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KMA Knowledge Management Associates (KM Associates oder KMA) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Knowledge Management Academy & Knowledge Engineering Competence Center

Zertifikate / Zertifizierung

  • Wissensmanagement-Zertifikat / KM-Masterprogramm (Zertifikat KM-Master) / KM Zertifikatslehrgang (Abschluß: Zertifizierter Wissensmanager) 1)
  • Knowledge Management Certificate (KMA Certified Knowledge Manager)


  • Qualifizierungsprogramm Knowledge Engineering / Qualifizierung zum Knowledge Engineer

Seminare & Veranstaltungen

  • KM Briefing 2)
  • Module des Zertifikatslehrgang Wissensmanagement
    Liste der Module
  • (Inhouse-)Seminare & Spezialseminare
    Liste der Seminare
  • Knowledge Management courses in english language
    • Knowledge Management Briefing
    • Knowledge Management Essentials Training Course
    • Knowledge Management Advanced Training Course
  • Online Seminare
    • Smart knowledge products: How to present knowledge to customers and stakeholders.
    • The Knowledge Report: How to integrate knowledge into the planning and reporting system.
    • Knowledge Leadership: How to lead knowledge workers.
    • Managing multi-stakeholder knowledge partnerships: How to initiate & keep momentum, create outputs & impact and sustain knowledge.
  • Knowledge Engineering In-house Seminare


  • Knowledge for Development Partnership (K4DP) 3)
  • Knowledge Management Austria – Institut für Wissensmanagement 4)
    • Wissenspartnerschaft Österreich – Plattform zur Entwicklung der Wissensgesellschaft in Österreich
    • Knowledge Management for Development Austria

Knowledge.City 5)

Certificates / Certification

  • Certificate in Knowledge Management / Certification in Knowledge, Learning and Innovation


  • Briefing in Knowledge, Learning and Innovation
  • Briefing: Capturing knowledge before experts leave
  • Essentials Training Course in Knowledge Management / Knowledge, Learning and Innovation
  • Advanced Training Course in Knowledge Management / Knowledge, Learning and Innovation
  • Sparring in Knowledge Management

Workshops / Conferences

  • [KnowledgeCity].Knowledge.Week*

Nuclear Knowledge Management Institute


  • NKM Certification course
    The Certificate Program in Nuclear Knowledge Management with its 2 modules is the essential qualification as a Nuclear Knowledge Manager.
    Modules 2013-…: Knowledge Management and Leadership; Knowlegdge Processes and Media


  • NKM – Basic course on Knowledge Management training
  • NKM course – Introduction of Knowledge Management in IMS of Nuclear Regulatory Organizations
  • Knowledge Management for ISO 9001:2015

Special Seminars**

  • Nuclear Knowledge Reports
  • Workforce Planning
  • Knowledge Loss Risk Management
  • National Nuclear Knowledge Strategies

Center for International Knowledge Management* 6)


  • Certification in International Knowledge Management
    – Module 1: Strategic Analysis
    – Module 2: Strategic choice of tools
    – Module 3: Strategic implementation of International Knowledge Management


Special tailored workshops (1.5 days) on any of the following topics

  • Knowledge chain process management
  • Managing culture and change
  • Succession planning and staff rotation policies
  • Conducting exit interviews
  • Conducting knowledge audits
  • Knowledge capture
  • Knowledge technology strategy

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