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The biennial Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum (CKF or KMb Forum) (French: FCM – Forum Canadien sur la mobilisation des connaissances), founded by Knowledge Mobilization Works, now the Institute for Knowledge Mobilization, is a professional development forum for practitioners and professionals working in knowledge mobilization across fields and sectors.

Since 2022 organized by Research Impact Canada, which was co-organizer of the 2020 KMb Forum.

In 2016 and 2017 incl. President’s Awards for Leadership, Innovation, and Community Building. In 2022 incl. the Peter Levesque Award for Promoting Knowledge Mobilization as a Profession and the Research Impact Canada Award of Excellence in Knowledge Mobilization

Awards Winners
2022 Awards

    Peter Levesque Award for Promoting Knowledge Mobilization as a Profession:
    – Peter Levesque
    Research Impact Canada Award of Excellence in Knowledge Mobilization:
    – Peter Levesque

2017 Awards

    President’s Awards for Leadership, Innovation, and Community Building:
    – Vicy Ward (President’s Award for Leadership)
    – Don Buchanan (President’s Award for Innovation)
    – Gambling Research Exchange Ontario (President’s Award for Community Building)

2016 Awards

    President’s Awards for Leadership, Innovation, and Community Building:
    – Melanie Barwick (President’s Award for Leadership)
    – Julia Lalonde (President’s Award for Innovation)
    – Anne Bergen (President’s Award for Practice)

Sister Event:

Conference History:

10th Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum 2024, June 19-21, 2024, Montreal, Canada

Conference Theme: From Ideas to Action: Building Capacity for Knowledge Mobilization and Research Impact
(Host: TBD)

    Conference Program TBD

    Extend your reach: Tools and strategies for effective knowledge mobilization
    Amplifying Impact: Engaging Lived Experience in KMb through Advisory Committees
    Community Engaged Research During Health Crises
    Initiatives en mobilisation des connaissances à l’UQAM: l’appel Connaissances en action et les 2 pôles de recherche partenariale en résilience urbaine et en santé mentale
    Maximizing research and knowledge mobilization impact through partnership building
    Optimizing Research Impact with an iKT Tool: A Case Study in Mental and Substance Use Health
    Mobilizing Knowledge to Defy Dementia: Co-designing knowledge products to raise awareness on dementia prevention
    Hearing Unheard Moments: a theatre-based approach to engaging youth in preventing violent extremism
    Beyond the Project: Translating Learnings to Action
    Research-Informed, Community-led Suicide Prevention: PC CARES: Promoting Community Conversations About Research to End Suicide
    Letting go of the Reins: How Reader-Response Theory Enables Knowledge Translators to Create Space for Audience Engagement and Collaboration
    Beyond Buzzwords: How Knowledge Mobilization can Advance Healthcare Innovation

    Lightning Talks: Rapid Insights into Knowledge Mobilization
    Who contributed to this work? Developing and implementing an adapted model for recognizing diverse contributions to knowledge products
    But will anyone read it? Impact-focused annual reports on research
    The power of the program visual: How to tell the story of your work before the work has begun
    Guide to Authentic Family Engagement in Research Practices: Knowledge Mobilization Through Innovative Learning Models
    Three paintings are worth a thousand words
    La recherche communautaire : l’ÉDI et la mobilisation des connaissances en action
    Optimizing Knowledge Mobilization to Support Cancer Survivorship Research
    Cultivating social media communications capacity for health emergencies
    SFU-UBC Implementation Science Training Initiative: Institutional collaborations to build capacity for Implementation Science in British Columbia
    From Knowledge Generation to Impacts: McGill Sustainability Systems Initiative
    Patient-Oriented Research in Forensic Mental Health Settings: Initial Findings From a Café Scientifique Event
    Bridging the Gap: Creating a Digital Platform for Enhanced Community Engagement and Knowledge Mobilization in Canadian Research
    ILET Research Hub: Mobilizing Knowledge on English-Language Education in Quebec
    Scoping-review sur les méthodes d’évaluation des infrastructures de mobilisation des connaissances
    The need to be seen: partnering with patients, unpaid caregivers and clinicians to increase Long-Covid awareness
    Inclusive community engagement: Defining the 15-minute neighbourhood collaboratively
    Using Dialogue + Action as a knowledge exchange tool to advance system-level changes to better serve people with complex mental health and substance use needs
    Enhancing student well-being: Leveraging the Knowledge to Action Framework for stress management in higher education
    Partnering with youth in research and building lasting, meaningful relationships
    Empowering Communities: Building Critical Health Literacy Through Collaborative Learning

    Catalyst Roundtables:
    Starting a Journey to Equity and Anti-racism/Anti-oppression in Knowledge Mobilization Practice
    Amplifying Impact: Insights from a research funder’s perspective
    Plaidoyer pour la formation des personnes étudiantes en mobilisation des connaissances
    Research IS Care: Knowledge Mobilization metrics that drive the integration of research and care
    What is in our Toolbox? Scaling Evidence for Greater Impact
    Navigating the Shift: Exploring the Impact of Fewer In-Person Connections on Knowledge Sharing, Innovation, and Research Impact
    Museums and Science Centres as knowledge mobilization hubs
    Mesurer les retombées scientifiques et sociétales de la recherche: un projet pilote à l’INRS
    Leveraging Communities of Practice for Knowledge Mobilization, Innovation, and Learning
    Addressing knowledge mobilization opportunities and challenges: an example of capacity building in an interdisciplinary rehabilitation research center
    Exploring knowledge mobilization reporting and assessing practices: A scoping review and discussion
    Community-based research towards public policy change


    Virtual Posters / Case Studies:

    2024 Awards Ceremony

9th Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum 2022, June 13-17, 2022, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Virtual venue + In-person venues in Canada

Conference Theme: Responding to New Realities: Learning from the past and present to inform the future / Répondre aux nouvelles réalités : Apprendre du passé et du présent pour informer le futur
(Host: Knowledge Mobilization initiative, Library, Simon Fraser University)

    Our Co-creation Story: Knowledge Mobilization & Reconcilia(c)tion in Health Research
    Faire du conseil scientifique, du global au local / Taking Science Advice from Global to Local
    Knowledge Mobilization versus Public Scholarship: A Podcasting Perspective

    Cited Media: Mobilizing Knowledge Through Podcasts
    The how-to of creating a research-to-policy workshop for your institution
    Applying the Participatory Research to Action (PR2A) Framework authentic engagement to co-design questions, knowledge and knowledge mobilization products with patients, families and citizens
    Knowledge Equity Through Mentorship: Fraymes KMb Fellowship Program
    Lessons learned for sustainable communities of practice | Leçons apprises pour assurer la long vit de communautés de pratique
    Building Research Impact in a Justice-Seeking World: An Introduction to Critical Community Engaged Scholarship
    Preparing and Implementing KMb During a Research Project: Longterm KMb projects
    Lessons learned from completing and evaluating a multi-phase science-art residency
    Effective data visualization tools and techniques for any budget
    Healing Through Community: The Reflection Room in the Time of Covid-19
    Knowledge Translation in Gynecologic Cancer Research: Patient-led, Patient-inspired (CANCELLED)
    Strategies for mobilizing knowledge, expertise and experiences from youth to inform public health interventions
    Holding Space: A Community Engagement Toolkit from SFU Public Square (was: Ten years of university-community engagement: Lessons from SFU Public Square)

    Lightning Talks:
    Examining Network Weaving as a Knowledge Mobilization Strategy in Medical Education Using System Evaluation Theory and Network Analysis
    Diverse Communities Facing Multiple Barriers to Engagement in Patient Oriented Research: Early Insights and Findings
    Techniques and mechanisms used by researchers and stakeholders for knowledge sharing in healthcare: what s useful?
    Immunizations for children and youth with medical vulnerability: A review of current evidence and knowledge tools
    Use of an Impact Evaluation Framework to Advance the Science of Knowledge Translation in Childhood Disability
    Creating Great Big Stories (GBS): How to support meaningful engagement in knowledge mobilization
    Mobilizing Knowledge from Experts-by-Experience to Enable Mental Health Conversations with Older Adults at the Point-of-Care in the Community
    How to Be a Key Resource for Journalists
    Engaging youth in knowledge mobilization: Lessons from the Halton Youth Impact Survey
    Learning and Growing in KMb: Key Factors for Successful, Meaningful Engagement

    Catalyst Roundtables:
    Beyond the good intentions of the mission-driven impact agenda: How to create a grant funding program to mobilize research for real world benefits
    Co-creation of Knowledge Products with Underserved Groups: Insights from an intermediary organization
    A Strategic & Design-led approach to Research Communications: Case Study of Under Layered Suspicion
    Reimagining knowledge mobilization: Sharing our journey
    Decolonizing Urban Research? Tactics, strategies and methods for capacity-building and Knowledge Mobilization between across and beyond local contexts hosted by NUICC and the National Urban Indigenous Knowledge Mobilization Hub
    CivicLabTO: City-wide knowledge mobilization
    Maximizing Research Impact through GEEK: Increasing access to care by investing in community-led KMb and evidence-implementation
    How to Build Capacity for Social Innovation through Experiential Learning Partnerships. Examining a Prototype
    Knowledge Management and Communication: Ontario University Research Collaboration microcredential
    Anti-Oppression and Knowledge Mobilization
    Demonstrating research ROI in a digital world
    Collaboration, Co-creation, and Ongoing Capacity Building for Impactful Research in Long-Term Care and Assisted Living: Engaging Clinician, Academic and Patient Partners

    Living Lab Panel: How two Canadian universities use the campus as a living lab for climate solutions

    Poster Presentations:
    Collective Impact: Shared Vision for Social Innovation

    Closing Plenary/Wrap-Up
    Speed Networking

    Co-located events: (In-person)

    Jun 17, Calgary
    Calgary Knowledge Mobilization Meetup
    (Host: University of Calgary: Knowledge Engagement team, Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute (ACHRI), Office of Sustainability, Simpson Centre for Agricultural and Food Innovation and Public Education)

    Guelph, Jun 13
    Knowledge Mobilization Forum: Sharing Knowledge with Indigenous Communities
    (Host: Waterloo Wellington Knowledge Mobilization Community; Research Innovation Office, University of Guelph)

    Ottawa, Jun 17
    Mobilization Morning – hear about the amazing KMb work being conducted by the various KMb organizations in Ottawa
    (Host: Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre)

    St. Catharine, Jun 17
    Mobilizing Knowledge for the Adoption of Best Management Practices in Horticulture Production: A Guided Discussion
    (Host: Niagara Community Observatory, Brock University)

    Toronto, Jun 17
    Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum Gathering: The Future Skills Needed for KMb Work – Keynote, Panel & Breakout Tabel Discussions
    (Host: Knowledge Mobilization Unit, York University)

    Vancouver, Jun 16
    4th Health xChange & CKF Get Connected: How can youth-led and youth-engaged approaches help to re-define research and knowledge?
    (Host: Michael Smith Health Research BC; Knowledge Mobilization Initiative, Simon Fraser University; Vancouver Foundation)

8th Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum 2020, November 24-26, 2020, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Virtual venue

Conference Theme: Welcoming New Talent, Skills, and Perspectives / Accueillir de nouveaux talents, compétences et perspectives
(co-organizer: Research Impact Canada)

    Note: The forum was scheduled for June 8-9, 2020 and November 24-25, 2020

    Séances plénières:
    Évaluation de l’impact : apprendre à déterminer si les stratégies de mobilisation des connaissances fonctionnent

    Tables rondes des catalyseurs:
    C’est la mobilisation active des universités de recherche canadiennes qui garantira l’avenir de la MdC et l’impact de la recherche
    « Ils sont vivants ! » – Négocier l’évolution des extrants de la MdC avec les partenaires communautaires
    Renforcer la capacité à mobiliser les connaissances
    Le courtage de partenariats multisectoriels
    La diffusion des résultats : études de cas
    Les communautés praticiennes en valent-elles la peine ? Histoires d’initiés
    Approches de la MdC dans les Centres d’excellence, les trois organismes subventionnaires fédéraux et le Programme d’innovation dans les collèges et la communauté
    Perspectives canadiennes et internationales sur les retombées de la recherche
    Modèles et structures de courtage des connaissances
    Systèmes et structures des établissements
    La MdC, de l’innovation à la pratique

    Ateliers de perfectionnement professionnel:
    Tables rondes sur le perfectionnement professionnel
    Tables rondes en perfectionnement professionnel : partenariats en application des connaissances
    Ouvrir le sentier à mesure qu’on avance : partager les connaissances à l’interne en période de changement
    Désinformation : c’est aussi NOTRE faute ! Sylviane Duval
    Quel impact avons-nous ? Développement d’un cadre de référence pour l’évaluation des stratégies de transfert des connaissances
    Table ronde sur le développement professionnel : des communications remarquables
    De la diffusion à l’implantation : introduction au jeu de la mise en œuvre comme moyen de planifier l’implantation
    Solutions durables : approches de pointe pour une planification efficace de la viabilité
    SPARKing Change et l’application des connaissances : mobilisation réfléchie des actants et agents du changement
    Outil de visualisation des données

    …Affiches et causeries éclair; Agora; Séances de réseautage

8th Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum 2019, June 10-11, 2019, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


7th Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum 2018, June 10-12, 2018, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Conference Theme: Mobilizing Evidence for Human Rights and the Sustainable Development Goals

    Pre-Forum (Deep Dive Skills) Workshops (Jun 10):
    Knowledge Mobilization Supports Research from Application to Impact
    Is KMb in Need of a Nudge: How Behavioural Economics can Inform Behaviour Change
    Creating a Critical Mass of Practitioners Using Intersectionality as a Knowledge Mobilization Tool
    Measuring Mobilization: Skill Development in KMb Evaluation
    Co-created Research for International Development: Making a Lasting Difference by Deepening Engagement, Building Capacities, and Managing Pitfalls
    Learning From “Strangers at Home”- Tensions and Tactics of Human Rights

    Professional Development Workshops:
    How Broad Are Your Impacts? Tools From an International Collaboration of Impact Networks
    Opportunities and Challenges for Knowledge Mobilization Within Large Scale Science and Research Programs Simon Landry, Knowledge Mobilization Strategy in Action – Accessibility and Municipalities/National Housing Strategy: Research, Data and Demonstrations
    Building KT Connections to Advance Equity in Mental Health: Promising Practices in Immigrant and Refugee Engagement
    From Rumblings to Report to Mobile App: Lessons Learned in the Evolution Process
    Where to Next? Refreshing an Organizational Approach to Knowledge Mobilization
    Mobilizing Knowledge Through Communities of Interest in Mental Health and Addictions
    Navigating Complex Content: How We Made a Course on Human Trafficking
    Infographics for Knowledge Mobilization
    Developing Policy Dialogues as a Strategy to Advance Human Rights for Children With Disabilities
    The Right to be Meaningfully Engaged – Partnering with Emerging Adults With Lived Experience
    Graphic Design For The Non-Designer: Creating Research Materials for Marginalized Populations
    Visualizing Sustainability and Well-Being at the Community Level – Localizing the SDGs Through an Open-Source, Map-Based Community Indicators Platform
    Data Visualization Toolkit
    Why Guide and Service Dog Users Are Working Together to Ensure Access Rights
    Deep Dive on “How To” Mobilize: Using Implementation Science to Mobilize Evidence and Improve Health and Social Outcomes
    Accessibility in Knowledge Management
    Weaving Research With Social Change Work
    Unpacking Needs Assessments: The Challenge of Identifying Shared KMb Priorities Amongst Diverse Stakeholders
    The Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum Beyond 2020

    Open Space Session:
    Feeling Like an Imposter and How to Overcome It
    Is It Time to Professionalize the Field of KT?
    Knowledge Mobilization and Research Impact as a Platform for the Future of Post-Secondary Education in Canada

6th Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum 2017, May 17-18, 2017, Ottawa-Gatineau, Québec, Canada

Conference Theme: Connections and Partnerships: Collaboration as a Key to Knowledge Mobilization

    Training Workshops:
    Creating a knowledge mobilization strategy for knowledge networks
    Cross-sector collaboration and partnership to implement youth justice programming
    Building a knowledge network- theory, challenges, and what really happens
    Mobilizing a province to early childhood: how Alberta created and mobilized 100 early childhood coalitions to put children on the map
    Thinking together: a space and method for reflecting on knowledge mobilisation (and other philosophical questions!)
    Research team collaborations that work
    Engaging end-users to develop KT tools and build meaningful network capacity: the TREKK experience
    Make resilience matter: using a research contribution framework for knowledge mobilization to help professionals help children exposed to intimate partner violence
    The Knowledge Network for Applied Education Research: Leading and implementing a systems approach to knowledge mobilization in Ontario
    Infographics Toolkit
    Just because you build it, they will not come: Creating an engagement strategy for online communities of practice
    International perspectives on networks and on-line spaces. Are you “naïve enthusiasm” or “oh ye of little faith”
    Systematizing and automating Knowledge Management workflows for fun and non-profit
    Stories: The magic that makes your message resonate
    Collaboration and Partnership Building: Exploring consensus building in Knowledge Exchange to inform policy change in mental health using the Innovation to Implementation (I2I) guide
    An integrated approach to knowledge transfer and communication for occupational health and safety
    Helping it happen: Engaging the right stakeholders in the right way around a practice change in palliative radiotherapy

    Open Space Discussions:
    Practicing what we preach: Let’s get better at teaching KMb
    A discussion about how to address workplace bullying in an effective manner: informing the priorities for research and KT by understanding stakeholder needs
    Building organizational capacity for knowledge translation: A not-for profit associations leap into KT
    Hacking knowledge mobilization: A guided tour
    Resource based Collaboration: The SERENE-RISC toolkit for cybersecurity education
    Knowledge brokering: Evaluating the impact
    KMb and the Innovation Landscape
    Exploring the role of knowledge brokers (KBs) in mental health and substance use: Working together to enhance partnerships through a Community of Practice (CoP)

    Pre-conference Unconference (May 16):
    Social Media & Research: What Works? What’s Next?

5th Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum 2016, June 28-29, 2016, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Conference Theme: Systems and Sustainability – Creating enduring Knowledge Mobilization

    Deliberative dialogues as a tool for knowledge mobilization: Reflections from our experience in West Africa
    Wisdom 2 Action events as a real-time route for knowledge mobilization and network building
    Changing the mindset – Encouraging Canadians to Plan for Aging in Place
    Planning for Sustainability
    Developing and sustaining the knowledge broker role within Ontario’s transitioning child and youth mental health sector
    Development of systems and tools to build knowledge mobilization capacity and sustainability in rehabilitation through a national community of practice
    How and will provide an overview of research impact evaluation, from planning, to implementing, to understanding and using the results
    Building and maintaining networks for knowledge mobilization
    Mobilizing French as a Second Language: A model for disseminating new language teaching resources
    Supporting integrated KT with embedded evaluation
    A taste of our own medicine: tips and tricks to harness the literature for evidence-informed K* practice
    The Hybrid KT Planning/Project Management tool
    UK Knowledge Mobilisation Forum: Make sure it does something!
    The Long Term Success Tool: a pragmatic approach to improve your chances of sustainability?
    A day in the life: Real life examples of knowledge broker core competencies
    How PREVNet is Mobilizing Canada to Promote Healthy Relationships and Prevent Bullying among Children and Youth
    EENet Rapid Reviews: Providing evidence to impact system change
    La réalisation d’une activité de formation professionnelle réflexive… dont vous êtes le héros (gamebook style!)
    Knowledge Mobilization: A Variety of career paths
    Keeping your garden of flourishing networks and partnerships healthy, flowering and weed-free
    How accessible is your knowledge product? A four-level framework for accessibility
    Partnering for sustainable knowledge mobilization in long-term care and retirement living: Stories from the Schlegel-UW Research Institute for Aging and Schlegel Villages
    Creating a Knowledge Mobilization Strategy in Government – Reflections on a new Approach
    DOCTalks: Cross-sector Partnerships for Knowledge Mobilization using Documentary Media
    Developing a knowledge mobilization network across the public education system: Lessons learned and future approaches from Ontario’s Knowledge Network for Applied Education Research (KNAER)
    Assessing Research for KTE Readiness: A Tool for End-of-Grant KTE
    A Knowledge Exchange Structure in Support of System Impact
    Entrepreneurship Education and Urban Indigenous Youth
    The Sustainability of the At Home/Chez Soi Housing First Programs in Canada
    Knowledge Brokering in context of Healthy Aging – What, Who, How?

4th Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum 2015, May 14-15, 2015, Montreal, Québec, Canada

Conference Theme: Creativity as Practice: Mobilizing Diverse Ways of Thinking

    Pre-Forum Activity:
    Communication Strategy: Part of a Knowledge Mobilization Toolkit

    Professional Development Workshops:
    Définir un projet vidéo documentaire dans son milieu et identifier les facteurs de réalisation
    The Guidance Is Not Enough: The use of frameworks to bring knowledge into action for improvement
    Narratives, video and smartphones as KT tools for youth
    Performing knowledge mobilization: Moving our experience
    Vous avez dit : Mobilisation inclusive de connaissances ? La médiation intellectuelle; une pédagogie critique à la jonction de la philosophie et des arts.
    Mobilizing your message through documentary video: research findings as cinematic narrative
    The Innovation to Implementation (I2I): a how-to guide to driving change using knowledge translation activities in the areas of health
    Infographic for KMb
    Le design thinking comme approche créative de mobilisation des connaissances
    Utiliser l’information en ligne pour soutenir la créativité

3rd Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum 2014, June 9-10, 2014, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Conference Theme: Putting Research to Work: Social & Economic Innovations

    Interactive events:
    “Knowledge In Motion” Café: Top Innovation Issues
    Innovation World Café
    Value Creation World Café
    KMb Forum takeaways: Top Innovation Ideas
    KMb Game: Knowledge Mobilization Pyramid
    KMb Kwicky Konnections session (active facilitated networking)

2nd Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum 2013, June 3-4, 2013, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Conference Theme: Working together in Knowledge Mobilization: closing the loop between research and practice

    Panel Sessions:
    Building a KT Friendly Organization (+ Small Group & Discovery Discussions)
    Networking the Networks: How to Ensure Networks Don’t Become “Not-works” (+ Group Discussion)

    Interactive events:
    KMb Kwicky Konnections – Speed Networking and Synergy Session: Connecting Across Sectors
    KMb Synergy Session: Connecting Across Sectors
    KMb Knowledge Skill Testing Game

1st Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum 2012, June 19-20, 2012, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Conference Theme: Bringing the science and art of Knowledge Mobilization practice together

    Knowledge Café:
    What have been your best results with knowledge mobilization practice?
    What supports do you need for knowledge mobilization?
    What are the three actions you can take right now to improve knowledge mobilization in your organization?

    Knowledge Mobilization Springboard:
    Resources: What do we need to pool our resources together and to attract new resources?
    People & Partners: How do we attract, train, and retain the best people to support our activities?
    Growth: How do we measure growth and success?

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