KMedu Hub’s Daily Twitter Updates for 2011-05-02

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  • RT @hullistic: @ewenlb I agree with you. #KM IM+KS, etc. Those are learnable areas where certification seems plausible as a point of dep … | Original message »
  • RT @ewenlb: @TisMeHonest 2/2 Problem w/ it is giving the false sense that one masters #KM – it's all a gradual process, not 0/1 status.. … | Original message »
  • RT @ewenlb: @TisMeHonest Even then – #KM follows many theories and work fields. I like the idea of training people on epistemology, NOT … | Original message »
  • RT @KMProfKevin: Like any education, a KM cert has to be augmented by experience. Like a degree, a cert says "I now know enough to lear … | Original message »
  • KMedu Hub’s Daily Twitter Updates for 2011-05-01: RT @ewenlb: @hullistic I think #KM certification is a d… #KMedu | Original message »

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