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KMA Knowledge Management Associates (KM Associates oder KMA) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Knowledge Management Academy


  • Zertifikatslehrgang Wissensmanagement (Zertifizierter Wissensmanager) 1)
  • Knowledge Management Certificate Training (Certified Knowledge Manager)1)


Kurse in deutscher Sprache

  • Knowledge Management (KM) Executives Lounge (3 1/2 Std. Abendveranstaltung)
  • Knowledge Management (KM) Briefing** (1/2 Tag) 2)

Courses in English language

  • Knowledge Management Executives Lounge (3 1/2 hours evening event)
  • Knowledge Management Briefing** (Half-day) 2)
  • “Knowledge Management Essentials” for International Organizations and Corporations**
    • KM Briefing (Half-day Briefing)
      What is Knowledge Management and what is it good for?
    • KM Essentials Training Course (Three-day Course)
      How can Knowledge Management be implemented internationally?
    • KM Advanced Training Course (Four-day Course)
      How can global Knowledge Networks co-create the future?

Module: Zertifikatslehrgang Wissensmanagement

Liste der Module

Inhouse- & Spezialseminare (auch in engl. Sprache)

Liste der Seminare

Online Seminare

  • Smart knowledge products: How to present knowledge to customers and stakeholders.
  • The Knowledge Report: How to integrate knowledge into the planning and reporting system.
  • Knowledge Leadership: How to lead knowledge workers.
  • Managing multi-stakeholder knowledge partnerships: How to initiate & keep momentum, create outputs & impact and sustain knowledge.



  • Nov 2008: Wissen managen in Projekten – ein Praxisbeispiel von HP (Wien)
  • Sep 2008: Knowledge Engineering erfolgreich implementieren (Wien)
  • Jun 2008: Humankapital und Leadership in der Wissensgesellschaft (Wien)
  • Mär 2008: Wissensbilanz Made in Austria – Bedeutung der Wissensbilanz und Praxisbeispiel Österreichischer Genossenschaftsverband (Wien)


  • Knowledge for Development Partnership (K4DP) 3)
  • Knowledge Management Austria – Institut für Wissensmanagement 4)
    • Wissenspartnerschaft Österreich – Plattform zur Entwicklung der Wissensgesellschaft in Österreich
    • Knowledge Management for Development Austria

KM Academy > Competence Center Knowledge Engineering (2007-10)*


  • Qualifizierungsprogramm Knowledge Engineering / Qualifizierung zum Knowledge Engineer**
      Grundlagen: Vorgehensmodelle und Methoden-Engineering; Anforderungsanalyse; Process Engineering; Knowledge Management-Systeme als integrierte Lösung
      Vertiefung Grundlagen: Das V-Modell XT Grundlagen; Knowledge Mapping; Anforderungsmanagement; Projektmanagement
      Vertiefung : “Strategie” (IT-Governance, Process Improvement Frameworks; IT Bewertung); “Systeme” (Business Intelligence und Data Warehouse Grundlagen; Data Warehouse Entwurf; Data Mining; Dokumentenmanagement-Systeme)


  • 2007-2009: Seminare des Qualifizierungsprogramms Knowledge Engineering (In-House)
  • 2010: Spezialseminar Knowledge Engineering

Knowledge.City 5)

Certificates / Certification

  • KMA Certificate in Knowledge Management (aka Certification in Knowledge, Learning and Innovation / Certified Knowledge Management Course)
    • Knowledge Management (KM) Kompakt Kick-off
    • Knowledge Management Essentials Training Course (aka Essentials Training Course in Knowledge, Learning and Innovation)
    • Knowledge Management Advanced Training Course (aka Advanced Training Course in Knowledge, Learning and Innovation)
  • Knowledge Management Excellence Programme (Kenya)


  • KMA Briefing in Knowledge, Learning and Innovation
  • KMA Briefing: Capturing knowledge before experts leave
  • KMA Essentials Training Course in Knowledge Management / Knowledge, Learning and Innovation
  • KMA Advanced Training Course in Knowledge Management / Knowledge, Learning and Innovation
  • KMA Sparring in Knowledge Management
  • KMA inhouse trainings / strategy workshops topics: Assessing the quality of your Knowledge Management Practice with a Knowledge Management Assessment; Defining policies and strategies in International Knowledge Management; Connecting Knowledge Workers and improving Knowledge Transfer; Implementing methods and tools for International Knowledge Management; Measuring the value and performance of Knowledge Management; Capturing critical Knowledge for sustainable performance; Transferring Knowledge of departing experts; Implementing Knowledge Management Awareness Campaigns; Establishing Knowledge Partnerships on a transnational level; Empowering Communities of Practice through the use of social media; Making use of big data for your knowledge-driven services
  • KMA special topics seminars:
      Experts leave – knowledge stays
      Implementing Knowledge Management with SharePoint
      Knowledge Management in Projects
      Train the Experts
      Knowledge Management in Public Administration
      Manage and Command International Knowledge Networks
      Unlocking Creative Potential
      Learning from the Future and Knowledge-based Management
      Web 2.0 and Social Software
      Knowledge Sharing with Large Group Methods
      Knowledge-based Innovation Governance
      Taking Stock and Control of Knowledge Resources
      Knowledge Management in Mergers and Acquisitions
      Establishing Knowledge Management in Business Procedures
      Knowledge Cities and Knowledge Regions


  • [KnowledgeCity].Knowledge.Week*
    – 1 day, 1/2 day or 4 hours meeting and 4 days training (until 2019)
    – 5 days training (since 2020)

Nuclear Knowledge Management Institute (NKMI) > Nuclear KM Academy

Certification Courses

  • NKM Certification course
    The Certificate Program in Nuclear Knowledge Management with its 2 modules is the essential qualification as a Nuclear Knowledge Manager.

    Modules 2013-present:
    – Knowledge Management and Leadership
    – Knowlegdge Processes and Media


  • NKM – Basic course on Knowledge Management training
  • NKM course – Introduction of Knowledge Management in IMS of Nuclear Regulatory Organizations
  • Knowledge Management for ISO 9001:2015

Special Seminars

  • Nuclear Knowledge Reports
  • Workforce Planning
  • Knowledge Loss Risk Management
  • National Nuclear Knowledge Strategies

Center for International Knowledge Management* 6)

Certification Courses

  • Certification in International Knowledge Management
    – Module 1: Strategic Analysis
    – Module 2: Strategic choice of tools
    – Module 3: Strategic implementation of International Knowledge Management


Special tailored workshops (1.5 days) on any of the following topics

  • Knowledge chain process management
  • Managing culture and change
  • Succession planning and staff rotation policies
  • Conducting exit interviews
  • Conducting knowledge audits
  • Knowledge capture
  • Knowledge technology strategy

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