for Managers; Knowledge Organization Strategies; Late-Breaking News; Semantic Web; Semantic Web – Technical; Tools and Services

        Conference Panels:
        Knowledge Communities Panel

        Pre-Conference Tutorials (Mar 10):
        Practical Ontology Construction; Overview of Topic Maps

    • 1st Knowledge Technologies 2001, March 4-7, 2001, Austin, TX, USA
      Conference Theme: Introducing the Next Technology Revolution

        Just Common Sense; The Industrialization of Knowledge; Standards Updates

        Conference Sessions:
        Management Track: (A) A Manager’s View of Technology, (B) The Business of Knowledge; Implementer Track: (A) Tools and Applications; Technical Track: (A) Ontologies and Taxonomies, (B) Core Technologies

        Poster Presentations and Table-top Exhibits

        Pre-Conference Tutorials (Mar 4):
        A Managers Guide to Topic Maps; An Implementers Guide to Developing Topic Maps; Application of XSLT to Knowledge Transformations; Standards for Knowledge; Organizing Electronic Assets; Practical Ontology Construction; Introduction to RDF

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